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April Challenge:- Women's Role in Todays Society

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Many thanks for all those who voted for my image and to those who participated in the March Challenge. It was a close run event and I was biting my hoofs, sorry nails up until the finishing line. 


Women's Role in Todays Society:- Its been over 100 years since women have been able to vote here in the U.K. and in that time they have faced many challengers even today things are still not equal. More needs to be done not only here but in other parts of the world to improve the life opportunities of women. So, lets see some powerful images of women in our society, for better or for worse. Normal rules - each contender can provide up to 3 images, all to be from Alamy. I shall be away at the end of this month so the closing date for entries will be Midnight on Tuesday 23th and all votes in by the 30th. Examples of my take on this theme are shown below. 


























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Ouch. Hard one for me. Still, I'll have a go even if my photos are only tangentially related to the topic. 




Equality - the lady of the house gets to wield the snowblower. To give us boys credit, we were not loafing while she sweated and cursed. We were shovelling the outstanding quantity of snow from the roof of the house. 







Job opportunities - a newly qualified lady doctor gets her GP certificate from the issuing body at the graduation ceremony. 









Freedom - the days of a woman's confinement with pregnancy are long gone and good riddance. My wife breastfeeding our son in a very public place, in a crowd of a thousand or so at an outdoor show in Quebec. 


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I was surprised to find I had some photos on this theme


1. Four female police officers helping a lost girl during the Edinburgh Festival




2. A woman getting tattoos




3. A female equestrian stunt rider at a Medieval jousting display, Linlithgow Palace





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Woman, driving a pink tractor for breast cancer awareness




Female camel rider. She won the Alice Springs Camel Cup two years running.




Female Trick Rider, Australia



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Congratulations pn your win and

Interesting choice of subject.


Women's March Berlin 2019 




Women's March Berlin 2018



Berlin, Germany, 21st January 2017. Anti-Trump rally





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Can't compete with that, but here are my three anyway ....


Cherie Blair praying for someone ...

Cherie Blair, with her hands together in a mock praying gesture, standing in front of a halo like work of art Stock Photo






OAP ambassador Joan Bakewell giving an "Independent Living" lecture.

Joan Bakewell TV presenter and author silhouette Stock Photo





Mother and daughter, Birmingham Carnival

A lady in carnival costume kisses a baby during Birmingham Carnival, 7th Aug 2005 Stock Photo


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Come on you guys! While a do appreciate the kind words, everyone should enter!  There is no winner til the end.  I never enter pics thinking, “I got this”.  I just have fun with it and look forward to seeing everyone’s take on the challenge subject.  😀

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22 hours ago, Michael Ventura said:

Congrats Alan! This a great challenge subject.




1) A woman firefighter


Nothing will beat this pic, it truly is stunning.  I've nothing that even comes close to that.  Well done on your win, Michael!

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Latinas on the move.  



Women working on building street barricades in Jinotega, Nicaragua, last summer.



Deaf Nicaraguan girl working on math lesson at a refuge for the deaf in Jinotega.   In the past, campo deaf kids were not educated and were kept at home to do agricultural work.  Students at Mayflower Medical Outreach are given help with mainstream education and also get special classes in Nicaraguan Sign Language.



Nicaragua business woman in Mexico, listening to our tour guide explaining agave products.

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Not an easy subject for me! Still...

Women in Media


Press and other media professionals send stories, images, and video direct to news outlets after a high-profile event


Young women (OK, kids!) with an opinion


Aldermaston, Berkshire, England, GB, UK. 9th August 2014. A 7 mile (11km) long hand-knitted 'scarf' was unrolled along the route from the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston to AWE Burghfield today, as Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) knitters called for Nuclear weapons system, Trident, and any possible replacement to be scrapped. Young and old joined in the protest. This ahead of an expected Parliamentary vote in 2016 on whether the government should spend over £100 billion on a new nuclear weapons system.


Young women in sport


Sarah Gunstone of the Bracknell Bees ice hockey team at the annual Wokingham Winter Carnival. Wokingham, Berkshire, England, GB, U.K.

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20 hours ago, Colblimp said:

Nothing will beat this pic, it truly is stunning.  I've nothing that even comes close to that.  Well done on your win, Michael!

Brilliant absolutely nailed it. Last one out turn the lights off. 😃

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I agree that this is a stunning image. The emotion in the face is heartbreaking. But.....it’s a studio shot? Not actually a real firefighter at a fire?  Some of the other contenders for this month are  women in real situations. Which way to vote? 

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In a Maasai village the roles don't change for anybody. You have your role set for you at birth. The older children look after the younger ones. Woman look after children and they also take care of the cattle -- though they may wear modern footwear while milking into a gourd...



Maasai woman in a village in Kenya, East Africa


Women bring the water from the river...



Maasai woman with water barrel...


And it surprised me to learn that they build the huts -- out of mud and dung...



Maasai women working on the roof of a hut.


So glad to have been born in the USA...



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