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2020 January Favourity Uploads

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OK, first up for 2020.

Tuatara beer in the Qantas lounge, Auckland.

OK we were supposed to go to Wellington but it was windy. So we had some free beer, wine and cake and flew back later.


Smoke from the bush fires around Sydney


 I don't keyword before upload, so this instant QC does change the mindset a bit now that there's no longer a day to wait.

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From my trip to Marrakesh


El Badii palace


Dromedary Camel ride


Bahia palace


UNESCO site Jemaa El F'na - Empty during day time. Marking on the floor for the shops.


Let me finish with a dessert


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"Beehive" government building by Basil Spence and Fergus Sheppard, 1977, Wellington


Wellington cathedral by Cecil Wood, 1954-1998


New Zealand National Library, 1987


Buddhists taking selfie on the steps of the parliament building of 1912


Cable car and long white cloud  (from which New Zealand takes its Māori name Aotearoa)


Gandalf as Santa



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Even though hauled in for QC (and me with 5 stars!)- a bit of Wellington Deco



Inter- Islander ferry


Oh no, not a little tern, we have those. But we don't have these!

White-fronted tern.


Victorian villas on Oriental Bay Wellington


And, taken about 4 hours after the polls closed....... exit polls only, I couldn't have known the worst by then.......



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