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  1. Welcome Astrid, I joined last year as well and still crossing my fingers for that first sale. Best of luck Ryan
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. Ryan P.S: Your grammar is a breath of fresh air.
  3. Welcome from a fellow photographer and southerner, Ryan P.S. that's a lot of talk for the 2nd best state in the South.
  4. 2...i'v done 2, i just got the darned thing today not sure how to feel about it
  5. Welcome fourburnettes, fairly new here too LOTS to learn. Good luck Ryan
  6. Interesting theory, except that I have the new system and my wife doesn't! Much to her annoyance, I might add. Cheers, yes, it was just a theory and I'm with your wife on being pissed. I'll probably get it tomorrow when I'm busy with other things. I had all day to play today. Same, but it'll come soon enough............Right!!!!
  7. ummm.... am i missing something. nothing has changed for me
  8. Welcome Gatorgal, i wish you the best of luck. Your neighbor in Georgia Ryan
  9. Welcome Todor, Good luck here at Alamy Ryan
  10. Me a moment ago "oh look the new January challenge " "friendship and friends ok cool" realized i don't have any pictures to submit because of the lack of friends P.S (someone else was going to make that joke if i didn't)
  11. Welcome to Alamy and this forum Josef, Good luck in your travels Ryan
  12. Another beautiful selection, it's going to be hard choosing just one. Good luck and happy new year Ryan
  13. Congrats Paulette, This ones tough and i really only have two: Armadillo rooting around My dog Belle (i'm not sure if this one counts)
  14. Welcome Janet, there's all sorts of useful information (and a little fun) on this forum. Good luck Ryan
  15. Welcome Dave from a fellow forum newbie
  16. Purely fantastic photos, Congratulations Gen on completing a difficult task.
  17. Welcome Darrell, It's nice to see i'm not the only farmer here, i just had to reply . Allan gave me the same advice when I joined and it was very helpful. Good luck, Ryan
  18. That's it, Robert. Scare off the competition!! :-) It's the perfect plan (i just wanted to use the ninja face)
  19. To Ed Rooney: Thank you, everyone has been so helpful I'v realized since that what Philippe said was just constructive criticism, and that's almost always a good thing. Thanks again for the help Ryan
  20. To Philippe: Thank you for the help, I'v already begun to add a lot of keywords to my pictures. maybe one day i'l get the hang of it. Thanks again Ryan
  21. To spacecadet: Yes, I didn't even think about putting the proper names in my keywords before today. Thank you Ryan
  22. To Paulette: Thank you for your welcome, and forgive me of my rudeness, I realize i'm VERY inexperienced compared to the people here, I didn't like hearing that my effort was a wast of time and i was to quick to speak, I will take what ever suggestions i'm given in the future. Sincerely Ryan
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