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September Challenge BROKEN

Colin Woods

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22 hours ago, meanderingemu said:

Pushing a broken down vintage car




I'm so sorry to hear what has happened to you Colin. Best wishes for the future, and as has been said, perhaps a 'mended' theme will come to you in life.


I'm not sure whether I'll enter this image, but what were the chances of a wandering emu sharing a moment in time on a bridge in London....



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So sorry for your break-up. You always looked such a happy bunch climbing those mountains and all.

Let's see what we can add to the misery 😂



Broken fire hydrant.



Broken camera on the bottom of a dry lake.



Broken grave on the steppe.




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Very sorry to hear about your situation Colin. I don't have any wise words to offer that will help much in your current situation but as was stated already time is indeed a great healer.


Broken landscape:




Broken Volvo:



Broken Chevrolet:


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Here’s my three


The best thing that could ever happen to an Austin Maestro. I took this with my all time favourite camera, a Canon T90 using slide film





The former Grand Hotel at Kupari beach resort, Croatia. Known as the Bay of Abandoned Hotels.This is one of five hotels destroyed and looted by the former Yugoslav army..





Its amazing, and a quite tragic, what gets washed up on the beach these days







Edited by Steve Hyde
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Very sorry indeed to hear the news, Colin. 

My 3:

 A boat that has seen better days


A broken tricycle in Mongolia



The Tsar’s Bell, in the Kremlin, made so big it could never be used as it cracked. A lot of patience required to wait for all of the tourists taking selfies in front of it to remove themselves


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I'm sorry to read your life  has been thrown against the rocks and home you find calmer seas, here's my three entries


Homeless women with bruised eye, wearing a blue mask sitting on the floor with legs crossed begging for change

Homeless women with bruised eye, wearing a blue mask sitting on the floor with legs crossed begging for change Stock Photo




Fractured time number eight recurring

Fractured time number eight recurring Stock Photo



Broken drum discarded on the grass verge

Broken drum discard on the grass verge Stock Photo


Edited by Sue Rae Edmondson
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Broken climate. A day without sun due to wildfire smoke which made the sky a sickly orange. San Francisco Bay Bridge and tollbooth.September 9, 2019. Traffic on Highway 80 and San Francisco Bay Bridge and toll booth during freak afternoon orange sky from toxic smoke of wildfires. Stock Photo






Broken system. Breonna Taylor was shot with eight bullets by the police and killed, while sleeping in her bed.

Black Lives Matter mural and memorial shrine to Breonna Taylor who was  killed from police brutality. Oakland, CA, USA Stock Photo






Broken net.


Black and white close up of a soccer net or soccer goal, twine mesh pattern, on a curved pole or bar, with a hole in the net. Stock Photo

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On 10/09/2020 at 19:38, Avpics said:

Nothing deep and meaningful, just literal.


Broken step:







It is the first time I have known or seen the Guards breaking step on a bridge.  The Scots regiments have to break step when crossing a bridge because the kilts swinging in unison can cause problems for the bridge.




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Broken boardwalk in a nature reserve after a large fire (2BX3DF9)





Broken wasp nest





14th Century effigy of Sir Philip de la Beche, one of the "Aldworth Giants", damaged during the English Civil War when an Act of Parliament passed by the Cromwell regime decreed the demolition of monuments of idolatry and superstition (2CW1D64).





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A volcanic explosion breaks through to the surface of the Earth carrying shattered fragments of incandesent lava and ash into the atmosphere. Volcanoes can be viewed as destructive but they are also constructive, all part of the natural flow of plate tectonics, without which there would be no life on Earth. In other words, sometimes things have to die for rebirth to occur.










The entrance to a lava tunnel with shattered carapace and lava fragments on the ground. The molten lava which once flowed through the tunnel is long gone, leaving behind a shell which will eventually break up and disappear itself. Everything is transient.










Large rock framents on the ground beneath the red chalk cliffs of Hunstanton, Norfolk, England, caused by marine erosion and weathering. Sea level rise will eventually see these cliffs disappear in the blink of a geological eye.








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21 minutes ago, NYCat said:

Very beautiful. Nice to see your images, Michael.




Thanks Paulette. I haven't been entering the monthly competitions for a while now and not uploading either. I have loads of images awaiting tagging which I must get around to doing.

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Three from me:




Red Permian breccia rockfall on the cliffs at Oddicombe beach, Babbacombe,Torquay, Devon. Wreckage from a destroyed house litter the slope




Wall collapse and road closure following March 2019 storm Gareth in a Plymouth street




Honey fungus, Armillarea mellea, showing at the base of a diseased Catalpa x erubescens 'Purpurea'. The tree has split after autumn gales

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