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  1. Show your newest image

    Some light painting in Zion Canyon, Utah
  2. Who Are We?

    I'm a tradesman, photography is my trade. I apprenticed at a commercial studio in Honolulu were I worked my way up from a luggage monkey to mastering the use of a 4x5 view camera while doing 30+ table top product shots a day. I learned how to light subjects in studio and on location. I learned how to find, manage and service clients. I started my freelance career doing editorial assignments but I now specialize in architectural photography with real estate being my bread and butter. Stock photography is what I do when I’m between jobs.
  3. Equipment security

    Do you mean in case your camera is lost rather than stolen? I use a label maker to date, number and put my name on my X-T2 batteries. I guess you could do the same for the camera, not permanent but would help for a lost camera. The permanent marker is the camera serial number.
  4. Keyword advice

    The 5 W's are a good place to start. Who, Any people in the shot? age, ethnicity, number, what are they doing? what are they wearing? What, What is the subject? what is it made of? who made it? in what style? function? purpose? Where, inside, outside, above, below, street, neighborhood, city, county, region, country When, date, daylight, morning, midday, afternoon, dusk, evening, night Why, this is a hard one.. and may not always be applicable I also like to add weather such as stormy, blue sky, overcast, cloudy, sunny, rain, raining, snow, hot, cold, tropical, humid. Cloud types... I'm a believer in a descriptive description of the image. A good description is the skeleton I flesh out by adding more tags/keywords as well as plurals, variations. Hope this helps,
  5. I'm not an attorney so please don't take what I'm about to say as legal advise. I added this wording to my model releases in an effort to shield me from a lawsuit. "I understand that the images may be used in health and wellness advertisements knowing that such uses may intentionally or unintentionally give rise to the impression that the model suffers from various physical and or emotional ailments, I nevertheless consent to this use."
  6. best way to click pic.

    Steady press of finger, just like a trigger
  7. Adobe PS CC and the alternatives

    I use the Color Checker Passport Photo to create custom camera profiles of my camera sensor at various ISO settings and under different lighting conditions. I have been profiling my camera sensors for a long time using the Color Checker Passport target and software now with the change to ACR it is easier to apply these profiles as you no longer need to dig deep into the options. ColorChecker Passport Photo
  8. Negative Scanner

    I have been using the Epson V850 Pro flatbed image scanner to scan a cabinet full of 6x6cm transparencies. Using the Silverfast Ai Studio 8 scanner software I make DNG raw image files with a high dynamic range. This is helpful with recovering shadow detail while retaining highlights. Epson Perfection V850 Pro Photo Scanner SilverFast Ai Studio 8 Scanner Software This is not the cheapest option but worth the money IMHO. Hope this helps, David
  9. What does "Instagram Style" actually mean?

    From what I've seen my daughters do to make an image for Instagram it's the opposite of unposed. They are also very critical in reviewing images before they post and will shoot and re-shoot a lot until they are happy with the image. An image of them in the "moment" I agree it's about the asthetic/mood and some of that is done with filters. David
  10. Alamy sign in down again

    It was down and still is for me... never mind it's back up
  11. Best examples of tags and captions

    KFG4RR Your Caption: Group of Chinese tourists waiting for their bus at entrance to Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia My Attempt: Group of Chinese tourists waiting for their bus at entrance to Kuta Beach, a popular destination for international tourist, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia Your tags/keywords; Asian, bali, boy, boys, Chinese tourists, entrance, girl, girls, group, group travel, Indonesia, kuta beach, people, south east asia, tourism, tourist, travel, waiting I would add; cocont, palm, outside, sunny, tropical, entrance gate, Balinese architecture, Balinese gate, Asian tropical architecture , Kuta, Badung Regency, street, international tourist, people, tour, touring Hope this helps. David
  12. Very disappointing

    Hellonearth, Very understandable to be disappointed with the lack of sales. I know, I have felt the same way. Disappointment can also be caused by expectations on the amount of sales revenue you "should" be making. Talk about disappointing, I quit Alamy for two years, set up my own web site to sell my stock directly... I did not make a SINGLE sale! So I came back to Alamy with my tail between my legs and started from "scratch". After my two year drought making my first sale back on Alamy really motivated me again. Looking at your images I did notice your descriptions are not very descriptive of the images. From what I have read on this form descriptions are becoming more important. I also know from past experience new images take about a year or so before they start to sell. Hope this helps, David
  13. Bill, I like the original interpretation better, just my subjective opinion,
  14. Travel Camera?

    I would recommend a compact camera that accepts a "filter/lens adapter"... a metal tube the screws onto the camera around the lens so you can use filters such as a polarizer or keep a clear filter to protect and encapsulate the telescoping lens elements that are the most prone to damage and attracting dust. The "filter/lens adapter" does add some bulk but well worth it for the convenience and not having to worry about the camera as you use it. Unfortunately compact cameras that accept "filter/lens adapter" are hard to find. I have been trying to update my Panasonic DMC-LX3 but so far have not found a suitable replacement so I just keep using the trusty old DMC-LX3. I have sold many photos from the DMC-LX3 here on Alamy, even a cover of a travel guide. The bike tour sounds like great fun. It's been to long time since I've done a tour Just a Ride, Oregon loop bicycle tour
  15. Alamy Stock photography workshops

    KM, Do you plan to have any workshops in June 2018? Do you offer private workshops? DLM