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  1. FIRST; This has little or nothing to do with the OP's original post, but When I was working as a young publication photographer in Seattle, WA, USA in the late 1970's I did a story on a guy who stood on a street corner in the central area of Seattle begging for money, actually he was pretty passive and just stood there with a sign asking for "donations." One day we shared a coffee, he paid for both of us, and he told me he was making $200.00 USD a day. Or more than I was making working for a publication. He was not stealing from anyone, he was not
  2. Revision, I DO NOT LIKE the type , Font, but I dislike it less this morning..... Besides my bush jackets and Polo shirts, I only use Arial type. and the new "Alamy" font "SUCKS" in my opinion. Chuck
  3. Meg, I have had to deal with this a number of times over the years. That is why I rarely sell prints and on the ones that I do sell I only do "Signed Limited Edition Prints" that are clearly marked on the back "NO REPRODUCTION." I also make the buyer know that the only way they can copy the image or post it on the web is to advertise "The sale of the print" and that is clearly stated on the invoice delivered with the print. (assuming that the image in question was copied from a print?) I do often let groups or organizations have access to images that I make
  4. I HATE the type....... But I still wear bush jackets and button down Polo shirts........ Chuck
  5. But he was not making pictures or getting anything, just getting in the way while he uploaded..... Chuck
  6. Again I am with you Edo...... And would add my favorite "Idiot Photographer" story; a wire guy who should know better, sits down in the middle of the stage while a U.S. presidential candidate is speaking. This over weight blob sits in the middle of the stage to edit and upload photos to his service. The candidate should have kicked him in the head......... Chuck
  7. I always like to see this image licensed. There is also a very funny story about how I set this up. Scan from a 35mm Fujichrome. Anyway editorial mid $$ Linux inventor Linus Torvalds holds “Tux” a penguin character that is the mascot of Linux open source software.
  8. I have several URL's and all have images that are also on Alamy, All Watermarked, On my most current URL I also have a link to all of my images under my main pseudonym on Alamy. Chuck
  9. Another "rare" case where I agree with you 100%. The original post is in my humble opinion "Utter Rubbish." Chuck
  10. LOL, I got the same email, I have three images, uploaded via Archival, they are fully captioned and keyworded and ready to go, but not online yet. It appears that Alamy is tripping over it's own feet? Chuck
  11. Edo, Great image, Why have you let this sit offline for so long? Chuck
  12. I am not accusing anybody of anything "dishonest", but in my opinion, it is Alamy that should absorb to difference. Just my opinion and I do not know the details, but it is the right thing to do. I would also suggest that communication is an important part of the issue on both sides. Chuck
  13. I did answer "Your Original Question," thought that was obvious? In any event, at this time I do plan to continue contributing to Alamy. Chuck
  14. In answer to your original question: YES, Photography is what I do and have done all my life and I plan to continue making images. Chuck
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