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August Challenge - CLIMATE


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A very hot topic at the moment (see what I did there?). Here in the UK we have weather warnings for wind and rain this weekend, and in Europe they're heading for another spell of extreme heat which I'm sure will affect us too as it did recently. Leaving the challenge as the one word leaves plenty of room for interpretation for those perhaps living in more benign areas. I suppose many would regard UK weather as pretty benign. All relative.


As usual, images must come from Alamy and entries close at midnight UK time on 31st August.


Some ideas, mostly for fun:




















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Climate in the US and in Nicaragua:


After a blizzard in the Washington, DC, area, trees show several inches of snow accumulation Stock Photo




USA -- blizzard in the DC suburbs.  Too hot in the summer; erratic snow storms in the winter.


Woman watches tropical rain come down hard in Jinotega, Nicaragua.  Water is running high in the gutter. Stock Photo





Rainy season, Jinotega, Nicaragua. 


Church reflected in rain puddles on the church plaza, Boaco, Nicaragua. Stock Photo




Boaco Cathedral reflected in rain puddle. 



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Nice one, surely something for everyone this month!


Walking the dog (in adverse circumstances!)




You can always run to keep warm




or find a muddy pool to stay cool


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The Schneeferner glacier on Germany's highest mountain Zugspitze is literally going down the drain. Climate change has caused it to nearly disappear within the last couple of decades and and it is estimated that it will be completely gone in 25 years from now.


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Congratulations! My three...


On a frigid morning, manatees cluster together to stay warm in the sheltered waters of Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River, Florida, USA.





The edge of a front at sunset, Cedar Key, Florida, USA.






Woman in red coat trudging through the snow, New York, NY, USA.





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Standard Poodle looking over  Lake Huron on cold winter day.





City of Toronto just before severe thunderstorm





A totally frozen Lake Huron (something that happens about once every 10 years). Dunes mixed with sand and snow cover the shore.





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Severe thunderstorms cause flash flooding in 2017. A friend and I were sitting outside eating at a cafe near where we live and then it just rained like this, so it caused flooding within less than half an hour (so hard we had to go inside even with an awning overhead). When it let up I went under the cafe's awning and took this with my iPhone. 

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Unusual weather in New York in February 2018 - 51 degrees F - led to a stunning sunset over the Hudson River.  😎(See what I did with the emoji for unusually warm weather)

Good challenge. And congrats on your win!

(Sorry no matter which browser I use, I can only seem to upload one photo per post).


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Three from me




Climate Change. A sign on the Mer de Glace in Chamonix showing the level of the ice in 1990 with the glacier now (photo taken in 2014) a couple of hundred feet below.






Quebec's summer climate - a young boy cooling off and playing in fountains in Montreal.






Quebec's winter climate - a ship passing the Pont du Quebec on a frozen St Lawrence river.



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First time entering competition. Here are my 3


Two aged ladies enjoying the sea view in Dorset, England


Sunny afternoon in Jurrasic Coast, England where people enjoying the sun and taking selfie



and the recent wind storm in England. Shot on Westminister Bridge, London



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