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  1. A lot of photos here, all sourced from Alamy.
  2. Conde Nast Traveller article with two of mine plus one other Alamy credit only. Links to other articles that also use Alamy sourced photos, prices seem at a new low for this type of usage.
  3. I bought the 18-105 f4 a few months ago, it performs well with little distortion on the wide end. Having the constant f4 aperture appealed to me. The annoying part about the lens is it always returns to the 18mm focal length when the camera shuts down and there is no focal length markings on the lens barrel to preset focal length. I am wondering if the 18-135 would have been a better choice. I just discovered that the Sigma 17-50 is available for Sony mounts now. I had it for several years now and still use it regularly. It does have some chromatic aberration issues, but Lightroom handles it easily. Here is a link. Stores here are selling it for $315.
  4. Affordable U.S. Destinations for 2019 John Crowe Cheryl Bridges Kat Byrd Mark Summerfield RosaIreneBetancourt 12 Efrain Padro
  5. I was taking shots outside a mall here in California when I was approached by their security guard who told me that taking photos was not permitted. I asked him how I might get permission because I though it would be worthwhile to also photograph the inside of the mall. He told me to talk to the mall management which I did. I talked to some of the girls in the office and I explained what I was doing and why. They seemed to think it was an alright thing to do. They suggested that I come back or call when the mall manager was in and talk to her. I got the impression that I might be able to get permission. I never followed up but I was encouraged. So it might be worthwhile to approach it head on and just ask. I thought a good time to do it would be early in the morning when you could get shots with no people in them. I was mostly interested in the store logos and store decor.
  6. Somehow I am going to Havana?

    I made a road trip to British Columbia this summer and the one thing that sticks in my brain is the difference in Customs kiosks and the borders of the two countries. We arrive via ferry to Victoria and returned to the U.S. near Aldergrove B.C. on our return. The woman who greeted us at Victoria was dressed for a normal work day, was friendly, helpful and welcomed us to Canada as was everyone we had contact with while there. When we returned to the U.S. we were greeted by a very grim man who acted like he was conducting a criminal investigation dressed in full uniform with gun and radio and who knows what else on his belt. Customs in Canada Customs in the U.S.
  7. Tree ID please anyone

    Possibly a London Plane Tree.
  8. AIM update notes - **Updated Nov 2018**

    I was wondering if the My Submissions column could have the option of being toggled on or off to clear more space for photos on smaller screens. Thumbnail size options would also be nice.
  9. Upload problem

    I tried to upload 193 images yesterday via FTP, only 99 made it. I figure I'll wait for those 99 to clear QC and then upload the rest.
  10. Question about out of focus dancers

    Here is another recent one from August at Butchart Gardens in British Columbia
  11. Question about out of focus dancers

    I recently uploaded 6 photos with motion blur this one being the most blurred, just to give you an idea of whats acceptable.
  12. +1 on the NIkon, consider Sony A6000 also, if you can get to a camera store your wife could judge the difference in weight between the various configurations. Full frames and their lenses can get pretty heavy to carry around.
  13. Copyright Case that might be interesting

    I would have thought Sir Rod would have learned all he needed to know of copyright law from this case.
  14. Valencia, Spain?

    Another town in Mexico