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Images sold in April 2022

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Repeat sale dropped in. Sold in March.


Ceanothus Concha flowering shrub.


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Commercial electronic, Website, including online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay, social media and app use, any size, single placement and design, worldwide, in perpetuity.
Media: Website, app and social media
Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
Image Size: Any size
Start: 06 April 2022
End: 06 April 2027


Same low $




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Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ;  Media: Website, app and social media ;  Start: 07-April-2022 ; End: 07-April-2032 ; Additional Details: Editorial Website, 10 year, Worldwide, single article with archival right in perpituty (sic)



Hmm. Maybe I'll have another look at than scan. Although folks are still licensing it regularly enough.

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5 hours ago, Sally said:

A slow month so far but very pleased to get a $$$ sale (more than $200 and at the higher end) for one of the first images I uploaded of puffins for greeting cards. There is an exclusivity element to it which presumably bumped up the price. First license of this type for me. Not sure I understand the details as the license is for the usual 5 years but later on it says 3 years.


Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Consumer goods ;  Media: Greetings cards and/or e-cards ;  Print run: over 100,000 ;  Start: 01-June-2022 ; End: 01-June-2025 
  Additional Details: Usage Greetings Cards ExclusivityDigital rights Included within below cost providing no more than 15% changes are made to the online versionPrint run UnlimitedDuration 3 yearsDistribution UK & 10% World Wide, defined as belowSecondary re-useduring one licenseperiod Three re-uses* included within this price additional re-uses after this charged at £50 (this must have the same licence end date of the original licence)



Wonderful!!... congrats!  but, someone at Alamy needs to proof-read the license.

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Manchester, UK, 26th February, 2022. Protest or demonstration demanding emergency action to fund the National Health Service, including emergency funding of £20 billion to save lives this winter, a fully publicly owned NHS and paying staff properly, St Peter's Square, central Manchester, England, United Kingdom. Credit: Terry Waller/Alamy Live News. Country: Worldwide Usage: Internal Editorial use. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Print run: up to 10,000 Image Size: 1/4 page. $$



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Ponte Romano, Intragna, Switzerland. Low $$




Country: Worldwide
Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Verwendung in einer Präsentation/einem Vortrag (z. B. Powerpoint und Keynote) oder in einem Newsletter.
Start: 08 April 2022
Duration: In perpetuity

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Shot June 2020 in a local village. RM, lower mid $$. A rare for me Saturday sale, and second sale so far this month.


Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ;  Media: Website, app and social media ;  Start: 09-April-2022 ; Duration: In perpetuity;  Additional Details: Use in a single website, app, social media or blog (excludes advertising), worldwide.




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I had a feeling I would license that one. Unfortunately, this is due to the re-opening of a cold murder case.

$1.53 - UK Media publishing etc



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19 minutes ago, Richard Baker said:

Quite a coincidence! Six sales, identical usage of this picture and same price in a single day. But don't anyone tell me it's a mistake and there will be five refunds.





Recently I had a few multiple sales of an image with same details on the same day. They stuck. Hopefully yours will as well. 

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