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August 2021 Challenge: Seaside


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I've really struggled to come up with a topic, so as it's now high summer let's celebrate summer holidays at the seaside. So let's see if we can capture some of the beauty, the atmosphere and the enjoyment of being beside the sea.


Sorry we're a bit late starting this one. But you still. have three weeks before the end of the month.


Here are a few examples:











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High summer?? Mid-winter here. OK, it could be considered British summer, 30C today.


Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia



Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Polynesia



Aitutaki, Cook Islands, Polynesia


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A topic that suits me well, while we live about 10 miles inland, but rarely does a week do by when we don't head for the coast.


1) Man carrying driftwood, Roker, Sunderland




2) Men with dog, Roker




3) And now for something completely different, Sunset at Etretat in France



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7 hours ago, Jill Morgan said:


These are officially lakeside as opposed to seaside as of course there is no ocean near me.  I do hope these quality.




I've only been to the Great Lakes once when I took the opportunity of an 8-hour flight stopover in Toronto to explore, and it felt very much like a sea to me!



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Congratulations on the win Alan, it was well deserved.


Here come my three seaside photographs:


Sea kayak at sunset on Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, Australia:




Man running for exercise, jogging between tree silhouettes along a beach at sunset:




Crocodile Safety sign along the beach in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia:


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Congrats again Alan. Fun challenge.  My three seaside.


1) One of the prettiest seaside towns, Portofino, Italy




2) My two kids (younger days) exploring the Caribbean Sea at The Turks and Caicos islands





3) Kids playing in the Caribbean Sea at Carriacou Island, Grenada





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1 minute ago, Ognyan Yosifov said:


I haven't uploaded mine yet...;-)


I know my port.




For those who don't know it is a take from the old David Frost shows. " I know my place."




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We live really close to the beach. However no images from our own seaside, at least not on Alamy.



F9FJ8N -  Oosterschelde storm surge or flood barrier. NL. Man-made seaside.



F78GJX - Waitangi Treaty Grounds -  NZ.



EEH4H4 -  Point Lobos - Ansel Adams and Edward Weston did it way better - still a great place. US.



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1 minute ago, Michael Ventura said:


The top photo looks like the house used in the film "Summerland".   I enjoyed that movie.  Beautiful spot!


Funny enough I was watching an old film on Monday, 'the go between' which the location was used. It is an iconic location. Coastguard cottages Seaford head.

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Congratulations, Alan. Here are my three seasiders.


Relaxing by the sea in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica


Rugged seaside scene on Bowen Island, British Columbia
Seaside restaurant on Caye Caulker, Belize
(Hope it's still there. They served wicked rum punches.)
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Congrats Alan!

Favorite subject. I don't live near the sea but it accounts for a big chunk of my portfolio.  Here are a few my of my faves:


Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde, Maine, USA.

( @Wim This image was used on the cover of a Dutch translation of a book by well known mystery writer Nora Roberts, combined with an image of a woman standing on the walkway)





Woods Hole, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA






Rockland Harbor, Maine, USA:












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Congrats again Alan, and again apologies for losing track of time at the end of my challenge. Wonderful entries already for this one but I might as well throw in my three.


Zinnowitz, Germany (Baltic coast)




Gloucester, Massachusetts




Rauland, Norway



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The seaside has never been my thing; I can't swim, I don't like laying in the sand, and isn't the seaside where those saltwater crocs, hungry gators, and venomous sea snakes hangout? So I usually approach my sea snaps with a long lens. 



Port d'Andratx, Mallora, where the king kept his boat.



A photo sandwich. The guy was in Hawaii.



The landmark Public Market in Seattle.


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