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  1. The world of finance it is always boiled. Dears, I never understood the calculation of new commision. So, what is it my real earn? Maybe @Alamydevelopers should give a re-style at some pages like Balance of account view. Eg. I saw that: Date Description Alamy image ID Detail Debit ($) Credit ($) Balance ($) Paid * 22 December 2022 Alamy Distribution Commission 2HH7W2E 60% of net 0.90 35.26 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Distributor Commission 2HH7W2E 40% Distributor Commission 1.00 34.26 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Sale 2HH7W2E Sale 2.51 36.77 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Alamy Distribution Commission 2HH7W2E 60% of net 0.90 35.87 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Distributor Commission 2HH7W2E 40% Distributor Commission 1.00 34.87 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Sale Refunded 2HH7W2E Original sale date (22 December 2022) 2.51 32.36 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Alamy Distribution Commission Refunded 2HH7W2E Original sale date (22 December 2022) 0.90 33.26 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Distributor Commission Refunded 2HH7W2E Original sale date (22 December 2022) 1.00 34.26 Uncleared Could, someone of you, explain me what hell done here? How much was the net earned? Please, could some kind of you explain me what is the mathematical operation I should do? Which numerbs i have to sum or subtract? At the end, someone have any idea what is this transaction? 11 January 2023 Other income ASCRL Summer Distribution - DEC 2022 10.00 44.26 Cleared Thank to all for attention and patient BR
  2. Hi people, I recently uploaded my illustrations on Alamy for QC and i got a rejection says "no camera metadata". How do I add metadata to my illustrations?
  3. In these uncertain times, which of the big players will be able to maintain a market presence in the face of declining revenue in stock photography? We often hear that the market is saturated, is Alamy/PA's business plan/strategy strong enough to weather the storm? Do we know what the plan is, I'm assuming it is published somewhere?
  4. Hi. I am also a alamy contributer since 2015. as far as I can see there is an $765 in my acount but not received any payment from alamy yet, I have no idea how do they pay though. can anybody tell me how it works, how and when alamy pays. and how to apply for payment thank you
  5. Hello Avery one I am New user of Alamy.com. I have registered my account on alamy so when I want to upload a picture on alamy that's a problem not uploaded my picture and show on page 100 picture like my picture what can I do.
  6. Alamy and NFT marketplace https://twitter.com/KnownOrigin_io/status/1460292763233107972 How photographers will be paid in case of sale?
  7. Just a very open and general question for Alamy and for all the stock photographers here. It is about how Nft's will affect us and our relation with Alamy? Any clues?
  8. Hi, As a contributor, How I can upload and sell footages? Currently I only got the option of upload images. Thanks.
  9. I want to sell stock vectors, is it possible?. google search and go to the Alamy home page, I mostly see Alamy and stock sites, selling photo stock vs video stock.
  10. Hi all, I have noticed that the Alamy Home Page or Dashboard page when you login has not been updated since Friday 6th Nov. Is this normal? I've never noticed that it doesn't get updated over the weekend before.
  11. https://www.alamy.com/myupload/index.aspx?login=1 Anytime I try uploading my first 3 Stock photos for approval though it shows 3 photos are submitted it ends up appearing as 2 in it's course of processing which is ultimately unapproved. This is 8th time it's happening. Please help me out. Thanks
  12. When I submit an image with keywords entered in photoshop the image manager seems to add a very long keyword/tag at the end, in fact so long that they cover the entire Tag (keyword) field on the right and I can't get to the "x" on the RHS to delete them, how do I remove them?
  13. I found one of my images on this website with no watermark and was wondering if this is stolen or an Alamy affiliate. I did a search with just keyword Alamy and over 130,000 images came up. The website also allows you to manipulate the images with sliders. https://amanaimages.com/keyword/result.aspx?Page=Search&KeyWord=alamy&ImageID=
  14. A big thanks to Alamy for getting the payments out to contributors bang on time today. My wife is a finance manager and is still struggling at home with her staff's salaries on a borrowed laptop, so I can imagine that if Alamy's staff had to deal with similar circumstances, they would really have been up against it. Richard.
  15. Hello All, If i go in my account settings it says "Your commission model is Alamy Blue." Can anyone explain me what it is? Also its showing Your QC rank is ** . What does that mean? Please guide me.
  16. I have image on Sthutterstock, Fotolia,Istock,Dreamstime,123Rf and Alamy. In all of them i have sells, but not in Alamy, why? What kinds of images could be sell on Alamy?
  17. Hi I haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere. I have a number of files that aren't matching between Lightroom and Alamy through Lightroom bridge. I can see the cause but not the solution. The files in question have all failed QC and then been resubmitted and passed. With both submissions my file name remained the same however Alamy allocated a different reference for them both. Alamy Bridge is matching with the failed version and subsequently is not bringing across any data and tags etc and marking them as not on sale. I have read the manual and tried many combinations of options in the export function but cant seem to find a way to force Lightroom bridge to match the file name with the passed Alamy reference and not the failed on. Has anyone come across this and any thoughts of the best solution? Many thanks
  18. Hi , hope all is well. Was wandering how could we get from Alamy the list of publications each contributor has had published ? Not monthly but at least annually.
  19. I have sent my stock photos many times, but always rejected with "soft due to size" error and I don't understand what it means, someone please help me
  20. There are still places available at my annual one-day intensive Alamy / AlamyNews stock photography workshop in beautiful Cirencester in two months time..... The day is suitable for all levels of experience, from outright beginners to more experienced contributors who want to improve their working methods contact me (workshops@artx.co.uk) for more details and prices https://www.abbeyphotoschool.co.uk/alamy-sales-seminar Some quotes from previous particpants: “I absolutely loved the day and really came away feeling enthused.” Jim C “Thanks again for the course your energy and enthusiasm and openness made for an excellent day. “ Alex M “I really enjoyed the day. I thought the content and information was great for those up us who were just beginning on the Stock journey. “ Rob C “It was certainly very inspiring and has made me want to step more into the reportage / RM world!” Tom G “I think the day was a great success and I enjoyed it very much, in addition to learning lots of valuable information” Christopher J “Hi Keith, thanks again for an inspirational day in Cirencester.” Chris P “The workshop/seminar was absolutely fantastic. Learnt so much and you presented very openly with the reality that a street reportage photographer experiences daily. It was nice to see how close I was, yet those few little tweaks can make all the difference. “ Cernan E keith morris
  21. Now that Alamy is making a clearer distinction of images available only here, it only makes sense, imo, to have that information available on the sales page. Is work being done to make this improvement? Thanks, Michael
  22. It's the time of year where i start the process of gathering interest in my annual Stock Photography One-Day Workshop. Taking place in Cirencester, in the hear of the Cotswolds, on Saturday 4 April 2019 - a full on day to get you up to speed with stock photography at Alamy, and to give you a few insights into the way that I work. Hopefully we will again have representatives from Alamy and LiveNews on hand for an hour or so Q+A over lunch Contact me for more information and/pr to be put on the mailing list for this event KM
  23. Reaching out for help here if anyone has every found themselves in similar situation and hopefully managed to get it sorted and could perhaps give me some guidance? Been with Alamy since 2004, been paid many times, the last few years with PayPal and never ever had a problem. So this is my case/problem; Was paid by Alamy on 2nd of July which is reflected in my "Balance of account". Usually that means that within a week or so I receive it in my PayPal account. Well time passed and nothing was received. I contacted member services and Alamy asked me to double-check my PayPal details and re-enter them just to be sure, which I did. They also said that if something had gone wrong the money would be returned to them within a month i.e. no later than beginning of August. Time passed and it became time for the August payment. Obviously I was worried that something would be wrong with that payment as well, but it came through fine. At this moment my July payment is about 6 weeks plus overdue. When I reach out to member services (which I've done several times) the responses I keep getting from Alamy is that "it has been sent" and "nothing has been returned" and that there is basically nothing more that they can do. I've checked, double checked, triple checked my PayPal account - no July payment received from Alamy and nothing wrong with the account itself, been paid before and after by Alamy, as well as from a range of other places. I feel unsupported and confused in this matter. Obviously I want my earnings, every $ counts, as well as it makes me worried about future payments. I'm also puzzled that Alamy isn't more concerned that a payment that according to them they have sent didn't make it to it's intended recipient - basically it has just vanished, of course they haven't lost anything, I'm the one out of pocket, but still I would like to think that it would be of importance/joint interest that money paid out to contributors actually reaches them? Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do? I'm stumped at this moment in time.
  24. How do I find my Alamy images which have been accepted online? What is the pattern for the correct URL?
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