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  1. Desktop or laptop?

    I do most of my work on a well equipped DELL with a calibrated 24" monitor, but I also have a LENOVO T 410 also calibrated monitor (aRGB is 96%) that I use on location. The LENOVO laptop is fine for NEWS and on location previews, but I prefer to do my serious work on the desktop even though I can run my large monitor on my laptop. I have only used LENOVO laptops for the last 15 years. Sorry but not a Mac person. Chuck
  2. NON-exclusive search option in AIM

    OK Folks, Here is the response I received from Alamy: Hi Chuck, Currently there is only a filter to display images that have already been marked as exclusive to Alamy in this way. But we will be implementing a change to AIM which will allow contributors to also filter their images and show images in their collection that are Non-Exclusive. As 90% of your collection is Exclusive to Alamy with the current version of AIM the easiest method may be to temporarily assign all of your images as Exclusive and then uncheck the box for those you have available elsewhere. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to mark all images as exclusive in one go but what you can do is edit them in batches. You can do this in batches of up to 500 images by selecting multiple submissions in the left hand column using the 'shift' key and then ticking 'select all passed' from the top bar. This will then select all passed images in those batches, you can edit their annotation to “Only available on Alamy” and then select the next batches down. As you have just over 1200 images in your collection this should be possible to mark the images as exclusive in 3 batches. Alternatively, if you’d rather not to mark all of your images as exclusive as the temporary work around you may prefer to wait until the filter goes live within AIM. I hope this helps, happy for you to post response on forum Thanks Dan Alamy Contributor Relations Phil, 'only available on' and 'exclusive to'? I would agree that the two should be the same thing? Chuck
  3. NON-exclusive search option in AIM

    Maybe I'm blind, but I can not find any "Exclusive to Alamy" in AIM, All I see is "Only Available on Alamy" under the Optional tab? Chuck
  4. Hmmm, time to slash my image collection

    Yup, one person's rubbish can be another one's treasure. John, "Rubbish is Rubbish." Mark, I have my main Pseudo, my name and a second Pseudo for Images that I believe will be licensed, but are not my first choice, but never rubbish. Best, CN
  5. Christmas closure

    Star, Not in my book..... P.S. Alamy always has someone to speak to on Live News. They have been really great, but then again I've been contributing to Live News since it started... Chuck
  6. Merry Christmas

  7. Merry Christmas

    Is it Martini time yet?
  8. Merry Christmas

    Well it has been an interesting year on this forum. Happy Holidays to all that are still here and the Alamy staff. Chuck Nacke
  9. Full-frame replacement

    Alex, I would suggest a refurbish D800, They can be had for less than $800 and for me they work perfectly. There are times when the e or the 850 would produce a better RAW file, but not many are willing to pay to extra fee for the file. Chuck
  10. John, In a perfect world, which is not where we are, commissions would be equal across the board for all, but... For me it has always been about the image and I do believe that Alamy has never understood that. Fortunately or unfortunately I've not had a major news photo, global page one, since I've been contributing to Alamy. I did have one that Alamy did not do a good job dealing with the photographer that I had tried to steer into Alamy. Even though Alamy is one of the largest libraries in the business, I don't believe that they really understand what they have. Chuck Nacke
  11. Free Cameracraft Magazine Link Reinstated

    Bla Bla Bla
  12. To all and in just my opinion, I am once again in the 100% Alamy camp. I did email James Alsworth and for the first time James West, I received a very well thought response from Mr. West. and hours before the notice that Alamy would continue to do a 50 / 50 split on direct licenses. on material exclusive to Alamy. During this whole disaster I had contacted several major libraries and agencies, and all of them told me that they could not match Alamy. I do have material with other libraries, and I pay little or no attention to all but one of them. Several of them have been requested by me to remove all of my images and they have not. In My Own Opinion Alamy is a organization that I trust and look forward to continuing to do business with. Keep in mind that I currently have a very small number of images under my main pseudonym and Mr. West took time to communicate with me. Also keep in mind that I have just come in from a major corporate shoot, I make more money on a day on a corporate shoot then I do on Alamy in six months. I will continue to TRUST Alamy and am grateful to be a contributor to Alamy. Now this month I've seen three licenses for less than $10.00 USD each, Please Mr. West and Alamy "Can we get these fees up?" Once I edit and rotate these corporate photos I really do need a very large Martini..... I've been doing business with Photo Agencies and several libraries for decades and once any agent loses my trust, I am gone and I've now been contributing to Alamy since 2003. I will also add that I will not tolerate any agent or library that I need to call when I am owed money, Alamy is the first library that I have never needed to call about money. Sincerely, Chuck Nacke
  13. You all know or should know, it is about images and then it is about the split. Make great images and you call the shots and the percentages. Make pictures of your garden and you take what you can get, unless you make really exceptional images of your really exceptional garden..... It's Martini time..... Chuck Nacke
  14. Exclusivity

    LOL Alex One would hope.... Chuck
  15. "heart-on-sleeve" I don't have a heart....but I do make the best martini. bit early EST though. I know I have written way too much on this topic, but I do feel the need to add: Any agency or library is what the contributors make it. The license fees also depend on the images. I've been involved with Live News since it began on Alamy and I think it is up to contributors to raise the level on images, caption info and speed uploading, the last is something I am guilty of. I take way too much time to finish images and make mistakes in the IPTC info. I know wire photographers that are so fast that it seems like they are uploading before they have even taken the photograph. Editing of selecting images to upload also needs to be improved. James has listened to us, now let's make sure we listen to him. Chuck Nacke