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Show the latest image that you sold on Alamy in November . (1 per day)

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35 minutes ago, Michael Ventura said:

This sold tonight for $330 for a direct mail marketing brochure.  Another from my first submission!





Fabulous shot! Love it.


I have also noticed older pictures selling recently. I had one again yesterday.

The vast majority of my licenses are newly uploaded ones though.



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4 hours ago, York Photographer said:

Estonian web use


fresh samon pcb pcb's on cutting board fish levels dioxides dioxide - Stock Image


Total value to me after distribution, 52p!


Worst sale ever! And all the more reason to opt out of distribution


posted by Rob Cook


Good old Alamy, appreciating its photographers by negotiating high prices, again...  :angry:

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Third sale, very low dollar amount, but it suggests that one thing I can do in Nicaragua is photograph exotic fruits and vegetables along with other more obvious things like collected cathedrals that everyone who visits here does.   Black zapote fruit, tastes far better than I suspect it looks.  Am setting up a very small still life studio with more controlled lighting.



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