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  1. You all should remember that when Alamy was charging contributors a fee the commissions to photographers was much higher. This really concerns me. Chuck
  2. This is getting a bit old. "Storage Fee" NO WAY. Second time this month I have woken up to an "Unpleasant Surprise" from Alamy. We all make mistakes, but this is too much. Chuck
  3. While I just use the Alamy uploader, average 15-20 seconds for a 10MB JPEG, I for FTP I've been using CUTE FTP for over a decade. I did try to set up Filezilla once and could never get it to work? I'm on a PC with a very fast connection. Chuck
  4. Wow, This thread is not off the rails, It has become a complete "TRAIN WRECK."
  5. Rick, I made myself very clear and was writing about my own experience. I would suggest that you read what I wrote again, if you do not understand what it is that I am saying. It would appear that you did not read everything that I wrote? Chuck
  6. Rick and All, I was a "Hard Core" News Magazine photographer for decades and covered quite a bit of human suffering and destruction, some of those images are on Alamy and they are licensed often. First: I never did News Photos for "The Money." I did News Photos because I have always loved powerful News Images and I believe that a powerful news image can make a positive change. I hope you do not believe that Eddie Adams did the work he did in Vietnam just for money, I also hope that you do not believe that he gave his images away, Actually he was working for Associate Press and t
  7. Rick, "a buck to be made" has nothing to do with this. In a perfect world or at least a manageable situation, I would always try to talk with the person that I photograph, before or sometimes after, but in the real world sometimes it is not possible. All should remember that it costs money to cover events and that publications, news outlets pay for images. Nobody is getting rich from 99% of these day in day out events. Keep in mind that I am no fan of G, but they do a very good job of covering world events. Also this image does help the indigenous people.
  8. Steve, A NIKKOR that might interest you is the NIKKOR 70-200 F4 VR. I got tired of dragging the 70-200 f2.8 around and I love the F4. Light weight and SHARP. They can be had for a pretty fair deal. Chuck
  9. I would agree with most of what has been written so far. I would suggest buying used, while I have never worked with the 600, been using the 800's and my ancient 700 for years. My most licensed images are either scans from old 35mm chromes or shot with 12MP DSLR's. I bought my 800's used, one was NIKON reconditioned, and the only problem I've ever had was after I sent a body to a local shop for a sensor cleaning. They messed up the AF and they sent it to NIKON for work. Chuck
  10. EDO, Hope you were not wearing a "Bush Jacket" inside of MacDonald's. ........ Chuck
  11. Shot a "Live News" event and all was easy, uploaded quickly and made very few mistakes in the captions. Had a nice fresh Salmon dinner on the deck/ Good day......
  12. Allan, I just uploaded with out a problem, I was impressed with how fast the upload went. I'm in the US Chusk
  13. It would be easy. All Domke bags have sturdy eyelets or steel rings at either end of the bag. You would just use a good metal clip to attach to a pannier.
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