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  1. Braden Gunem B786CK https://www.nature.com/articles/nenergy201644 Looks Dangerous
  2. I think the 5D MKII would be a good choice. I still use mine despite having newer cameras, it still produces great photos if you don't need better auto focus capabilities. It is good up to ISO 3200 for Alamy with correct processing.
  3. Spotify has a nice playlist of song for the Corona Virus. Are you Lonesome Tonight by Elvis Presley.
  4. The Grand Princess on Sunday the 15th the day it left port. My sick sense of humor. Although I am a Boomer. Protesters outside the area the Grand Princess was docked.
  5. Gen, try doing a google search for "rock hounds" there are rock shops that could probably identify your rocks from the photos and locations.
  6. Here is an article that estimates higher numbers in the U.S. there just aren't enough test kits available to get a true number. There is a map that includes the UK. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/marty-makary-on-coronavirus-in-the-us-183558545.html
  7. It could be a micro crystalline quartz with inclusions. https://geology.com/rocks/flint-chert-jasper/
  8. I took Geology in college. Uh, pretty stripey rocks?
  9. I am confused about the A mount E mount thing. I did find this video that explains all the adapters. Its complicated. I couldn't find info on which videos will play outside the USA. The cost of the adapter sort of wipes out the bargain nature of the Sigma 17-50 unless you have bunch of A mount lenses laying around.
  10. I just bought a used Sigma 17-50 Nikon mount for a friend, the difference between the Sigma and the kit lens is stunning, color rendition and sharpness are so much better. While hunting around I noticed the Sony version that has no image stabilization was selling for around $160-$200 dollars, dirt cheap. I am tempted to buy one for my A6000 and not worry about the image stabilization. The problem I found with the Sony 16-50 is the distortion at 16mm and when you correct for it you end up with 17-18mm equivalent. This photo is from the Nikon/Sigma combo.
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