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  1. Paulette, Thank you for the video link. I really enjoy workshops and critiques and I had plans on attending a workshop at the Santa Fe Workshops this year.... I did a workshop at SFW a couple years ago and one back in the mid 90's. It is hard to find photography workshops tailored for the working professional photographer but they have them, plus Santa Fe is an amazing location. As Stephen Covey says, You have to sharpen your saw...
  2. Ok, interesting. Wondering if it was just the way I used the camera?
  3. No, not a big difference. Wish I had kept my X-T2's.
  4. Same for me, X-T1, X-T2 and now the X-T3
  5. I found such a great improvement in responsiveness when I switched from the X-T1 to the X-T2. With the X-T1 I could not count on capturing the decisive moment as it had a terrible slow response to a shutter press. I learned to work around it and the X-T1 was a great camera for it's time but when I got my hands on the X-T2 I was so HAPPY that my eye, shutter finger and camera were in sync. Do you see the same difference between the X-T1 and X-T2 that I experienced ?
  6. Anyone going to enter the Photo Oxford 2020 contest? 3 years of 100% Alamy commission is enticing. I could not find anything on their website about rights transfer...?
  7. Everyone has their own favorite camera, camera brand. No you do not need a full frame camera! For my stock photography I use a APS-C "crop-sensor" Fujifilm X-T3 camera. I would recommend that you look at Fujifilm as they have several models and good glass to put on them. When looking for a new system/brand to adopt the quality and selection of their lens can be more important than the camera body. Hope this helps,
  8. I really miss 4-wheeling as we call it. Knowing where the four points of contact are (where the rubber hits the road, dirt, rock), picking your route and the ability to reverse for 1/4 mile with no margin for error, such fun. Always carried pioneer tools and a come-along, because if you didn't get stuck your weren't testing your limits. I learned from my father who had me lock and unlock the manual locking hubs of our 1960's Toyota Landcruiser. Unfortunately the only "4-wheeling" I do now is when I drive on a dirt parking lot...😆
  9. I saw that, can't believe it's not a square format! The Hasselblad website has a stylish video showing a well off older man (they know their target market) using the camera. I searched the web site but the sensor size was no where to be found.... now I know why. I love the concept of the 907X 50C but it was a swing and a miss as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully someone will release a 6cm x 6cm back but unfortunately Hasselblad is now owned by the Chinese DJI corp so most likely they are not getting my money anyway.
  10. WOW, That is one SWEET ride! Looks vary capable!
  11. Wow, very strange! never seen anything like it. A weird de-centering? Are you sure it's the lens and not the camera? Does the lens rattle or make noise if shaken/turned over? Let us know when you figure it out.
  12. I would pay a lot for a self-contained 6cm x 6cm digital back that fits on a HASSELBLAD 500 SERIES camera. For me the ergonomics of the Hasselblad 500 CM is near perfection and the leaf shutter is great for outdoor flash work. Otherwise not much I need or want... GFX100? maybe?
  13. Misty Koolau Mountains, Kaneohe, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
  14. Great camera! Get one, you won't be sorry. 🌀 NIKON D850 FULL REVIEW 🌀AKA the "DO IT ALL" soon to be Legendary 😃
  15. I use a two phased approach when it comes to traveling with photo gear. Phase 1, Getting to the destination I use a ThinkTank Airport International roller bag that holds two Fujifilm X-T3 camera bodies with various lenses and accessories. A roller bag is very easy to pull through an airport or to travel with in general as I don't have to carry the weight but rather roll it. Phase 2, At the destination the roller bag and extra gear stay at my accommodations. Walking around I use a small fanny pack (facing forward) for filters, extra batteries and SD cards and just have both cameras on my shoulders. My normal carry is a 10-24mm and a 55-200mm. No camera bag or backpack.
  16. Yesterday while dodging a hurricane I registered 645 images with the copyright office. This batch of images is all the photography I've done so far this year so actually having images to register was a good thing.
  17. I was thinking the same thing. How small does the flag need to be in a larger view of the surroundings to be ok?
  18. No way to get that information directly from alamy so you need to search for the image sold using Google Images and or search for "Your Name"/Alamy. Hope this helps, David L. Moore
  19. Nit pick for sure... But words mean things. calibration/profiling Monitor calibration (adjusting the internal LUT table or other internal adjustments) can only be done on high end monitors with their proprietary software. Monitor profiling can be done with off the shelf software/hardware and makes a color corrected profile for a monitor that other color aware software can use to display corrected colors. Best practice is to profile the entire imaging process from capture to print so there are no surprises. I use a colorchecker passport to profile my camera sensor then I use NEC Spectraview to profile my monitor and you could profile your printer or get a color profile from a commercial printer.
  20. I'm exclusive with Alamy and prefer a smelly blue cheese on my cracker! 😄 As others have mentioned, metadata is your friend! Best practice is to have all the metadata (captions, keywords/tags, location, copyright notice, photographer contact info), on the original image file, be that RAW, TIFF or JPG. Then any derivative copy's of the images that you submit have all the metadata included. Notice I include in my metadata information that Alamy strips from the images, not to worry as I annotate my images for the long term not just for what Alamy requires. A good book that helped me transition to digital is The DAM Book Hope this helps, David L. Moore
  21. I have not touched my cameras in over 8 weeks... I've been focused on home improvement projects and learning about computer networks and network security. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel... or it could be an oncoming train? God Bless,
  22. Art is in the eye of the beholder. There are many markets for photography and each market has it's needs we as photographer strive to fill in order to make a living. Striving for great can be daunting and crush your ego as you constantly fall short, as we all do. I like the "F8 and be there" mentality as working on the day to day or mundane can lead to good maybe great work, great work takes work.
  23. An old montage illustrating fear. Back in the film days, all done in camera on 6x7 cm roll film on a 4x5 shot for my portfolio at the time I was working in a commercial studio (early 1990's) Done on Photoshop 4.0! Brave new world of digital 😂
  24. I'm aware Alamy removes my personal contact and copyright info/notice as per the contract paragraph you sighted. As far as I'm aware Alamy only uses the Description and Keywords/Tags fields. But regardless my contact and copyright info/notice metadata is always is included on the images I process as I value my work. I also include other metadata such as location as the image metadata is not just for Alamy's use, I use the image metadata in my DAM Digital Asset Management. I try to take the long term view and do a task once. As of now I'm happy to be exclusive with Alamy but that may not always be the case. If I apply comprehensive metadata to my RAW files I only have to do it once. Everyone has to find a workflow that fits their style, I just advocate for photographers to apply comprehensive metadata on their source images be that RAW/TIFF/DNG or JPEG. Hope this helps, David L. Moore
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