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Show the latest image that you sold on Alamy in December . (1 per day)

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One of three sales at the same time for the same use as Martyn's above and at what I assume is the same low price. Another of my hermit crabs utilising garbage instead of a mollusc shell, this is an orange ping pong ball. Another one of the other sold images was a hermit crab with a small glass bottle instead of a shell.


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7 minutes ago, Gina Kelly said:

Can someone tell me how to post an photo?




Select your chosen image, click on the thumbnail.

Right click on the mouse, then drop down menu - left click on 'Copy Image Location'.

In the forum message page where you type, bottom right corner is a box 'Insert other media', left click on that.

Where it says 'Insert image from URL', left click that.

In the box, right click (like copy and paste) your selected image URL.

Then click 'insert into post'.


I think that's how I did it.

Good luck.



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Book Use


My teen daughter in the early stages of creating what subsequently became the winning entry in a national schools art competition. The prize was the biggest chest of art material I've ever seen. Happy days all around. 



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8 hours ago, Gina Kelly said:



AlbertSnapper, it worked - thank you!!

I simply right click on my image, choose ‘copy image location’ go to my post box here and paste. The image appears. 

Sure doesn’t work on an iPad, though.


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The architecture's beginning to pay off. Last week Le Corbusier, this week, C.F.A. Voysey........



Anyone else had anything in this vein? Not bad fee.

Country: Worldwide (actually USA)
Usage: Editorial
Media: Book, print and/or e-book
Print run: up to 100,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1 page
Start: 22 December 2017
End: 22 December 2027

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Used three times in obituaries by a certain media empire.
Ten minutes earlier I had taken one of Jeremy Hutchinson - which was used in his obituary the week before.
On the same day I also photographed Barry Cryer and June Whitfield - I was hoping I hadn't started a trend.

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Guessing it is difficult to found out where your image went?  




Country: Worldwide
Usage: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, up to DPS, inside, repeat use within a single issue
Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
Start: 05 December 2017
End: 05 December 2019
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