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  1. In response to your post or question Edo? I came out of over 30 years of assignment (mostly national and international consumer and news magazine) and large annual report photography, not many companies doing those anymore. Even though we both worked with Tony Stone, I do not think in terms of "Stock Photography or Stock Images" I was never a "wire or daily newspaper photographer" I tend to think in terms of images that illustrate ongoing issues and people who contribute to them. While I have worked with too many agencies to list around the world, just left one I've
  2. Nov. was OK, but about as good as it gets these days. 9 for a bit over $300. Starting Dec. I am two licenses away from the highest # of licenses in a year, but income is not quite half of the "good old days." Chuck
  3. Ed (Edo) Since you are into music, Jazz and film check out Alamy Image 2APX45D Shot with a Nikon F, 200mm f4 Nikkor on Ektachrome 200 and I Hope you remember Ernestine, she was a wonderful person with a great voice. Sorry have not spent the time to learn how to insert an image into the forum.... Chuck
  4. Stunning image Edo. You know I am a fan of "real photography." Chuck
  5. Nice image and story Terry. Good work, is that Dick Cavett on the right? Chuck
  6. Kamira, Something for you to keep in mind, Zooms can happen a long time before the license (sale if it is RF) is reported. I will tell you that I have been around, just getting out of an agency, library, that I have been with for over 25 years. While I have been close to leaving Alamy twice, I have not. What you do with your images is up to you, I am old school and prefer to know who is licensing my images, not just spread them around. I was just telling you what I believe based on my own experience. I also said more than ten years ago that I was finished photographing demonst
  7. Paul, I have been concerned about the "Personal Use" licenses, but all of the ones reported to me by Alamy have had written in the license "For personal use only." But I also know several have been used for publication. Now I am very selective on what I allow to be licensed for personal use. Chuck
  8. Karel, I do not think, from what I looked at on the first page of your images on Alamy, that you have put much thought into what you are doing with Alamy. I did like your landscape of the Washington monument and the pool, but there are thousands of images of that and from the same angle available. I have contributed to Alamy for over 15 years, I also have legacy images with the other three major libraries, in years past I was contract with them. I have mostly been very happy with Alamy. I will tell you from experience that in terms of licensing ne
  9. Jahangir, I have worked with agencies all over the world and have lived in Europe, Israel and the USSR then Russia. I have always had a U.S. bank account and all of the agencies I've worked with and continue to allow to license my images send me, in 2000's, a statement when monies are paid to me. Alamy sends my payment via ACH transfer and Alamy sends me via email a "Remittance Advice" which it states is "Payment for Sales made by Alamy Limited (A UK Company) of Your Images." It is described on the email as "Copyright Royalties" I had the same system when I lived in Moscow, RU,
  10. Thanks Vincent, I need to get that on my iPhone. First time I've heard it. Chuck
  11. Well this time I do agree with you. I wish involved with the South of Market crowd late (in the 80's), but there were some real characters down there before.
  12. Marianne, It looks like you understood what I wrote. I was hesitant to write about the bar, but in the 80's I really had the Lab, Bar and FEDEX lined up and it was great. For clarification, I was never a wire photographer, tried but it was not my forte. I tend to look for illustrations of current and ongoing issues, that is why Alamy is a good fit for me, although I do contribute to the other two major agencies (libraries). I also believe that there is too much pressure to get the images out and not enough pressure to get the images right and to understand their
  13. I would like to add that I think it is a mistake to believe that "Time is of the essence" and above proves my point with talk of Bresson and Arbus. The reason that they have been mentioned is because of the quality, humanity and social illustration of their work. Yes time is of the essence if you are working for AP, DPA or a newspaper, but if you want to be known for your images and for your images to be licensed over and over, then it is more important to carefully select, prep and caption your images. I personally would rather loose a couple of newspaper or web licenses
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