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  1. It's quite reassuring (and I mean that in a positive way) to hear you say that level - speaking as one who is awaiting the 'appeal' process.
  2. I set off in the early hours of tomorrow morning to cover a motorsports event that I've had live news success from in recent years (had one in the Telegraph from a similar event last month). Plus a few 'weather' photos from time to time. But news permissions have been withdrawn for me as well and although I've re-applied I haven't had a response back yet so tomorrow will be a waste of my time from an Alamy point of view other than general stock. I'll have to look at selling news direct in future if I can. Mainly disappointed in Alamy's general approach to these things - no warning, just dump y
  3. I haven't used Fixation but if it helps confidence-wise they're one of Nikon Uk's authorised service centres and they're part of the WEX group.
  4. Second sale of this one in last few months, media website use - both times by The Guardian I think and both for 'peanuts' - this time an even smaller peanut than the first one.
  5. I didn't realise that you could add the caption and headline in LR Mobile - I'd thought of using that in the past for news but couldn't find any provision for caption / headline. Wonder if they've added it since I tried - will have to give it a look. Many thanks for the tip!
  6. Five sales which is absolutely huge for me - don't laugh! Up to 30th May the first four averaged a disappointing $7 then on the last a day got a newspaper sale from April for $100+ dropped in. (All gross).
  7. Continuing the theme on the previous page for a laughable fee: Country: WorldwideUsage: Commercial electronicMedia: Website, app and social mediaIndustry sector: Entertainment & LeisureImage Size: Any sizeStart: 01 April 2018End: 01 April 2023Single placement and design, duration in perpetuity
  8. I can't even login this morning - been trying for hours on two devices both via Safari. Login to this forum works okay though. Edit: Just tried login via Google Chrome which worked. Certainly ooks like they've changed something causing a problem via Safari then.
  9. Quote: JHXF43 Gary Clarke On the the route of the Cleveland Way national trail on Carlton Bank Thanks for spotting this one Claire
  10. In The Times newspaper (UK) today - spotted by Rob Cook. Uploaded as News on the 14th. I also got a call from Alamy later in the morning asking for car / driver details for a newspaper but they couldn't tell me whether or not it was for The Times or another one (so maybe published elsewhere as well).
  11. Many thanks for spotting Rob! Took ages to upload in that location - in fact, had to drive a couple of miles to get signal (obviously worthwhile doing).
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