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  1. sharpening by downsizing

    P.S. I would suggest that vodka is sharper than Irish Whiskey. Might be my decade in the former S.U. ?
  2. sharpening by downsizing

    Not processing images or writing IPTC info now, but have a really nice martini glass full of " Sharpenal" in my hand..... Happy Friday. P.S. every thing looks really sharp right now...... Chuck
  3. sharpening by downsizing

    I agree with Bill, On downsizing for sharpness it is for aperture and high ISO. If the image is not sharp downsizing is not going the make it sharp. You need to drink " Sharpenal "while processing "unsharp" images and always write your IPTC info before drinking the Sharpenal....... Chuck
  4. Color and/or B&W?

    The only time I upload B & W's is if I only shot it on B & W film, ah the good old days, or if there is some other compelling reason to convert it to B & W. My older B & W's, Tri-X, have done OK. I've also done some Duo-Tones at the request of clients, but never uploaded one to Alamy. I would think that the only reason to upload both an original and a B & W conversion would be if you could do something really exceptional in the process of converting the image to B & W. Just my opinion. Chuck
  5. Home page image

    Correction, After logging in via the forum I finally got onto the main page?
  6. Home page image

    I am on a PC running Win10 and I can not login to the main Alamy site. Am I missing something? Chuck
  7. Sale on Alamy

    Naom, After looking at the first page of you images on Alamy your question answers itself. There are many contributors who's images keep me looking through 10 to 20 pages. Chuck
  8. Michael, 90% of my current work is commissioned corporate work and I am currently working with two D800's and an old D700. Lately for Alamy I've had to shoot at 3200 ISO and the both the 800's and the 700 have been great. A HUGE step up from my old KODAK / NIKON DCS 620 or the FUJI Pro's. While I love my 800's, I only shoot RAW at 7360 X in 14bit, it is HUGE over kill for most of my work. I also love being able to crop, crop and crop and still be way over 3000 X. I got rid of my heavy 70-200 f2.8 for a 70-200 f4 VR and that tele zoom has become my major money maker, it is also easy to carry all day. For wide I am currently using a TOKINA 16-28 f2.8 and it is just OK, never use it wide open or at 16mm. One interesting thing is that I have a lot of old NIKKOR ED glass and it is not as good on the 800's as newer ED NIKKORs. I have a very old 35-70 f2.8 that I had completely rebuilt and it is not great on the 800's as is my old 105 Micro f4. Another down side to working with the high MP bodies (800's) is that my desk self is full of external drives, currently have more than 20 1TB WD drives sitting there. For most of my processing I'm using LR and I have spent hours and hours on the telephone with Adobe tech support trying to sort out processing speed, I have currently using a desktop DELL with 16 gigs, a 3.2 processor and upgraded my graphics card, NVIDIA 4GB. There is a lot of miss-information about optimizing LR, Adobe knows better and helps sort it all out. SONY and I do not get along, even though I worked for SONY Records in California. I have heard that SONY is making all the chips for the NIKON's? I would say look for a refurbished D800, For my work I prefer the 800's over the newer big MP NIKON's. If you go with 30+ MP DSLR's be ready to buy a lot of external drives........ Chuck
  9. Upload rate per photographer?

    I would suggest to the OP to look at the Images Found posts in the forum and to search what is already on Alamy before picking up a camera. I will add that from my own experience with Alamy for more than ten years and my decades of working for photo agencies around the world, the most important thing to keep in mind is the picture and now in the 2010's the IPTC information. I have also noticed that Alamy does very well for me with news and not only new images shot for live news, but for images that address issues that are currently page one around the world. I am very selective on what I upload to my main Pseudonym (my name) and my second Pseudonym which is for "Stock" that I am experimenting with. If I upload more than 50 images a year I am doing good. For licenses I run along at around 70+ per year, but I am not a stock photographer. I make my money from commissioned corporate photography now. Chuck
  10. Enhancing Photo Images

    Mark? I assumed that Scott was not asking about "shooting images" but prepping or enhancing them? I may be wrong. Chuck
  11. Enhancing Photo Images

    Scott, While I agree with Andy and Edo and I do have a degree in journalism. I've read much worse posts than yours. There are many recourses to know what is acceptable for processing digital images for "NEWS." If you are not fluent in PS and LR, I doubt that you are doing NEWS. Stock is another story. If you really want to know what is acceptable for processing images try to get your hands on a Reuters handbook or the Associated Press (AP) handbook, guidelines should also be available online. In terms of processing "STOCK" images for ALAMY the guidelines are all available on Chuck
  12. Live News Laptop

    Ian, I would consider buying a refurbished laptop that the seller can upgrade for you. Make sure it was an original Windows 10 machine, I prefer 10 Pro in 64 bit. I have three laptops going back to 2001, all Lenovo and all still boot and work. My middle aged Lenovo T-62 is a great machine. I bought it refurbished on eBay and the seller upgraded the drive and the RAM for a really good price more than ten years ago. I've used that T-62 all over the world with no problem. The main things on a laptop for processing images quickly are the Graphics Card and RAM. A dual drive setup with one solid state fast drive is nice if you can afford it. The display and the keyboards on the Lenovo's are wonderful as is Lenovo's tech support. I've had ups and downs with DELL. Most photographers I know prefer a MacBook?
  13. Colblimp aka Andy, Sorry was in a hurry and thanks for telling me your first name. To the forum I apologize for gassing on a bit. Since digital started, I do try to workout every day to make up for the hours I now need to spend sitting at the computer. Life was a lot better when you dropped your film at the lab had a martini and then dropped the film at FEDEX...... I will add that as I have written, I mostly work with NIKON D800's but when I have to work at 3200 and turn the images around quickly I prefer the D700, smaller files. Chuck
  14. Colin, Have two almost new battery grips for the 700's and they are both in the box. The added weight is not worth the trouble. Just shot over 300 images with one of my 700's and the battery was only 1/4 down. Michael, I do most of my work with 800's at 7360 in NEF, and the files are just over kill, even for commercial clients. I currently have a dozen external hard drives sitting on my desk....... As per NIKON FX v.s. DX, I would never recommend the lower end DX NIKON DSLR's. From my experience the D700 was one of the best NIKON DSLR's built besides the D2, 3, 4, etc... The used D2's can be had for almost nothing and they are great bodies, but really heavy and the sensor is not as good at high ISO's as the 700's. One more note from personal experience: The older NIKKOR's are just not as good, optically, as the newer NIKKOR's. I've been disappointed with my older, high end, MF NIKKOR's on D800's. For the record, I do 300 pushups almost every day and when I can ride my old TREK 770 bicycle over 50 miles on a day...... but on commercial shoots I travel with over 500lbs of lighting equipment.
  15. If she wants a FF or (FX NIKON) the D700's are now pretty cheap, I still use mine and just shot a large event for Live News mostly with my D700 at 3200 ISO , no flash allowed . I was surprised at the quality. The other advantage to NIKON or F mount bodies is that there is so much used glass available.