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3 hours ago, MDM said:


Would you like to elaborate on how that happened and what exactly happened for the benefit of us all? Could it be your own security? You said you were using a computer and some non-standard way to upload images. 


I had an e-mail from them this morning saying someone has changed my e-mail address on my account and to reset my password.

This was done on their servers, not on my computer, which is fully protected and scanned daily for viruses and malware.

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Something funny happened with my Ig this week (viz after the weekend).

I can't switch between my three accounts other than by the links on my profile, and when I click on the heart at the bottom it only goes to lizworld_2, from all three accounts.

I thought they might have changed the way of switching, but this is still on their help pages, which is how I always did it before:


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Not a major Instagram poster but when I can.




In Lightroom I export images bound for Instagram to 900 pixels on longest edge @ 100 ppi and quality 76 - .jpg of course.


From my Google My Drive account upload the image to my Google Drive (15TB free space).

Using the Google My Drive app installed on my iPhone I send an image copy from my Google Drive to my iPhone and then submit it to Instagram.

Works smooth and quick.


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Decided to use this tool to get seen more; especially by the younger people who are now art directors, directors of photography, graphic designers, etc. 




I found using a mobile device to upload clunky, so I paid $10 for a third party app that lets me use up to five computers to access Instagram. I'm still trying to work out hashtags, stories, following, follower and so forth. Making steady progress and the app allows me to use a keyboard instead of a touchscreen. Only thing I really don't like so far is that to upgrade to a business account they force you to have a FB page. I'll make that page look complete after I get IG sorted.  


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On 7/20/2018 at 13:13, BobD said:

I didn't add any description or tags when uploading and it now seems that I cannot edit to add these on, or am I missing something?



After clicking on an image, I see three dots in the upper right. Clicking on that gets me an option to Edit. But I don't think it is possible to edit on a computer, unless you get a third party app. I use one called Flume.

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