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  1. 10/09/2021 Daily Mail (print) Harbour, Porthleven, Cornwall. HN15G1 Chris Harris Daily Mirror reporter Donald Zec talks to John Lennon and Yoko Ono on their honeymoon bed, March 1969. B57AMK Mirrorpix Donald Zec with boxer Muhammad Ali, August 1967. M96B5N Mirrorpix
  2. 09/09/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Pack of fox hounds, the Duke of Buccleuch Hunt, near Kelso, Scottish Borders. 2GJ1PTF Chris Strickland/Live News Holywell Cemetery, Oxford, now used as a sanctuary for wildlife. W4TY92 Alex Ramsay Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss on the set of Jaws, 1975. F6HW1K Entertainment Pictures
  3. 09/09/2021 Daily Mail (print) Male Emperor dragonfly hawking or patrolling territory in the sunshine. JEWG8G Paul Farnfield Female Emperor dragonfly laying eggs in the water of a pond. BEP9WT Arterra Picture Library/Buyck Alain
  4. 04/09/2021 Daily Mail (print) St Ives Bay, Cornwall. CW5MCY Chris Harris Exterior of Tesco store, Shelthorpe, Loughborough. C93FMD Andryphot Flowers of the Crocus sieberi var Tricolor. HTDPR6 Clare Gainey Ely Cathedral rising from the early morning mist as seen from Stuntney, Cambridgeshire. FDJ127 Andrew Sharpe Procida Island harbour with traditional fishing boats and colourful houses, Campania, Italy. PEJ825 freeartist Exterior of Ragley Hall, Warwickshire. B463TA the blue loft picture library
  5. 03/09/2021 Daily Mail (print) 1965 Aston Martin DB5 GT Vantage. GHEARC Bob Masters Old Sunbeam Alpine vintage sports car. B9GMG1 Kevin Britland 1980s Aston Martin V8 Vantage. DTADX7 Parker Photographic Archive Pirates of the Caribbean ship at Disneyland Paris. CYWD3F David Brabiner
  6. 01/09/2021 Daily Mail (print) River Thames viewed from Marlow Bridge, Buckinghamshire. P621A6 Dylan Garcia Photography Three Men In A Boat, Penguin paperback, by Jerome K Jerome. T0H38X gbimages Puppy holding dog bowl in mouth, white background. GKAT2C Panther Media/cynoclub Hungry dog holding bowl in mouth, white background. KDXXFN Javier Brosch
  7. 30/08/2021 Daily Mail (print) Side and rear view of a Waitrose supermarket delivery lorry on the M25 in Essex. 2G6RBB Justin Kase Decorative cat statue on a wall, York, UK. F295MT Chris Dorney M1 smart motorway section near Milton Keynes. EMB27Y Dawson Images Shoe stuck to chewing gum on a pavement. TW6MXJ Pixel-shot Plus the three images reported by Cassius above also appear in the print version.
  8. 28/08/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Mods on scooters arrive at Brighton seafront for the annual Mod Weekender event. 2GFX9A3 Simon Dack/Live News A man having a smoke by the stage at the free Rolling Stones concert, Havana 2016. 2CM3WC6 Reuters/Ivan Alvarado
  9. I feel a bit inadequate after SShep's post but here goes, 28/08/2021 Daily Mail Weekend (print) Evergreen foliage of a common Yew tree, Taxus baccata, in rural England. 2AM6340 Peter Turner Gardener deadheading dahlias with secateurs in an autumn garden border, UK. R7K1G4 Deborah Vernon
  10. 23/08/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Police car in rainbow colours at the London Pride parade 2017. KGKKGY Avpics The full Sturgeon Moon rising behind the cruise liner Queen Mary 2, Weymouth, Dorset. 2GF191N Graham Hunt/Live News Two ladies inspect the scones and the flowers in a tent at an annual village show, UK. 2A748W2 Harry Harrison Trombone player George Lewis at the Moers Festival Germany, 2009. D4PC0H dpa/Bernd Thissen
  11. 20/08/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Zoe Felix explores the changing patterns of light in an inflatable luminarium, erected in Blackburn's Corporation Park. 2GEDXR9 Media World Images Old Age Pensioners in deckchairs enjoying the summer sunshine in Eastbourne in the 1980's. A5EMCA Homer Sykes
  12. 18/08/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Rachel Keene braves the cold morning mist and drizzle as she prepares to swim at Loch Borralan, Scottish Highlands. N015FW nipdor/Stockimo News Summer showers accompany the seasonal sales at Fishergate shopping centre, Preston. 2GE67B3 Media World Images/Live News
  13. Book cover for the 2021 paperback edition of the novel Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell. Dancers at Didi's Discotheque, London c1965. FG1EW0 Granger Historical Picture Archive It's an excellent read, by the way
  14. 09/08/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) River racers navigate the Ouse from Lewes to Newhaven in self-propelled rafts for charity. 2GCDY12 James Boardman/Live News Hound trailing enthusiasts gather for their biggest meeting of the year in the village of Greenhead, Northumberland. 2GC7X30 Chris Strickland/Live News Coventry City MD George Curtis celebrates the team's cup final victory on 16 May 1987. 2G8A7JM Action Plus Sports Images Artist Phillip King stands in front of his sculpture, Genghis Khan 1963, at Tate Britain. EC2P8A ukartpics
  15. 06/08/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Thatcher re-thatching the roof of Alfriston Clergy House, East Sussex. MG7J8E Andrew Hasson Osborne House exterior, Cowes, Isle of Wight. EEBFEG Robin Weaver
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