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  1. Well I have been involved with "Ink Jet" or Giclee printers since the CANON CLC 1000, very high-end ink jet in the early 1990's. Just the service contact on the CLC 1000 was over $2000.00 per month. the only "wide format" Epson printer I've owned is the very old R1800, very good printer, but it is in the basement with all of my chromes of "dead U.S. presidents" and few EU and Russian's as well. I will say that EPSON customer support was really bad, I also own a CANON Pro 100 and CANON support is great. There was a time when people wanted "Fine-Art archival" signed prints an
  2. Phil and all, My original statement did not come across as I had intended, Sorry. What I intended to write was: Some are not professional. Chuck
  3. I do not understand, When I do commercial work, not much in the last year, I do not release images for reproduction until the invoice or fees are paid? I can not understand why Alamy can not do the same thing? I've had commercial clients on deadline who have fired people in their accounting departments because they did not move fast enough. Also when people looking for a specific image have contacted me for an image, I tell them I charge a research fee to find and scan the image they are requesting and they need to pay that fee before I start looking for the imag
  4. Gen, Sort of like people... LOL, but they are usually not doing anything natural and they are more easy to "capture"...... Chuck
  5. I'm with you Phil, In my opinion, the people uploading to Live News are not professionals who know how to edit, or they are just trying to move too fast? The agencies are, again in my opinion, just sloppy. I think that it is unfair to expect Alamy to monitor or edit Live News 24/7. That would take away from the work they need to do for all contributors to Alamy. Chuck
  6. Really like your images Gen, I admire you eye. Chuck
  7. Sorry to say that I could just repeat what I wrote last month. 7 licenses for just shy of $200 I am not very happy with the license fees I am seeing. Alamy's more for less is not making me happy, not enough more for a lot less..... Chuck
  8. Michael, When it comes to "customer service or Tech support" in the new millennium Persistence is the key, Having hours to waste on hold listening to awful music also helps. I am surprised, Adobe has always wanted remote access to my machine. Sorry about the knuckle-dragger comment, was meant to be a joke.... Best, Chuck
  9. Michael, I am one of those "knuckle-draggers" who is still working on a PC.... That hour you spent, are you sure it was with a Tech from Adobe? Over the years I had problems with CC, usually LightRoom (LR) and I've called Adobe and they have always fixed my problem, I did need to give them remote access to my machine. Be careful there are services linking on the web that claim to be Adobe but they are not and halfway through working on the problem they will ask you to pay money for the fix. I also do not know if Adobe TELEPHONE support is availab
  10. Michael, I assume you are a U.S. CC user as I am? Every time I've had a CC question I just called Adobe and they solved the problem quickly and better than reading endless forums. Chuck
  11. Thank you Ian, I completely agree with you. Keep in mind that I see trying to "Compete" with the wires as a lost cause. Back in the day when I was a News Agency Photographer it was about doing more than the wires (AP, UPI, Reuter's, EPA, etc.) They shot color neg and moved quickly, latter low rez digital, we (I) shot chromes, later 36MP digital and often travel with over 4,000 watts of strobes. The "Wires" were also usually gone when the best images of an event happened. Access was also part of the equation. I will add that while I have not been impressed with the
  12. Ian, While I agree with a lot of what you have written, I do disagree with you on "speed." I do believe that it is important to get the best image up and out as quickly as possible, BUT in my opinion a photographer can make mistakes when trying to move to fast and the details of the event are not 100% available. As a dear friend of mine use to say; "Speed, Quality or Cost, choose any two of the three." In terms of "Live News" I would say go as fast as you can with the best image you have. It is also important to remember the events, Live News, can change and if you u
  13. Welcome to my world in 2021 Michael, BTDT..... and they Yell at me? Chuck
  14. Martin, If I have a serious question, I would not post of ask it here. I would ask the people who can answer my question. Really simple. I have been on the Forum for years and I can tell you that many who answer do not know what they are talking about. I also understand the reason that Alamy wants people to ask on the forum and to avoid having to answer questions from everyone. It is also true, in my opinion, that most questions that have been asked are already answered on Alamy's Terms and conditions that are published. Chuck
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