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  1. 26/07/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Fellhounds are judged at the Melbreak Hunt Hound Show, Lorton, Cumbria. 2G958D8 Chris Strickland/Live News
  2. 20/07/2021 Daily Mail (print) Computer generated jigsaw pieces in the shape of a human head with pieces flying off; concept for mental health or memory loss disorder. H7RA8F Brain light
  3. 20/07/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) The Calatrava Agora, the main entrance of the Olympic Athletic Centre, Athens. BKAW8N Vova Pomortzeff
  4. 17/07/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) One of Spain's 46ft Osborne bulls silhoetted on a hillside in Andalusia. AGRJHB Image Broker/Arco Images People cross over jokes, quotes and catchphrases on the Tower Headland comedy pavement, Blackpool, Lancs. 2G7RYJM Media World Images/Live News
  5. 13/07/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Summer view across the meadow and River Windrush to St John the Baptist church, Burford, Cotswolds, UK. BRHWF8 Anna Stow Landscapes UK
  6. 10/07/2021 Daily Mail (print) Meadow Brown butterfly, Maniola jurtina, on a purple thistle flower. 2AJ7PC5 AngieC
  7. 10/07/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Art deco letterbox outside a village house in Normandy, France. S0723C Seeables/Stockimo
  8. 09/07/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) A small dog inside Collared, a dog accessory and gift shop, Hastings, East Sussex. D85CNJ parkerphotography
  9. Big Issue #1468 (print) Deacon Blue frontman Ricky Ross addresses a Scottish pro-independence rally, Glasgow 2014. E7FXG9 Tony Clerkson Ricky Ross receives an honorary degree from the University of West Scotland, 2017. G8GN2R PA Images/Danny Lawson Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in the 1996 film Independence Day. JTMEKW Pictorial Press Ltd
  10. 28/06/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Well-knit men by Jaeger, advertisement c1936. APC9X3 Amoret Tanner
  11. Martyn, If you put the reference number in the Alamy search box that will take you to the pic - looks like you've got another sale on the way 😀
  12. Martyn, I reported one of yours in the Images Found thread - 02/06/2021, Daily Telegraph, 2BN3T1T. Was it this one invoiced today ?
  13. 18/06/2021 Daily Mail (print) Richard Booth's Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye, Wales. JBF5HB Ian Bottle Author F Scott Fitzgerald with wife Zelda and daughter Scottie at Virginia Beach. EDKNC4 Keystone Press
  14. 17/06/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Queen Elizabeth II, wearing the Jardine Star brooch, at the 2019 Epsom Derby. TBPHA0 Paul Marriott
  15. 15/06/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Crowds enjoying the hot sunshine on Brighton beach. 2G37DKN Simon Dack/Live News Dove Cottage, home of the poet William Wordsworth, Grasmere, Lake District. PRP2RJ Ian Dagnall Shrine to Winnie the Pooh, Ashdown Forest, Sussex. H61242 Simon Dack
  16. Art Quarterly, Summer 2021 (print) Altar, St James Church, Piccadilly, London, with wood carving by Grinling Gibbons. KKEG25 Kumar Sriskandan Young students pond dipping in the wildlife garden, Natural History Museum, London. CT36KK Joe Blossom Reflection of the Alfred Waterhouse Tower in the wildlife garden pond, Natural History Museum, London. CT36BW Joe Blossom
  17. 09/06/2021 Daily Mail (print) Red deer stag in the Scottish Highlands. CYE1B2 Albaimages/Ronald Weir
  18. 09/06/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Swimmers appear out of the sea mist on Brighton beach. 2G22R7D Simon Dack/Live News
  19. 05/06/2021 Daily Telegraph Money (print) View of Llandudno Bay with a tram going up the Great Orme, Wales. KP4HGW eye35.pix A barge tour of the Regents Canal during the Angel Canal Festival 2018, London. PM0NRK Nathaniel Noir Landscape view of Lochee Park and residential housing, Dundee, Scotland. F2BY5N Dundee Photographics Autumn colour on the banks of Loch Ard, Trossachs National Park, Scotland. F8MWT0 Richard Burdon Bank of England and Royal Exchange, City of London. T5XY3A Jansos St Peter's Collegiate church, Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales. CCCD5W Alan No
  20. 08/06/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Student covered in foam following an end of exam "trashing", Oxford. KY49BB Peter Conner
  21. 07/06/2021 Daily Mail (print) A fellrunner descending off Scafell Pike in the Wasdale fell race 2017, Lake District. JKKDT8 Keith Douglas
  22. 05/06/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Two shots from the Van Gogh Live exhibition, Kensington Gardens by Paul Quezada-Neiman/Live News 2G0WM7X 2G0WMD7 Man riding an e-scooter in the Mall, London. 2CYXFDC Pjr Transport 1956 British advert for Schweppes Lemonade. HEYN8F Neil Baylis
  23. 03/06/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) The wild medieval garden at Culross Palace, Fife, a National Trust for Scotland property. WA3125 John Peter Photography
  24. 02/06/2021 Daily Mail (print) Welcome to Newmarket sign at the entrance to the High St, Newmarket, Suffolk. HEJ40F Greg Balfour Evans Horses and riders on the Newmarket Training Grounds. G2FN8G Luise Berg-Ehlers Figurines of an old couple sitting on piles of coins - concept shot for savings, investments etc. BH2YX5 incamerastock
  25. Lol John, shame he's not on the forum to thank the finders. Anyway a couple here not by the aforementioned GBE. 02/06/2021 Daily Telegraph (print) Lave net fishermen on the Severn Estuary in Wales. CP86A1 Neil Setchfield Ash tree growing out of a limestone pavement, a landmark near Malham, Yorkshire. 2BN3T1T Martyn f. Chillmaid
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