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  1. Over the years I've been asked to make "Signed Limited Edition" prints of a few of my better known images and I've done them on 100% rag archival 320gsm paper using first an EPSON large format printer and now I have a CANON Pro-100. I don't crank up the printer very often, the CANON blows through ink like crazy. One thing I have found is that the large prints I made on the 320gsm rag paper has held up well. I have an 11 x 14 that I printed more than 10 years ago, framed and has been hanging on the wall for that time. I have even intentionally hung it where th
  2. Jose, The first thing you should learn is that "editorial photos" do not just happen, it takes skill, training and timing to make editorial image (s) that are published. I have been an "editorial photographer", not working at 100% now, for decades and I do not appreciate your lack of understanding of "editorial photography" or at least the way you have written on this thread. There is a lot more to licensing (or as rank amateurs say "sell") images for publication. In the pre digital days you had to know light, film color temperature and that was the easy part, then yo
  3. Brian, I would be proud to join you as an "old-timer." Chuck
  4. First NIKON Inc. has been loosing money on cameras for decades. For the record my first NIKON was a black SP, pre F mount. I still have some old F's, F4s, N90s as well as D700's D800's and a wonderful 70-200 f4, made in Thailand. I used the NIKKOR 80-200 f2.8's since they were introduced and I would say that the f4 is equal in everyway. I am not happy to hear about NIKON closing down factories, but it is like my 2001 Mercedes "They just don't build them like they use to..." Chuck
  5. +1 Miz, Thanks. I would not want to be associated with a "microstock." Chuck
  6. Interesting discussion on viewfinders. One of the "Old" arguments for the Leica Optical Viewfinder vs. Single Lens Reflex (SLR) was that the photographer could see the image that they photographed. The old saying "If you saw it, you did not shoot it" applied to SLR's. I have not spent much time playing with Electronic Viewfinders (EVF), but I've worked with both the Viewfinder and SLR's for many years. I go back to the days of shooting Polaroids in the studio, before shooting film. Over the years I would say that my favorite tool (camera) for doing can
  7. Harry, I gave up my addiction (Leica) more than a decade ago, but the new bodies really look nice. Now I just need to win the lotto to go M. I would never go without an optical viewfinder. NEVER, I still miss the viewfinder on an M2. FUJI lost me years ago, Loved the S2, best DSLR in it's day for the money. Chuck
  8. Paul, The CanoScan has not been made in more than ten years, but it is an "Old Style CCD film scanner." From what I know the NIKON 4000, 5000 and 9000, Canon FS 4000 and the Minolta scanners (Desktop) work well. None are currently made and all are becoming hard to find in good working order. I've never used a PACIFIC IMAGE scanner, so I have no idea. Chuck
  9. Genevieve, Thank you, I really hate it when I misspell a name, specially that one..... Chuck
  10. Tawna, Everything I write in response to you and this thread is just my own opinion and my own workflow. I've been in the international News Photo Agency business since 1978 and Alamy and one other agency (library) that I also contribute to often licenses images that I shot more than 20 years ago. The reason I wrote what I wrote on this thread is that I am going back through some of the images that I uploaded (actually back then they were mailed into Alamy on a CD) to Alamy, that in my opinion are relevant again in 2021 from a global news perspective. Also it is much easier to r
  11. Tawna, You are welcome to email me directly, my email is not hard to find, and I will express my opinion to your question directly. Chuck
  12. Tawna, I have no idea of the event that you are speaking about in 2017? Harvey Weinstein, Las Vegas shooting and Donald Trump being sworn in as the U.S. President were all events in 2017 that were "newsworthy" and of historical importance i.e. Archival. Exceptional images of those will be in demand for for a very long time. If I were you or where I believe you are working, I would concentrate on Climate issues and images illustrating Climate change and its effects on "local people's' lives and wildlife. Also make sure you have good captions that will stand up in a y
  13. Some of what has been posted in this thread is NOT CORRECT, in my opinion. I have been a contributor to LIVE NEWS since it began. I have also had a 5 star QC rating since I have known about it. To me I submit Reportage for images that were shot recently but I did not have or want to have within the current 24 hour requirement for LIVE NEWS submissions. That is often the case on a "Breaking News Story." I use Archival for file images that I consider of historical value. I am now working on a set of pictures of the 1993 "Russian Constitutional Crisis" that I
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