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  1. You may want to consider a modern camera. It can be very limiting and frustrating to work with a 6.1MP camera. You can get a Nikon D3400 for less than $400 dollars here in the U.S. with lots of pixels to play with and room to crop and it will easily pass QC. I would hate to see you get discouraged because of your camera.
  2. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Nevada has a fair amount of government subsidized housing for seniors. I don't know if there is a waiting list but rents vary with amount of your income. They have to meet government standards as they are inspected regularly. I worked for a property management company that specialized in providing apartments for senior and disabled people. Las Vegas would be your best chance with the Reno/ Carson City area next in line. They may say they have two hundred people on their waiting list, but because people on those lists may find other housing or other because of age factors the lists in reality aren't that long. I found this online, i hop the link works from where you are at. It is a list of apartments in the Las Vegas Area. There is a large senior population in the Bullhead City Arizona Laughlin Nevada area along the Colorado River and apartment rents are low, but temperatures are very high in the summer months mild in the winter, but its a dry heat. It is a little more low key compared to Las Vegas. They have shuttle buses to run you around to do errands and doctor appointments in most places. The senior center serves lunch for a $3 donation in Bullhead City. You would be fresh meat for the local senior lady population as women outnumber men usually.
  3. F22 - what is the point?

    This was shot with the Tamron 24-70 it is just starting to go soft others uploaded at the same time were shot at f18 and still showed good sharpness with out any additional sharpening.
  4. Have a look at the Sigma 24-105 Art, I don't own one but it seems to have good reviews and you could save some money towards the next lens
  5. QC e-mail address?

    I blame mine on old age and general befuddlement.
  6. QC e-mail address?

    Rick, in my experience they will tell you to wait and till they pass QC and then delete them yourself. The only way there could be a problem is if you captioned and keyworded them before uploading then they will take six months to be deleted.
  7. waterproof cameras

    Do a web search for action cameras, there are some really inexpensive ones on Amazon. It may not meet your needs but it may make the lad happy.
  8. North American car ID please.

    The white car is an Oldsmobile Cutlass, I thought it was a Buick Regal at first as they shared body styles but the Regal had side lights in the rear. Year would be around 1980
  9. Minolta MD on Sony a5000

    I have had good results with the Olympus OM 28mm f 2.8 and a Vivitar 100-300 f5 close focusing zoom made by Tokina, Pentax mount both from the 1970's. I have the Olympus 50mm f1.8 which seems to be sharp enough but not my favorite focal length on a crop sensor. I have tried the Olympus 75-150, 100-200 zooms but they don't seem to be sharp enough. Turn on focus peaking in your camera which will make manual focusing a snap.
  10. Old guy, new stock shooter

    There is a lens profile in Lightroom for the Sigma and when you create the preset include the lens profile and make sure to check the remove Chromatic Aberration and enable profile corrections under Lens Correction. I had several QC failures when I first got the lens, but I have sold many photos taken with it, several taken within the first few hours that I owned the lens. I think here in the US you may not sell the volume of photos that you could in the UK as the newspapers there use many more photos than the papers here plus TV stations and newspapers here get a lot of free content from the public. I think you generally get higher prices here when you do get sales. Many of your photos of historic sites could be sold for books which bring a higher price. Your photos don't have to be fancy or exotic to sell, just well done. I think one thing you will notice here is that we all shoot just about anything that does and doesn't move and we are all still learning.
  11. Old guy, new stock shooter

    You have some nice photos. I would crop less and leave room for copy space or make two versions of some photos. I think the rule of thumb here is shoot one each horizontal, vertical, and canted, think about book/magazine covers and the like. I have the Sigma 17-50 and it is a great lens, just watch for chromatic aberration and fringing. You can create a preset in Lightroom to automatically remove CA upon import.
  12. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Just so you know. The news media here in the states is making a pretty bid deal out of the Royal Wedding. I would imagine that would help boost sales and its a pretty big market to ignore.
  13. Decentered lenses

    I just bought a used copy of the 16-50 from KEH and have had no problems with it. I bought the Fotodiox lens hood for it and am very happy with it. The hood snaps off by pulling on it and can be reversed. The only downside is it doesn't lock in position so you have to keep checking that it is aligned properly as a little bump may knock it out of position. The good news is even when out of position at 16mm the edges of the hood don't seem to appear in the photo. John
  14. There is a new search engine popup add on for Firefox that I find handy and you can add the Alamy search engine or any other one that you like. It is called Swift Selection Search. Here is the link that is used for the popup;{searchTerms} Here is the link for the Alamy icon to appear in the pop up, You will have to add the h to the link before using this otherwise the text doesn't show here only the icon. ttps:// Here is a corrected link which is a Mozilla page, sorry don't know what happened.
  15. I almost always leave the original. Many times the reprocessing just changes the mood of the photo and both photos are technically fine. Reprocessed