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  1. Edo, I envy you, to be in a darkroom with Smith is really a privilege. I often wonder what Gene would do with Photoshop? Nick Ut, the Vietnamese photographer the took the picture of the naked Vietnamese girl running down the road after the U.S. dropped napalm during the viet war. Hope you are well and comfortable. Chuck
  2. Edo, I am with you, but.... Gene, Eddie and Nick are my mentors. They did not do abstract images. but they worked in a different time. I do not agree with everything they do or promote, but I Love Alamy and trust their judgment. Chuck Nacke
  3. Hey my friend, I would be happy to go back to the "Darkroom" in exchange for the hours, days, weeks, months and years spent looking at this screen.... In any event, I would suggest including more information, on the autos, about model and years. I do on occasion photograph rare or high-end vehicles and I include all of the information I can get or find and my vehicle images are licensed often. Best, Chuck
  4. Without the middle "Y" it would be fun for me.... Chuck
  5. On another subject of "Live News" As an old friend of mine use to say: "Speed, quality or cost" choose any two of the three. People need to "EDIT" or select photos and IPTC info needs to be correct....... Chuck Nacke
  6. There are a number of ways to make an image (s) "Editorial" You just need to see all the details and to understand them. Chuck
  7. Jani, I like your style, keep it up if you can. I will also say that the more information, not Keywords, you can add is always good. Don't fall into the trap that "more of anything, images, is better." Keep the images unique. Chuck
  8. In my opinion an exceptional image. Love it. Chuck
  9. Would agree, I look at Live News every time I log in and I often wonder "Who is editing these images?" I have contributed to Alamy "Live News" since it started and I can count the number of images from a Live News submission I've done that were more than ten images on my fingers. I would also suggest that Alamy let some of the contributing agencies know that they are responsible for editing and selecting "Their News images." Chuck
  10. Give me back the original system, AIM was a pain today, 20/8/19. I set everything up in PS or Bridge and have more info saved in Word. Today AIM would not let me enter or paste even the location? Chuck
  11. Helissa, You are in a wonderful part of the world to make colorful images, but you need to edit (select) images and spend time on your IPTC (caption and keywords) information. I spend a lot of time preparing images and more time researching my IPTC info. Like many of your images. Chuck
  12. Alamy, Thanks and yes your transfer arrived this AM, 8/12. FYI Was not complaining about anything, just asked a question. Best, Chuck
  13. Thanks Alamy, This is the longest I have ever waited for an Alamy payment. Care to share what happened? Chuck
  14. A Crime to do to fresh Dungeness crab..... We use to get some fresh sourdough a nice Napa Chardonnay (Sterling), break the crab from the shell sit on the San Francisco Bay ...... (yea I know I should have shot it for stock....) Chuck
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