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  1. You talking to me........ At least I did not start the 'Pandemic' thread. Hope you are well EDO. James, Appreciate the post and all the best to everyone at Alamy. Chuck
  2. Everything, in terms of collecting and Alamy making payment has been exactly as normal for April 1st 2020. One of the few areas that I have never had a complaint about with Alamy is their accounting and payment system. Chuck
  3. Ian, Thank you and once again I do apologize for using the word "dabble." For the record what I wrote was a general comment and not an individual critique of anyone. Chuck
  4. No, I do not know anything about you, never said that I did and you did not quote everything I wrote. I was responding in general and specifically to what you had written concerning monetary returns of images of the worlds #1 concern and news . Chuck
  5. Was thinking that today I will give my cat, Bon Jovi, a bath. while he has few teeth he is no "Pussy." Sorry, could not resist. We do need some humor, even if a bit low. Chuck
  6. At times like these the last thing anyone "should" be thinking about is $ and licensing, My opinion. Sadly I am a bit old, 62, to go at this full on, I have a family to think of at home. The above comment is why, again in my opinion, there are too many who "dabble" in photography and play PHOTOJORNALIST. This is a VERY serious story (issue) and anyone interacting in public HAS TO know what they are doing and anyone out making images needs to be very careful. FYI: I have been trained as a EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), spent months working as a photojournalist in the busiest Emergency Room in America at the time and two years riding along, 24 hour shifts, in an American ambulance. I did spend a lot of time around Chernobyl and have covered a number of conflicts and this event is like nothing I have ever seen or covered (in a very limited way.) Good, Honest, Well captioned images of COVID-19 are important for the human race and I am disappointed that any "Photographer" would mention license fees. Chuck Nacke
  7. Jim, Just give Lenovo in what ever country you are in a call. The main concern is the OS and the Graphics Card. Most laptops from what I know do not have interchangeable Graphics Cards. Most will go up to 16GB's of RAM and drives can be switched out. Chuck
  8. Let's not leave out T-Rex or Jethro Tull.... Never been a Doors fan. Chuck
  9. I have a collection of Lenovo laptops going back to my original T-21 (old enough to drink in a bar if they were still open..) Most of my recent Lenovos were bought used and upgraded by a tech. The T-21 was $3,200 new and my newest T-400 bought used for $200. I currently use the T-400 connected to an old CanoScan FS 4000. On occasion I also use the T-400 on location processing NEF files from D800's. I don't know about 2020, but as of 2019 Lenovo tech support was great and no charge. Chuck
  10. Gotta have some Vysotsky, listened to him today on my way back from photographing closed churches and I always start out with the original Sympathy for the Devil by the Stones. Chuck
  11. To All, I am often short with my responses on this forum, some may think it is rude, but that is not my intent. Right now I believe it is vitally important that all humans work together. Who is to blame for the current situation, virus, is not important. To me this is a lot like Climate Change and if all the humans on this planet do not work together, play together, well we are all doomed and I will get to put my last roll of Kodachrome in my 1967 NIKON F, but will not need to scan it..... Chuck Nacke
  12. +1. I get really tired of people with small minds and little experience in the world. Chuck
  13. Thanks Alan, My comment about the end of the world was made in the 80's when we were all concerned about a different threat. P.S. Kodachrome appeared to handle exposure to radiation better than E-6, you really don't want to know how I found out about that.... All the best, Chuck
  14. John, Just to add to what you have written. For the last four decades I did not "jump on" Chernobyl or any number of disasters and misfortunate events that I have photographed and making money has never crossed my mind. I do believe as I assume that you do as well that images of the current crisis are important today, tomorrow and for years to come, but it is important, in my opinion, that the people making those images be responsible and professional in the process. I have never met any decent photojournalist that thought about income when covering a serious story. Chuck
  15. Alan, You may have a good memory, but you seem to lack a sense of humor? This is a silly discussion about film photography and yes in the 80's while sitting around with a group of other photojournalists in a bar I did say " I would photograph the end of the world with Kodachrome." As we all know this is not the end of the world, I hope. Chuck
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