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December 2016 Challenge - Behind


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At first I thought I would make this a point of view challenge with "rear view". Then I decided I wanted to open it up to more interpretations so I settled on "Behind". Let's see what you come up with. So the rules are 3 entries per person and the images should be yours (of course) and should be on Alamy. The competition closes at midnight GMT on December 31. That will be 7pm here in New York City so not after my bedtime. Here are some of mine...



BCMMYW   Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep behind rocks.




DTNKHP  Rear view of a Grizzly Bear Cub.




BAOM7H  Rear view of a male Peacock displaying.




EKDHEJ   Cheetah Cub behind a tree.




C1R3NW  Rear view of Lion Cubs in the Masai Mara.



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Nice one Paulette , had me scratching my head a bit. My three are






Looking straight down the barrel. Humans behind glass 









Behind mum. Our son sound asleep in the baby carrier in the Alps.









A Nepali porter hidden behind his huge load. When we were trekking there I stopped and asked a porter with a huge load of cans of soup how much his pack was. He said 100kg. A few days later we were talking to a lodge owner who had superb english and I said 'do these guys really carry 100kg?'. He started laughing and said 'oh no, no, these youngsters really like to impress the tourists. Those back packs are rarely more than 80kg.' Thats 176lbs. When it was time to move on I tried not to grunt and grimace too much as I bravely shouldered my 40lb pack.





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Ok Here are mine.  First a couple at my sons college graduation.

This sunset at Santa Monica beach was the most amazing experience.  Almost all activity stopped on the beach as this unfolded everyone was stunned by the beauty of it.  I had just talked to the young girl on the roller blades before taking this photo and realized when I got home to process the photos how appropriate her sweatshirt was.
And in the spirit of Christmas.  Hands behind your back please, you have been bad Santa's helpers.  At a charity event in Woodland HIlls California
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Congrats on the win Paulette - It was such a stunning image!


Here's my three...


1.) New York behind fog




2.) Behind a boy sitting on a boat on the beach





3.) Behind a veil - Participants in the Pride 2016 parade remember the victims of the Orlando shootings. 



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My first challenge o' the month entry, ever. 


1 - Behind a fence with her ribbons behind her. A double whammy. And since they aren't blue ribbons, we can assume she finished behind someone else in the standings...but that's a reach.





2 - Or, on a more somber note, mourners walking behind a hearse in Gaucin, Spain:



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Viewed from behind, a small aircraft beached along the Florida Gulf Coast after experiencing engine trouble.




Young woman with sample bag crouches to take notes during medicinal plants walk-about.




Young man sitting behind watches his girl friend paddle a canoe down a small Florida river.


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Wildflowers, Western Australia



Downhill bike race






...and apologies if anyone's sensibilities are offended by this one, but given the topic I couldn't resist. Mardi Gras Parade, Sydney (scanned from film so probably actually shot in ~1999)



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Here are my three. Boring but fit the subject.




Two dogs left behind in rear of estate car.








Rear of old Austin A30 taken from behind.








Rear of steam traction engine taken from behind.







Good luck to all.



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Yep. I expected that some rude ones would show up eventually. Lots of variety!



Hmmm, you have no idea how much I've had to clean up my act to narrow it down to the following shots.

Anyway, congratulations on winning last months competition Paulette, a very well deserved winner!

Here are my three clean, decent and wholesome images for the "behind" theme, (having removed the frogs enjoying themselves from behind, and the bloke in the "mankini" at the boxing day swim here in Sidmouth ..... phew!)


A lady walks her poodle on Sidmouth Espanade.











Behind bars - a ring tailed lemur looks out at the world beyond.










Opening of "The Public", an art gallery in West Bromwich, subsequently closed down....


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Yep. I expected that some rude ones would show up eventually. Lots of variety!




Obviously, let's not forget that it is panto season in the UK. 


Oh no, it isn't.

Oh yes, it is. 

It's behind you. 


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