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  1. 19/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) Buckie, Moray, Scotland; the town and houses along the coast road in Mid-Summer. PFWP3N John Bracegirdle
  2. 16/11/2019 Daily Telegraph (print) A rusting steam locomotive on the Welsh Highland Railway, North Wales. G29T8K shoults
  3. You're welcome Helen. 16/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) The Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool University, UK. C3X070 Andrew Michael View of 18th century Cirencester House with its semi-circular yew hedge which divides it from the rest of the town. AGD5N4 AA World Travel Library German battleship Tirpitz. JW5WP9 Historic Images San Fernando Square, Carmona, Spain. BE5MXC ImageBroker Cafes lining Tkalciceva Street, Zagreb, Croatia. MFGW9D Robert Harding/Kav Dadfar
  4. 16/11/2019 Daily Mail Weekend (print) Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire in 1946 Paramount film Blue Skies. B3MMD0 Pictorial Press Ltd Brown hen eggs in a wooden bowl. BJ2JDR Helen Sessions Yellow tree peony blooming in a garden in Bejing, China. G2W5J2 Dan Hanscom Male Ivy Bee, Colletes hederae, feeding on sedum. E1GEFW Nature Photographers Ltd/Roger Tidman Actor David Suchet has his moustache adjusted on the set of the TV programme Poirot, November 1989. B4J0M0 Mirrorpix Peter Ustinov, David Suchet and Faye Dunaway in the 1985 film 13 At Dinner. D25G47 United Archives
  5. You're welcome Dylan. 16/11/2019 Big Issue (print) Gerry Dalton's Pompeii - a fantastical world of hundreds of sculptures set in a small social housing flat and garden in West London. 2A57H40 Jeff Gilbert Actress Olivia Colman in a still from the 2011 film Tyrannosaur. CC76C3 AF Archive
  6. 15/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) Sourdough bread, a loaf with four slices cut. J1J8AJ Stephen French Market Day, High Street, Winchester, Hants. GW6R39 Greg Balfour Evans Money delivery to a bank with a G4S van and a security guard. E8JY1D Chris Bull
  7. 13/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) Family group dressing a Christmas tree and wrapping presents. K02Y4K Anna Bizon Main quad, Worcester College, University of Oxford, UK. K43W7W Dylan Garcia Cantine Ferrari vineyard, Trentino, Italy. B3PT67 Reda & Co/ Marco Simonini
  8. 09/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) Selective focus of bowl and spoon on table with senior woman eating in the background. RG98N6 LightField Studios Inc. East German guards look on as Berlin Wall is destroyed, November 1989. AHY8Y6 Pictoral Press Ltd Prague Christmas Market, Old Town Square. H8RWT3 Jose Okolo Sitting female Bengal tiger, Ranthambhore National Park, India. HY1W9H Nature Picture Library Tourists by Wawel Cathedral, Krakow, Poland. PPWXHC Luis Dafos Dish of Pierogi Polish dumplings. B5R65B Simon Reddy St Kinga Chapel in the underground salt mine museum, Weilczka, Poland. FGHMX2 Marcin Lukaszewicz Chrysanthemum Duchess of Edinburgh. B2A9EA Martin Hughes-Jones Pop duo Wham with backing singers Pepsi and Shirlie, January 1993. PJYEN5 dpa picture alliance
  9. 09/11/2019 Daily Telegraph (print) Property The famous landmarks of Pulteney Weir and Pulteney Bridge surrounded by vibrant Autumn trees on River Avon, Bath, UK. PXFHB7 Anthony Brown Bristol harbourside at Hotwells in Autumn, UK. J3PEAA Lewis Grimwood Travel The pool, Standard Hotel, Hollywood, US. H0N9EN Larry Brownstein Facade of the Standard Hotel, Hollywood at dusk. EG3P6N Robert Landau
  10. 09/11/2019 Daily Telegraph (print) Stuffed omelette cooked over an open fire, the speciality of the French restaurant Mere Poulard. HWNC33 Hughes Herve/hemis.fr
  11. You're welcome Bob. 08/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) Single coconut isolated on white background. C3Y5AP David Cook/blueshiftstudios Bourneville Village Green, Birmingham, UK. FWTMM0 Ian G Dagnall
  12. 06/11/2019 Daily Mail (print) View of the castle with the High Street in the foreground, Rochester, Kent. P1DEWX Life's Like That
  13. 03/11/2019 Big Issue (print) Portrait of Gary Lewis, Scottish film and TV actor. A10WZK Alan Wylie Comedian, actor and presenter Julian Clary at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. MPAM53 Tommy London
  14. 02/11/2019 Daily Telegraph Saturday (print) Close up of the flower Iris pallida variegata. H44DW3 mauritius images GmbH Worm casts on lawn - common earthworm lumbricus terrestris. K6TXBR Papilio
  15. 03/11/2019 Mail On Sunday (print) Autumn colours, Savernake Forest, Wiltshire. BG4PN5 Mark Bauer Church of the Holy Cross, Ramsbury, Wiltshire. TT2GR4 geogphotos
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