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July 2023 Photo Challenge - BALLS in acporting onestion - Not just the s


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This months July photo challenge - BALLS in action 


Golf, tennis, football, rugby  etc




A child playing with a ball...

A dog and his ball....


Any type of ball in action please 🙂 


Up to 3 x photos person entry as usual.


Best of luck !


(My effort, and yes, this one hit me just below the ribs !)



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A young woman or girl jumps in the air to hit the ball during a youth volley ball game on a Sunday afternoon in Laem Chabang Port, Chonburi Province, Thailand



A professional football skills and freestyle football expert, Steve Gray, demonstrates juggling the ball on his foot while upside down, in city centre Manchester, England, United Kingdom, July 26th, 2021.



A man rolls a ball to try to knock down the skittles at the ten pin bowling range at Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel & Resort, Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand



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Mine is a sideways look at balls.


Modern sculpture for sales promotion in SoHo NYC shoe store.




Memorial to street ball game of the past. Little Italy, NYC




Watermelon balls rolled out for breakfast in Montreal.





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Congrats Ace. Three local shots from me.





Iron balls used as markers in the marina Puertochico Santander Cantabria Spain




Large inflatable ball with a balancing clown Street performers during the annual July Bano de Olas event Piquio Santander Cantabria Spain




Empty beach with a small boy looking for someone to play football with Matalenas Beach Santander Cantabria Spain

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This is a subject that is lacking in my portfolio--but I do have two! Not sure how much action is involved but here you go. ;)


My son playing mini golf in Karlshagen, Usedom, Germany




Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts





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African Gray parrot playing on the floor, rolls a ball.


Man kicks ball toward tires to hole out, a beach game.


Dog smiles at girl after catching bouncing ball.



Edited by Betty LaRue
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Congrats on your win Ace.


Water Walker attraction at Bridlington seafront funfair East Yorkshire



Children enjoying rolling around in inflated play globes balls at show ground



Cricket at Burpham village Arundel West Sussex






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Congratulations, Ace. It seems contributors are having a ball with this one. My three...


Beach volleyball at sunset, Vancouver, Canada





Bocce ball in action, Little Italy, Vancouver, Canada





Earth balls in action, Vancouver, Canada



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I had thought as much.

1 hour ago, spacecadet said:

It's your challenge- you do.


1 hour ago, Michael Ventura said:


You do but it is the top 8, not 6.

Thankyou 🙂 

8 noted !

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  • Ace changed the title to July 2023 Photo Challenge - BALLS in acporting onestion - Not just the s

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