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12 for $497, ranging from a peanuts distributor sale, through a $50 sale/refund resold for $25, to a handsome $150 (thanks, I presume, due to USA office).


About average income, can't complain, but rather worrying decline in numbers of late.

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October isn't officially over here, but it looks like an average month (Whew!) with 12 sales for $616 gross, two $100 (exactly) ones in the bunch, along with a couple of Russian Federation specials.


Bigger payout coming than I've seen for several months, so I guess the logjam might be clearing. Good to see.


CTR continues its steady decline, as discussed in another thread, but this doesn't seem to be as big a deal these days.


Happy Halloween!

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20 minutes ago, John Mitchell said:


Lucky 13. It must be Halloween! B)

Well then, there was Friday the 13th.  Early morning. Coffee by my side, paper in front of my face, feet in open-toed sandals. 

Felt an ungodly pain in left big toe. Bogie, hubby’s African Gray had slithered down the pole of his bird stand, waddled over and with a powerful bite, deeply lacerated the end of my big toe. Gushed blood. It needed stitches, but the last time the ER doctor only put one stitch in my hand so it could drain because it was an animal bite.

I decided not to bother this time. Walking on it makes it continue to break open and bleed.  My female Gray, Echo, is very gentle. This male, though, has a mean streak although he’s such a talented talker/singer/animal imitator you’d be delighted to hear him. 


Then today, Halloween, I go to market. Put bags in the back of my SUV. Fresh meat, frozen foods, lots of stuff. Push the cart to the caddy, and on the way back, notice my right rear tire is 100% flat.  Walmart airs it up enough for me to make it to my tire place. No one to call for help to take care of the food. 1 1/2 hours later, mushy food, screw removed, the tire is fixed.

Here is the only place good things happen.



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17 minutes ago, Broad Norfolk said:

No sales for me. This is my first zero month since December 2015. Views well up and zooms holding their own but in my case not many sales seem to come from zooms. Ah well, onward and upward!

Jim. ;)


Like your positive attitude. Send some over here, please! ;) :)

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