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  1. I've been incredibly lucky and had 4 editorial sales of the same RM image in the last 2 months or so, all between $100 and $830 - I'm not sure if they are all variances/extensions of the same usage or not as it is hard to tell from the license details and have been unable to find them using Google/Tineye. My jaw hit the floor every time one of them dropped in. And again when they cleared. So they seem to be around - But I'm fully aware I will likely never see sales like this again any time soon (if ever)!
  2. Sneaking in at the last minute, here's my three... Old NY cab America's Cup Roosevelt Island tramway
  3. Congrats on the win Wim! What a fascinating topic for the next one - Gets you really thinking... Its a dog's life... Only two things in life are certain; Death and taxes Setting yourself up for a fall...
  4. I must have missed the rule book when it comes to "normal" workflow then. Sometimes I will process a batch at a time, sometimes not. But when I do work on an image by image basis, usually when I'm processing random images from my backlog, I feel it allows me to mentally keep track of images and seems methodical to me. Maybe its not the easiest way, or how I'm supposed to, or how everyone else does it... But its horses for courses, right? I'm working in relatively small batches of 10-20 images anyway these days - I certainly don't expect it to stay open for "hours". Unfortunately I don't ha
  5. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I have noticed a couple of times that the IM uploader (drap/drop method) will time out after a while and automatically submit, without me pressing anything. So I will end up with submissions of 2 or 3 images. I am finding this super annoying, as my workflow when I am in the Alamy zone will often be process image - check - export - check - upload to Alamy and on to the next. This means that there will often be 15 minutes + in between adding each image and I want them all in the same batch, not in several small ones! Yes, I could process
  6. Dreadful... One sale for $5, and a drought of zooms for the last half of Feb (thankfully followed by 3 yesterday ). Views seem down too. This month has left me feeling "meh" at worst, and at best thoroughly confused! (Not helped of course by the sporadic measures updates).
  7. Yep, slow here too - Just one sale for $5 so far... Still, have had a run of average to good months so I suppose I was due a rubbish one I'm not giving up hope yet though, another two weeks to go! PMA etc etc... Zooms are next to nil this month though, views slightly down but not significantly. I'm not sure whether to be concerned or not as my zooms rarely seem to turn into sales anyway, and most of my sales seemingly come from nowhere. But even so, I don't like to see the CTR slowly go down
  8. Hi Gennadii, Happy first year anniversary! Firstly I just want to congratulate on how much improved your English is from when you first joined. You should be so proud, and I am full of admiration for your determination in learning a new language! Your pictures are of a very high standard, and you have some really great shots in there! There are just a couple of bits I would mention though... Looking through the first few pages you seem to have a lot of similar images. For example the girl with the globe - There are 111 images which all basically illustrate the same thing. You coul
  9. I had an unreported magazine use (think it was US though, not sure if it makes a difference), chased it around 4 months after the month of publication and it got added to the sales list more or less straight away. so I'd definitely report it Worst that can happen is they say its too soon!
  10. Quite simply the most amazing Urban GRAPHIC I have yet seen. So well conceived & executed. Lovely foregound, midground (lamp posts) and background elements. Actually a clear blue sky here would have been so discordant with the tonal harmony of this splendid image. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Kumar, India Thank you so much for the kind words Kumar!
  11. Thanks John and Graham, both super ideas! Will definitely be trying them
  12. I've had it for a few days now, my surnames W and only joined late 2015 so presumably not alphabetical or duration? No idea! Completely random? My first thoughts are that I like it. I haven't gone into anything complicated with it yet though, just keywording some new images and tweaking some recent ones and will be (eventually, and hopefully) working my way back through the whole lot . Apart from a few early uploads, I have always used commas and quotes for phrases, which has maybe made the switch a bit more straightforward as haven't noticed any hiccups (yet). Mind you I have only loo
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