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  1. I feel like we're going off topic here
  2. Yes, the dangers of photography! Yet, I'd love to be a sports photographer, it's one of my dream jobs. I wouldn't know how to start though. With landscapes and some other types of photography anyone can go and take photos, whether you sell them it's another matter. With professional sports, however, it's definitely not as easy to get into a position where you can even take the images. Which then makes it difficult for you to have a portfolio to show to prospective employers, etc... Catch-22
  3. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    The Guardian online Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo
  4. This Mexico-based photographer got some pretty nice images from his "unique view spot". Luckily he wasn't hurt during the celebrations.
  5. Images Sold in July (one per day per contributor)

    Thanks, I saw others mentioning this, but I wasn't sure what to 'drag', I've figured out now. Thanks!
  6. Images Sold in July (one per day per contributor)

    I no longer seem to be able to insert the image from the URL, I only get an option to 'save a preview' when I try? Has anyone had the same issue? I have tried different browsers with no success. When I copy the URL it won't accept it. Anyway, it's my first sale of the year, second sale of this image and my only ever third sale! The image is KAKWJ7 Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyEditorial print + digital use. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 10 July 2018 Duration: Unlimited
  7. Identification of military vehicles - WWII

    That wasn't me. I don't use the arrows as I don't see the point in them. I had a look at your recent images as requested and cannot see any issues. I agree with NYCAT that, unless it's obviously under/over exposed, then it's more of a personal taste. Regards
  8. Identification of military vehicles - WWII

    Thanks, I did try but did not know what site to search them on. I tried a few with no results, but it does confirm that they're L-4 Grasshoppers , thanks
  9. Hi all, Can anyone identify these for me? I have searched online and I think I have got some of them by checking other images online but correct/exact identification would be great! I'm not sure if the aircraft are all the same, but I have them as L-4 Grasshoppers and Piper J-3 cubs. Thanks!
  10. The size of your portfolio when you made your first sale

    I am not (yet) a large contributor, but my first sale was when I had around 150 images, after less than 3 months. I've only ever had 2 sales, however.
  11. Sales and account activity

    I don't have many images here yet, but I have already made 2 sales, which was probably more due to luck than anything! As expected, since then I have not made any further sales as of yet. My question is: do sales get affected by how active your account is? In other words, do you have to keep adding images to get more exposure or are search results not affected by your account activity? Theoretically, if you uploaded "the best" image of a particular subject, would it continue selling or would it get relegated to the bottom of search results as time goes by? Thanks
  12. New net revenue and sales pages

    Do sales report more than once a day? I had the impression that it was once a day only, much like the zooms/Alamy measures.
  13. Only my second sale here, this time for a smaller amount. Worldwide usage: Presentation or newsletter
  14. My first image sold here! With a relatively small number of images and just under 3 months of contribution here, I'm fairly pleased with this sale! Hopefully there will be many more to come.
  15. Is there somewhere that explains in more details the text in the 'Details' box for sold images? I have had my first sale and the text reads: Usage: iQ sale: Ad and design. Marketing Package Use. Internal and external marketing communications. Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the license In this example what does iQ stand for? I'm assuming there will be other initialisms for other types of sales (e.g. PU for Personal Use), so are they written somewhere? Thanks