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  1. Sorry I have no experience with Cambo PCH gearhead but that won't stop me from sharing my opinion... 🤣 If you are looking for a specialized geared head for architecture work I can highly recommend the Arca-Swiss C1 Cube Geared Head with the Arca-Type Flip-Lock Quick Release. Down side is it does not do verticals very easily, you need and L-plate for your camera for easy verticals, it is slow but VERY precise. Another plus is it is very compact, probably not the best do it all geared head but for getting the camera level and plum it's the best... IMHO Hope this helps,
  2. Been looking at everyone's Instagram images, shout out to everyone who shared. lots of great images!
  3. https://www.instagram.com/vibbily/ @vibbily Dedicated to my stock photography
  4. Mark, What a great shot! Instead of trying to get this one image past QC I would recommend that you submit more "mundane" images that are technically "perfect". After you have a few successful submission try submitting the lighthouse image in another batch of images, kinda sneak it in if you follow me... QC is very picky until you have a proven track record of "Good" submissions. There is no "best" setting to pass QC but as a guideline start with low ISO, close down 2-3 stops from wide open and shoot at least 500th of a sec. Of course this does not work with all subjects but it's a start. For me interesting content is more important then a technically perfect image of a boring subject. Best of luck, David
  5. The subject will determine how the histogram looks. Subjects with lots white like snow scenes will have the histogram on the far right. Dark subjects will have the histogram on the left , so always having the histogram "hump" in the middle will only "muddy" or underexpose the image. Hope this helps,
  6. I am getting very concerned that measures not functioning is a sign of some greater problem with the Alamy database. Not hearing an explanation from Alamy only feeds my worry... I have had 8 sales reported this month, this seems "normal" for me.
  7. For me the Fujifilm X100 was a game changer back in the day. It really reinvigorated my love of photography with it's analog controls and it's fixed focal length lens (35mm Full Frame equivalent) the ideal focal length IMHO. As a plus NOBODY thinks your a professional photographer when you use this camera. The image quality is more than enough to Alamy QC. I would suggest you try out the new Fujifilm X100F if you can. Hope this helps, David
  8. I was half way through an upload when the FTP sever stopped working and now I cannot reconnect to server. Anyone else having issues with the FTP upload?
  9. James, Thank you for reconsidering your position and then making an offer I can enthusiastically accept. That said there are other issues that also need your attention such as refunds, RM licenses that are actually in effect RF in terms of use and duration. Abuse of personal and presentation licenses by unscrupulous clients... Thank you for reestablishing my trust in Alamy and I look forward to a continued profitable relationship. Best regards and a Merry Christmas, David L. Moore
  10. Photographers are a curious lot... We have egos big enough to ask to be paid for our view of the world. Yet at the same time egos so fragile they can be toppled by a slight breeze. We measure approval by the the money we make, likes on social media or just a kind comment. But if we just chase those external justifications how do we developed our inner vision? This what I struggle with. I for one can swing from feeling competent to a hack who pushes a shutter button... Alamy devaluing our work does not help.... my ego
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