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  1. 14/09/2019 Daily Mail Weekend (print) Greenhouse whiteflies, Trialeurodes vaporariorum, colony on a leaf. AKJHK7 Wild Pictures Redwing, single bird on Rowan berries. C3X7X3 Avico Ltd
  2. 14/09/2019 Daily Mail (print) Violets viola "Sorbet Yellow Frost " in wooden seed trays. AKA24W John Glover Beautiful mountains and dramatic sky along the ring road, Route 1, Iceland. MHA685 Myron Standret Piece Hall Square, Halifax, opened in 2017 after a £19 million renovation. JTAHMJ Steven Gillis hd9 imaging Marilyn Monroe in the film Niagara 1953. B7WCDF Photo 12 Gergeti Trinity Church, Caucasus, Georgia. EG93PM Kasia Nowak
  3. 06/09/2019 Daily Mail (print) Nurse serving lunch to a patient in a hospital bed. RET41F imageBROKER/Jochen Tack The Boathouse, home of the poet Dylan Thomas, Laugharne, Wales. DWK0WC Ian G Dagnall
  4. 04/09/2019 Daily Telegraph (print) Tourists in a Magaluf bar watching football on a giant screen. W3BN27 zixia Terrance Dicks at a Dr Who convention with actress Wendy Padbury and a Cyberman. EJMCWM keith morris Actor Jon Pertwee playing Dr Who. HD6WY3 Everett Collection Inc
  5. 02/09/2019 Daily Mail (print) Young woman doing warm up exercise before running. PD34H0 Dan Grytsku Houses in the town of Juzcar, Andalusia - painted blue as a marketing campaign for a Smurfs film. HMTFJR Hilary Morgan
  6. 28/08/2019 Daily Mail (print) Cruise ship Marella Discovery 2. R79TB3 John Peter Photography Harbour at Palamos, Costa Brava, Spain. T63K4F Stefano Politi Markovina Gothic cathedral at sunset, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. GPB7KD Boris Stroujko Pedestrian zone, Olbia, Sardinia. JTAE89 robertharding/ Michael Runkel Marina Corricella fishing village, Bay of Naples, Italy. JH28C4 robertharding/ Eleanor Scriven Model house being squeezed by man's hand - concept shot for the housing market. B1MXK5 Rosemary Roberts Frontage of the Bradman Museum, Bowral, South Highlands, Australia. F0JK9R Michael Nicholson/DK
  7. 24/08/2019 Daily Mail Weekend (print) Mauve and lilac flower spikes of Veronicastrum virginicum Fascination. B2RD3M Martin Hughes-Jones Conference pears isolated on a white background. BN3398 David Cook Deadheading Dahlias with secateurs. R7K1H8 Deborah Vernon Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager Duchess, Downton Abbey, season 2. PM8K59 PictureLux
  8. 11/08/2019 Sunday Times Home (print) Boxing gloves on scales - concept for mediation, settlement and arbitration law. K25WE8 Brain light Marsh marigold, Caltha palustris, UK BAGENM Derek Croucher European white water lily, Nymphaea alba, in flower in a pond. EWRHNF Arterra Picture Library Farquhars Beach, Clarendon, Jamaica. AP0X0W Look
  9. 10/08/2019 Daily Telegraph (print) Fans meet Harris J, a British Muslim singer, at the Eid Festival, Trafalgar Square. JG03EB Stephen Chung
  10. 10/08/2019 Daily Mail Weekend (print) Rotten and mouldy apples isolated on a white background. H7TAHH Maryana Lyubenko Red hydrangeas in a pot. RFH1BD Tatiana Pankova Raymond Blanc's restaurant, Le Manoir, Great Milton, Oxfordshire. D6XYDW Tim Graham
  11. 07/08/2019 Daily Mail (print) St Ives harbour, Cornwall with boats, sky and sea on a sunny day in HDR. DGM8HH Vibriant Passenger train on the Semmeringbahn viaduct, Austria. R16AH5 imageBROKER
  12. 27/07/2019 Daily Mail Weekend (print) Invasive dwarf yellow flowering Hop Clover. S2RG5J Chocoholic/Stockimo Photinia Red Robin in a hotel garden, Hereford, UK. JM92TJ garfotos
  13. 21/07/2019 Mail On Sunday (print) NHS staff campaigning against checking patient ID's. KBT20T Mark Kerrison Saskia Rosendahl in a still from the 2019 film "Never Look Away". RM9C2F Entertainment Pictures The house of Robert Schuman, the so called Father of Europe, Scy-Chazelles, Moselle, France. RXWJF5 Guido Vermeulen-Perdaen Sculpture in Schengen, Luxembourg to commemorate the signing of the Schengen Agreement. C11HCN imageBROKER Child putting sticking plaster on cut knee. GWKWKJ Robert Przybysz
  14. 14/07/2019 Sunday Times Home (print) Canoeists enjoying fish and chips at Riley's Fish Shack, Tynemouth, UK. TB2NX8 Wilf Doyle Families enjoying the summer on Sandsend beach, North Yorkshire. Jason Batterham Two teenage girls jumping off a jetty into the Dyfi River estuary. B2H5D8 Keith Morris
  15. 14/07/2019 Sunday Times Culture (print) Close up detail of a hoverfly. CX11GD John Insull Premature twins asleep in an incubator. D8TW4W Angela Hampton Picture Library
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