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  1. 21/07/2019 Mail On Sunday (print) NHS staff campaigning against checking patient ID's. KBT20T Mark Kerrison Saskia Rosendahl in a still from the 2019 film "Never Look Away". RM9C2F Entertainment Pictures The house of Robert Schuman, the so called Father of Europe, Scy-Chazelles, Moselle, France. RXWJF5 Guido Vermeulen-Perdaen Sculpture in Schengen, Luxembourg to commemorate the signing of the Schengen Agreement. C11HCN imageBROKER Child putting sticking plaster on cut knee. GWKWKJ Robert Przybysz
  2. 14/07/2019 Sunday Times Home (print) Canoeists enjoying fish and chips at Riley's Fish Shack, Tynemouth, UK. TB2NX8 Wilf Doyle Families enjoying the summer on Sandsend beach, North Yorkshire. Jason Batterham Two teenage girls jumping off a jetty into the Dyfi River estuary. B2H5D8 Keith Morris
  3. 14/07/2019 Sunday Times Culture (print) Close up detail of a hoverfly. CX11GD John Insull Premature twins asleep in an incubator. D8TW4W Angela Hampton Picture Library
  4. 06/07/2019 Daily Telegraph (print) Musicians of the Bourne Borderers Morris dancers at the Whittlesea Straw Bear festival, Cambridgeshire. D25FNT Kumar Sriskandan
  5. 08/06/2019 Daily Mail Weekend (print) Close up of pink peony variety Sarah Bernhardt. MA4GM6 Island Images Close up of yellow peony variety bartzella. FCJE3P age fotostock Yellow Flagg Iris pseudacorus. C56W73 Steve Taylor ARPS
  6. 25/05/2019 Daily Telegraph (print) Theresa May in tears at the end of her resignation speech, London Downing Street. TACH38 Dinendra Haria/Live News A cosplayer attending the opening day of the MCM Comic Con event, London Docklands. TACKDM Stephen Chung/Live News
  7. 03/05/2019 Daily Mail (print) Summer view of Chipping Campden high street, Cotswolds, UK. E198R7 eye35.pix Exterior of Belton Hall, Grantham, Lincs, UK. F68XRE John Morrison Male Digger wasp trying to mate with a fly orchid flower in a UK nature reserve. ACGE1T Tim Gainey Common Wasp, Vespula vulgaris, head-on close-up. BP74NW Bob Gibbons.
  8. Sound advice Michael. Pete, you might want to follow (and tag) some of the black and white photography hubs - that way you have a chance of a shot being selected as pic of the day which will drive traffic to your page. Incidentally you can add hashtags after you have posted your image - Instagram added this in a later update. Either edit the original caption (the three dots at the top of the image) or, and I find this easier, just add them as a new comment.
  9. One point to bear in mind. It will resize shots in landscape format. However portrait ones it will crop but to 5x4 format rather than square. That's my experience anyway.
  10. 23/04/2019 Daily Mail (print) Three ice cubes on a glass background. GFPH4G Magdalena Lordache Doctor in white lab coat with art brushes in his hand and pocket. D27XD9 Glasshouse Images
  11. 14/04/2019 Sunday Times Best Places To Live Supplement (print) Alamy photographers featured, Kevin J Smith Carolyn Eaton Dan Santillo Monica Wells William Collins Slaweck Staszczuk Dave Porter Oxford Shot Greg Balfour Evans Colin Underhill Paul Weston x 2 Peter J Hatcher Matt Limb I Wei Huang Alex Segre Simon Turner Chris Howes Wild Places Photography Eye 35 Jui-Chi Chan Mick Rock Cephas Picture Library Ian Dagnell Angela Chalmers John Davidson Mark Waugh ASC Photography Christopher Nicholson Sorry, not able to attribute individual shots.
  12. 10/04/2019 Daily Mail (print) Stack of pound coins with red toy house on top - housing, finance concept. JY37T4 Llewellyn The band Dawn with singer Tony Orlando, mid 70's. HD4896 Everett Collection Inc St Abb's lighthouse at sunset, Berwickshire. ERCT4X Camillo Berenos
  13. 23/03/2019 Daily Mail Weekend (print) The Hardwick pub and restaurant near Abergavenny, Wales. BX77MA Adrian Sherratt Banana pancakes with chocolate sauce, top down view. M58WGP Tatiana Volgutova Jersey Royal potatoes in metal colander on a wooden table. F3HB77 Diana Miller Sprig of mint leaves isolated on a white background. B6WEPE D.Hurst
  14. 18/03/2019 Daily Mail (print) Young woman sleeping in bed wearing a blindfold eye mask. MBRGR6 artytime83 Portrait of Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler at home in Swansea. CNA5WB James Davies
  15. 16/03/2019 Daily Telegraph (print) Painting of William Wilberforce MP in 1790, aged 29. DDXB2J GL Archive The word "Brexit" on a mocked up dictionary page. KD9445 Simon Turner Two miniature dachshunds standing back to back on Brighton seafront. B789PM Roger Bamber
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