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  1. Turns out there are lots of links to coupons. Who knew? One of the sites described things this way: "Alamy.com is a major US retailer that provides essential products & services at www.alamy.com. Alamy.com competes with other major online retailers such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart. Alamy.com sells mid-range priced items on its website and partner sites in the extremely competitive online e-commerce industry. When it comes to discount code availability, Alamy.com actively and frequently issues coupons and promotional codes. Alamy.com is a very popular brand when it comes to p
  2. My portfolio is not just small, but it spans a good amount of time. I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on it, especially along the lines of "You should keep doing this" or "Dude...you suck. Seriously. I wish my vacuum cleaner sucked that much. My carpets would be like new..." A bit about me. I've been signed up as a contributor for years, but my contributions have been sporadic and small; some years I sent in nothing. Photography was never my career; I worked in public service and that, combined with raising a family, took up most of my time. But last January I retired at 54, and shor
  3. It's been several years since I posted, so why not? Hazy and a bit warm today in Mexico City, around 79ºF (26ºC). Spent a relaxing morning in the small but pleasant Parque Ecológico Loreto y Peña Pobre in Alcaldia Tlalpan. No rain in the forecast until Monday, with highs in the low 80's, so a morning walk in the Bosque de Tlalpan is likely on order for the weekend. Cheers....
  4. My first challenge o' the month entry, ever. 1 - Behind a fence with her ribbons behind her. A double whammy. And since they aren't blue ribbons, we can assume she finished behind someone else in the standings...but that's a reach. 2 - Or, on a more somber note, mourners walking behind a hearse in Gaucin, Spain:
  5. "Horace Steele" Mr. Steele was an Arizonan who came from humble beginnings, built a fortune in petroleum and trucking, and established a charitible foundation which donated to, among other causes, the central Phoenix park that contains his statue, of which there is only one image on Alamy.
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