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  1. Edo, You seem to be well? Nice image BTW. Was not a Beatles fan until I passed 50.... Best, Chuck
  2. You have some good images, but your captions say almost nothing? Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. Basic journalism... Chuck
  3. Elizabeth, I do not care what Alamy says. From my experience, it is about the image and the IPTC info. I have an image on Alamy that has licensed every other month for over three years. As of 13/07/2019 I have zooms of images created from 1980 to 2019 (Zooms are not licenses). I will add that many of my images that were licensed for very small fees have been licensed for very good fees shortly after. As all know I am a fan of Alamy, for no other reason then having decades of contributing to agencies or libraries that were not as good for the photographer as Alamy. I still have images with a few of them. I do agree that I would like to see Alamy set a bottom line for the license of certain images, but that is not going to happen. Chuck
  4. +1. Don't use or eat "margarine" but I am with Joseph on Alamy. I will add that if you do not like "micro prices" don't take "micro pictures." pretty simple. Chuck
  5. Stefan, It is really simple. If you "know NEWS" and produce "NEWS IMAGES" Alamy will let you upload. Or if you have images from an event you can email Alamy news. During the "Arab Spring" I setup a photographer, at the time he had no contact with Alamy, but he was contract with TIME Magazine for two decades, and he was uploading news in 60 minutes. The bottom line is that Alamy NEWS is there to help you and Alamy. Just make sure that what you have is worth their time... Chuck Nacke
  6. Keeping in mind that all I know about this is from the Forum. I think it is sad that this happened, any picture editor worth their coffee or ... would have caught this. I do not know how the photograph of the photograph was placed on Alamy? But Alamy should have caught this, the photographer who photographed the photograph should have made sure that the "creator of the image" or the photographer was credited. They may have and the publication may have ignored all? In my opinion this is what happens when people who are not trained in journalism, try to work in journalism. Chuck Nacke
  7. Michelle, It is pretty simple. When are asked "Do you have a release" and you answer "NO" It is automatic on Alamy's side. PS Are you in Eastern Washington? I'm from Richland, WA originally. Alamy has a wonderful image of the McDonalds that I went to in Yakima when I was 5 years old. Chuck
  8. First thing that I do when I come in from a shoot is to save the RAW files to a separate drive. Chuck
  9. Started with the Spyder3 and now using the Spyder5. Been very happy with DataColor (Spyder). Check Cal every month or two. Chuck
  10. Sharah, I did not see any images that excited me in the two pages that I viewed. Editorial illustration is a difficult venue, but one that Alamy is very good with. Good Luck Chuck
  11. I am currently looking up at a shelf above me desk that has over 30 1TB external drives (1TB external WD drives currently cost me $60.00 USD) I also have a set of drives with selects in a fire proof safe. Everything is backed up on at least two drives. Chuck
  12. Phil, I strongly disagree, it can be well worth a photographer's time. I bought my wife a 2kt diamond ring with part of the proceeds from chasing down one stolen image. Most illegal usages are not worth following, a few are. I always let the thief know and take action to protect my copyright. NOTE TO ALL: always be very careful who you accuse of theft and accusations are a last resort. To the OP: I would be very unhappy if I felt that Alamy did not follow up on any well documented "unreported" usage of one of my images. Chuck
  13. Brizbee, Alamy pays out the "cleared balance" when it surpasses $50.00. It only goes to "0" when all collected monies have cleared and been paid. I have not had a "0" balance in years. Chuck
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