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  1. The bricks in the chimney look like Clinker bricks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinker_brick
  2. Paul-Henri Cahier could probably help as he or his father Bernard were most likely at those races. I don't know if he would be willing to help but you could ask. I don't know how to contact him directly but he has a Facebook page and website and he might enjoy seeing those old photos. https://www.facebook.com/paulhenri.cahier https://www.f1-photo.com/About-us
  3. You can also use Canon's DPP4 program to convert the RAW files to Tiff which will work with your version of Lightroom. You can keep the Raw files and store the Tiffs in a separate folder, but as a long term strategy its not a good one. The Tiffs will be eating away at your storage space on your hard drives. With all the improvements to Lightroom it would be worth spending the price of a couple of Lattes or a burger and fries for what you get.
  4. Gee, I would have guessed it was caused by Cosmic rays being blasted at us from one of the moons of Jupiter by an alien race in order to make us all crazy and therefore a cinch to conquer when they finally show up. Their evil plan seems to be working so far. I would suggest tin foil hats for everyone and the camera/lens.😁
  5. I found one of my images on this website with no watermark and was wondering if this is stolen or an Alamy affiliate. I did a search with just keyword Alamy and over 130,000 images came up. The website also allows you to manipulate the images with sliders. https://amanaimages.com/keyword/result.aspx?Page=Search&KeyWord=alamy&ImageID=
  6. I grew up in the Los Angeles area and Regis was sort of a fixture on local TV. Glad he had such a long life. He holds the record for most hours on TV.
  7. I had a surge this morning, turned out to be the Mexican food I had last night.😁
  8. I resent my original email after posting and got this reply from Alamy. I know that Covid has disrupted everything so these things are to be expected. I figure the New York Times is good for the money and we won't have to send Vinnie and the boys over there and bust some heads.😁 Hi John, Thanks for the heads up – I’ve passed it on to the account handler here for the NYT to make sure it get’s invoiced correctly. Best James Alamy Contributor Relations
  9. Thought this was interesting about the expiration of copyright. https://web.law.duke.edu/cspd/publicdomainday/2019/
  10. Your excitement may wain, I am still waiting to get paid from a February 11 usage by the New York Times. I just get the generic reply from Alamy.
  11. If you search using the pseudonym RosaIreneBetancourt and a number you will find Jeff's photos. The numbering is not sequential a little random and there seems to be roughly 9200 images per pseudonym. I'm thinking there may be other pseudonyms too. "Florida" is a good search term to start with, numbers 8,9 and 10 worked for me.
  12. I'm thinking an unmarked envelope with some hundred dollar bills in there placed in the right hands might get you a star or two.😇
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