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  1. 04/01/2020 Amateur Photographer (print) A few more ..... Urban fox at night. HT57XS Alex Witt Common Blue butterfly. DDWX05 Alex Fieldhouse Woman praying with rosary beads in her hands. EY7C7B Tetra Images Frozen pond with autumn leaf below the surface. BGPN22 John Boyle Oil and water. BGPX9C Alexy Stiop Close up of water splash with abstract reflection. BRD1GF Nikola Bilic Leeds Castle firework display 2019. 2A858GT Tony Watson Optical illusion of a hand holding the sun on a hill during sunset. TTT9CG Cavan Images Royal Crescent, Bath. BWRGE1 Andrew Michael
  2. 04/01/2020 Amateur Photographer (print) View over Buttermere and Crummock Water from Haystacks path, Lake District National Park. BPG4R3 Anna Stowe Landscapes UK Artist light painting a lightbulb symbol in a park. F0W5RK Cultura RM Camel driver in front of the Pyramids, Egypt. D7HCJA Friedrich Stark Cross country motor bike race. DHEMAT PS-I Pro-democracy protest at Downing Street. WFJ31M Anna Watson Woman walking in the rain with umbrella - London black and white street photography. M0G249 mark phillips Cat pulling fresh catnip from owner's hand. DXB7R9 Christina Gandolfo Robin coming in to land in the snow. BCD02K Avalon Photoshoot Hawksbill sea turtle swimming at the Great Barrier Reef. D2174K Steffen Binke
  3. 21/12/2019 Daily Mail (print) Treehotel in the woods, Norrbotten County, Lapland. EZBD8B Patrice Hauser/hemis.fr Black-a-Tor copse, oak woodland with green lichen and mosses, Dartmoor National Park. T0RA1X Phil Harland Glamis Castle, childhood home of Queen Elizabeth, Angus, Scotland. DA5J1T Realy Easy Star/Giuseppe Masci Panorama of Val Thorens by night, Alps mountains, France. JD2K3F Elisa Locci James Bond Island, Phang-Nga Bay, Phuket, Thailand, GDEMRM Arco Images Elephant enjoying retirement in a rescue sanctuary, Phuket, Thailand. M5PKFA Chris Miller Roger Moore as James Bond in the Man With The Golden Gun 1974. RWDX1M Allstar Picture Library Pack of wild dogs in front of a safari jeep, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. W29T74 Cindy Hopkins Women in flamenco dresses, Jerez dela Frontera, Spain. F4RKEW Katya Kreder/Prisma
  4. 20/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) Bay Horse pub and shops in historic Fore Bondgate, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham. WWD6KE Neil McAllister
  5. 05/12/2019 Daily Mail (print) Land Hermit Crab, Coenobita periatus, on the beach at Ari Atoll, Maldive Islands. R34T5E Helmut Corneli Exterior of Badminton House, Gloucestershire. MJEM7K Jonathan Clarke Burnt out coach following the Chelsea Barracks bomb blast 1981. BRJ81R Photo
  6. 04/12/2019 Daily Mail (print) Female Emerald Dragonfly at rest. DR35HM James Leyland Dramatic sunset landscape on the outskirts of Oatman, Arizona. 2A3EK39 Juliana Swenson Market Place in the town centre, Hexham, Northumberland. F5674H Ian Dagnall Commercial Collection
  7. 03/12/2019 Daily Mail (print) Thumbs up hand gesture made by a hand in a yellow rubber cleaning glove. M698M0 Ink Drop
  8. You're welcome John. 02/12/2019 Daily Mail (print) Piece of fresh sliced halloumi cheese on a cutting board. FCFMK2 Picture Partners 3D of shiny catalytic converter on a grey background. C9AA59 Einar Muoni
  9. 30/11/2019 Daily Telegraph Saturday Section(print) 1957 British advertisement for Mackintosh's Quality Street chocolate assortment. PENM4J Neil Baylis Earthworm emerging from its burrow. D8FX58 Alex Fieldhouse Commercial Peat Extraction at Shapwick Heath, Somerset Levels, UK. DE4D8E James Osmond Photography Sieving soil, close up of the sieve. A3PR4W Dave Bevan Close up of flowers of Abelia x grandiflora "Edward Goucher". DT5BW0 John Richmond Mahonia x media "Charity", yellow flowers in winter. F4MZR6 Suzie McCaffrey
  10. 30/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) Chateau Comtal, a medieval fortress in Carcassonne, France. E207PB image BROKER Courmayeur ski resort, Aosta Valley, Italian Alps. JTAFFY Robert Harding/Christian Kober The leaves and berries of a variegated holly bush. CE6M4R Phillip Minnis
  11. 28/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) Kirkella, a state of the art fishing trawler, passing through Tower Bridge, London. T5J80E jim forrest Major fire taking hold at the Claremont Hotel, Eastbourne. 2AAJ2AT James Boardman (re-use of the pic from 23/11/2019 edition) Monkey Puzzle tree, Araucarin araucana, Kidderminster, UK. CERAD5 Dominic Jones
  12. 23/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) Fire takes hold at the Claremont Hotel, Eastbourne. 2AAJ2CC James Boardman/Live News Small boat on a beach in Sri Lanka. FC8M6R Givaga Stilt fishermen off the south coast of Sri Lanka. EYJTYM Tuul and Bruno Morandi Popular surfing beach near Arugan Bay, Sri Lanka. DWHTEJ Paul Kennedy Boat in the Canal of Corinth, Peloponnese, Greece. FAC4R3 Jan Wlodarczyk
  13. 23/11/2019 Daily Telegraph (print) People watch from the beach as a major fire takes hold in the Claremont Hotel, Eastbourne. 2AAJ2AT James Boardman/Live News Window dedicated to Matthew Flinders, St Mary and the Holy Rood church, Donington, Lincolnshire. GD97PF Matt Limb OBE
  14. Winter 2019. Third Age Matters (print) 1856 engraving of DR William Palmer, the Rugeley Poisoner, in the dock of the Old Bailey. DP97P4 Chronicle Researchers in the National Archives building, Kew, UK. DTKHPP Jeff Gilbert Balloting for the Coal Strike, January 1912, at Wheatsheaf Colliery, Pendlebury, UK. B0KDNY The Print Collector
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