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  1. @Sally I agree there is a time to relax, look and contemplate but there is also a time for work and effort. Being uncomfortable for me is more than a physical thing it it also a mental process of trying new things and accepting failure. Comfort is a trap that I am prone to default to... So being uncomfortable is my New Years resolution. Best regards, David L. Moore vibbily
  2. To be uncomfortable... Go early, stay late, explore, talk with strangers, be cold, be hot, get tired... but get the shot or at least try! Best wishes to you and yours for a Joyous New Year!
  3. Wait, what? That's almost verbatim the joke I tell in bear country 😛
  4. @Lisa Alamy meet up on Oahu sometime in April/May.... That sounds like a great plan! Shout-out to any Alamy photographers on the island of Oahu or in the State of Hawaii as well as any visitors planning a trip, watch this space for updates. @Betty LaRue Nothing better than having a Local show you their favorite places. My niece's friend took my wife and I of a wonderful walking tour of Florence, walked our feet off 😀 @Shergar Mahalo nui loa and a hearty Mele Kalikimaka!
  5. Not sure if this is the group to post this in... put here goes. I was born and raised on the island of Oahu and still live here year round. I have a deep love of my island home and enjoy sharing the island with visitors. So if any of the Alamy family find yourselves on Oahu or just need information about Hawaii please consider me a resource. If time and schedules permit I would be happy to take you and yours on an around the island car tour or a hike into the mountains. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Joyous Holiday Season! David L. Moore vibbily
  6. @Lisa My bad on the wrong date, Last few weeks the weather on Oahu has been Amazing! I did a hike up Kuliouou on Monday and you could see the islands of Moloka'i, Lanai and MAUI! A very rare occurrence! But before this stint of good weather it was a dreary soggy mess, The lighting storm above was taken on November 18th. The BOOMING thunder woke me up so what does a stock photographer do? ... 😀
  7. @Marianne Thank you! One of my favorites for sure.
  8. It depends, I strive to use a tripod or found support with a low ISO if I can, if not high ISO hand held as needed. IMHO... I find black sky in an image to be boring so I strive to to shoot the "Magic Hour" also known as dusk were there is still light/color in the sky. In a very large urban centers there is light in the sky all night but it is not as colorful as true dusk. Here in the tropics the sun dives straight into the horizon and the "Magic Hour" is more like 10 minutes of ideal lighting. I was amazed to find that in Dublin Ireland in June the "Magic Hour" was not till 10:30am and lasted over 1/2 hour. An obvious fact... is dusk fades first in the East and last in the West so planning shots with this in mind helps extend your "Magic Hour" time. This shot was done without a tripod but the camera was resting on a railing.
  9. Great access and great shots, Well done! Model released...?
  10. Lisa, Looks like you did your Makapau'u Beach hike on November 7th, I did my hike of Makapu'u Head and the Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline November 14, a week later.. The winter rains have sure turn the hills green! Makapuʻu Beach and Koolau Mountains seen from Makapuʻu Head, Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA Self portrait 😀 East side of Koko Crater seen from the Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA That was an epic day for a hike!
  11. Wow! Seeing is believing, just happened to me. Due to the time difference of me being in Honolulu I normally upload via FTP in the afternoon and QC is normally done by the next morning (Hawaii time). Today I uploaded as normal and then logged in about an hour later just to check if the upload was ok... passed QC! color me surprised! Thanks Alamy!
  12. Most important is to put the camera in an air tight bag when taking it from very cold to warm, then leave it alone for a couple of hours as it slowly heats up. I use clear office/kitchen garbage bags. I hand-puff the bag up a bit like a small balloon before I twist it shut to make sure it is air tight. Below is a video about weather issues and cameras. Warning some mild foul language Camera 'Weather Sealing' Unicorns & Nonsense Hope this helps,
  13. I agree with Allan, this is a very powerful image that is is made so in part by the caption, great work!
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