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  1. https://bestlifeonline.com/huge-houses-50-years-ago/ Classicstock 4 images We Shoot Ian Mabury Patti McConville John Crowe Directphoto Collection
  2. You should probably study up on printer profiles and how to use them first. The histogram might help you judge what will look good also. I think there are people here that know much more than I on the subject, hopefully they will reply. I have used printer profiles to have photos printed at a lab and the results match what I saw on my screen.
  3. FTP isn't working for me, can't connect to the server.
  4. MSN.com slideshow Alireza Tilnoury Ken Welsh Cristian Kapteyn Kevin Schafer Amazon-Images Tom Bean Yawar Nazir Kabil https://www.msn.com/en-in/travel/news/11-most-dangerous-treks-in-the-world/ss-AA7XsZ3#image=1
  5. Not sure when this was published but there are a few Alamy photos used. Russ Bishop C7BJT2 America A853NR John Crowe DTM2JE https://www.aaa.com/roadtrips/pacific-southwest/california-desert-DT565436
  6. This is the latest on the source of the Bezos photos. I think copyright would be one of the lesser offenses committed in this whole affair so may never be addressed. There seems to be groups in the U.S. that have different opinions of what should be allowed under fair use. I found a long opinion piece written by some of the attorneys that worked on Shepard Faireys case with the Obama hope poster, if you have a lot of time to waste you can read it here. http://jolt.law.harvard.edu/articles/pdf/v25/25HarvJLTech243.pdf https://www.syracuse.com/us-news/2019/02/girlfriends-brother-leaked-texts-on-bezos-affair-to-enquirer-report.html
  7. There is also the Sony A6000, A6300, A6500 series of cameras with interchangeable lenses. They are due for refresh soon as the design is a few years old now. Prices are reasonable. https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/features/sony-alpha-a7000-rumors
  8. I hope the photographer was well paid for this use. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/shepard-fairey-johnny-cash-mural/
  9. Forbes Best Places to Retire in each state https://www3.forbes.com/business/best-places-to-retire-in-each-state-2018/ Jeff Greenberg Norma Jean Gargasz Mark F Henning Ian Dagnall 2 Vespasian Carol Boldt Steve Skjold joel zatz Barry Winiker Russell Kord Sean Pavone 4 David Hintz Rachel K. Turner Philip Scalia Jesse Thornton
  10. +1 on the Sigma 17-50, and it is dirt cheap right now. Beware of Chromatic Aberration, but Lightroom handles it with no problem.
  11. https://interactive.carbonbrief.org/impacts-climate-change-one-point-five-degrees-two-degrees/?utm_source=web&utm_campaign=Redirect A lot of photos here, all sourced from Alamy.
  12. Conde Nast Traveller article with two of mine plus one other Alamy credit only. Links to other articles that also use Alamy sourced photos, prices seem at a new low for this type of usage. https://www.cntraveller.com/gallery/fans-are-flocking-to-pose-in-front-of-the-bird-box-house
  13. I bought the 18-105 f4 a few months ago, it performs well with little distortion on the wide end. Having the constant f4 aperture appealed to me. The annoying part about the lens is it always returns to the 18mm focal length when the camera shuts down and there is no focal length markings on the lens barrel to preset focal length. I am wondering if the 18-135 would have been a better choice. I just discovered that the Sigma 17-50 is available for Sony mounts now. I had it for several years now and still use it regularly. It does have some chromatic aberration issues, but Lightroom handles it easily. Here is a link. Stores here are selling it for $315. https://www.sigmaphoto.com/17-50mm-f28-ex-dc-os-hsm
  14. Affordable U.S. Destinations for 2019 John Crowe Cheryl Bridges Kat Byrd Mark Summerfield RosaIreneBetancourt 12 Efrain Padro https://www.aarp.org/travel/travel-tips/budget/info-2019/inexpensive-us-trips.html
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