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  1. I do keep most boxes, it increases the resale value of equipment when you sell it. Chuck
  2. Again I agree 100% with Edo, I have been in the "agency" or "Photo library" business around the world since 1978 and the only agency or library that I have never had to ask "Where the HeXX is my money?" is Alamy. Over the years I have seen my licenses keep at three to four or more times the amount collected and in this business it does take time for the fees to be collected, months. In the "Good Old Photo Agency days" my agents would give me two reports: One on licenses and One on collected licenses. That is pretty much the way Alamy does it. Chuck
  3. OK Month. 10 licenses, but fees are down to an average of about $40 per license. Chuck
  4. As I originally wrote I have little to complain about concerning Live News. I did need to re-signup once and they were very quick and the whole process took about an hour. I do have a problem with all of the "JUNK" I see posted by both individual contributors, agencies and mostly "Self-Proclaimed" agencies, that is why I do not submit much lately to Live News. Chuck
  5. Martin, I have been an Alamy Live News contributor since Alamy started it. If you have images that you really feel they should look at and are "Really" appropriate for Live News? Drop them a note and let them know. One place I have never had a complaint concerning Alamy is the Live News people and their response to email. Just make sure that the images you have are "Real" news pictures and they are captioned and ready to upload. Chuck
  6. The OM1 was a great little 35 mm film body and the Zuiko lenses were exceptional. I did Ronald Reagan during a campaign speech with OM1's and a Zuiko 300 4.5. Working with Tungsten 160 pushed a stop. Sorry to see their demise, but I believed that cameras were just a part of their business? Chuck
  7. Bella, Unless you are using "Dialup" and a computer that is old enough to order it's own drinks in a bar? I do not see how the difference between a compressed JPEG of 5MB or 8MB would make a difference? I only upload files that are 10 to 16MBs. I do have a good internet connection using an old Windows 10 machine and for the most part I have not had a problem, except for once, using the web uploader on Alamy. Chuck
  8. Bella, While Alamy has never specified anything about file names I was taught years ago to never use "-" I was told to use "_" when I name a file or image to upload I use a short, five lower case letters or less, followed by two digits for the file, if you have over 99 images in a group you would need to use three digits, and my last name NO SPACES. I try not to use upper case. I also have never liked using the date in the file name, I keep a log with the image numbers, the folder and who they were uploaded to. Again, this is just the way I've worked for a number of agencies for over two decades. Alamy has never said anything to me about file names, except for the jpg must be lower case. I would recommend asking Alamy. I only have one file to upload tonight, so I will not have much more information concerning this problem. Chuck
  9. Bella, Could your file names be part of the problem? Back in the "Good old Days" long file names and certain charters could cause problems, but that would not pertain the being able to upload one file at a time? I do try to keep my file names as short as possible and without charters. Chuck
  10. For the record, I am not a "Liberal" and I am not a conservative, I can read and I can think. FOX television news (which it is not) has always been bad. I remember several people that I worked with almost every day in California that quit their station when it became a "FOX" affiliate. I do not agree with everything that CNN does, but I believe that they do a pretty good job of reporting events. I do prefer CNN international over the domestic service. I was talking about The images posted by FOX in Seattle and yes actions like that endanger working journalists and the public. The first thing I do every morning is go through CNN, BBC, DW, AFP, Reuters and China Daily. I do not take any one news source 100%. Bear, I do not care for the tone of your comments and based on what you have written all I can say is "Don't let the door hit you on the way out." Chuck
  11. No MizB, I do not believe you are correct. I believe that an image that does not have a model release is simply marked as "No Release" in image manager, but that does not make it editorial. Alamy should clarify this! Chuck
  12. I stand by what I wrote earlier above. To Add: FOX is bad, but not the only offender. There is also too much of a rush to move images out, mistakes both intentional and unintentional are made. We all need to slow down, get information and convey that information accurately and the agencies or libraries that distribute those images have a responsibility to make sure that images and pictures remain accurate to the event or people that they illustrate. Chuck
  13. I have always "Intensely disliked" FOX, but the Seattle Times article shows them out of control. G should also be speaking out about the misuse of images that they distribute. This is BAD, VERY BAD and FOX has endangered all working photojournalists. Chuck
  14. Went for another nice ride on my bicycle (short only 20km at 25kmp) after I finished a few more images of BLM protesters (without showing faces...) Chuck
  15. Let me make myself VERY CLEAR: Any "Real Photographer" making images documenting an event is recording what happened in a fraction of a second. Photos are not enough to convey an entire event or story. That is why it is called "Photojournalism" words also matter and it is up to photographers, agencies or libraries and publications and now web sites to bring information to people. In the good old days of "Real Photo Agencies" they had a contract that VERY SPECIFICALLY stated that images could not be published "Out of context" or used to misrepresent the actual event or person appearing in an image. I even worked for one news photo agency that would not license images to political campaigns. A big part of the problem is that journalism and photojournalism are professions that require training and there are now too many people out playing at journalism and photojournalism. I also believe that Television is killing journalism and photojournalism. Unlike Television, photojournalism is not entertainment and does not come with commercial breaks. I have to add that print journalism and photojournalism has made its share of mistakes and has created many misrepresentations over the years. I read something disturbing today on a professional photography web site about showing the faces of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters in images. In my opinion, if you want your voice heard, show your face. Let me add: After a discussion with several professionals I feel the need to add that while I personally support BLM and in my over 30 years of working in magazine photojournalism I have never once allowed my information or images to be used against a private person exercising their rights as a human. A professional photojournalist knows how to protect and if needed to stand with the people that they portray. I also feel sorry for the young girl who created the video of George Floyd's death. She deserves a medal and the United States and worlds gratitude. In closing: Think about the power of an image, specially when the "world is burning" Chuck
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