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Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

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What a start of the month! 3 sales on the 1st. It might have been late reporting for January.

Hope the trend continues! I wish the same to everyone.


Ball's Pyramid, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia



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Nice to have a sale on the 1st, even if it was only a presentation.  And it was one of the small percentage of my sales where the image was zoomed.


Parry's Agave in bloom in Arizona, USA.  Taken and uploaded in 2009.













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I'm seeing a trend at the moment: every sale I've had this year has been from my local area. I'm starting to think of all that petrol I've wasted over the years...


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3 hours ago, Avpics said:

Finally off the mark for February, and a very nice amount too for what was taken as a Live News image:




Another +1

Well deserved sale - great viewpoint.

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5 hours ago, Avpics said:

Thank you both. Total fluke. I took the back roads to avoid the accident.........only to find it!


I find the flukey shots are always the best!  It really is a fab shot - wish I'd been there.

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