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Alamy Picture Needs  

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  1. 1. How would you prefer to receive Alamy picture needs?

    • Twitter (#AlamyPicNeeds from @AlamyContent)
    • Email
    • Another way, please state how below...

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14 minutes ago, losdemas said:


:lol: ? ? :D

Never hurts to dream! 


Well some of the competition do this.

Some also allow images already on the system to be attached to a brief.

Would be very easy to do with a shared lightbox.


Now before those dreams run really wild: said competitors are not selling a whole lot. Albeit at higher prices both net and gross than here. Sometimes clearly to the same clients. The only way this could ever be viable, is to run it with as few people as possible. One fte is probably already too much. Maybe add an intern.




edit: lay out ??

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4 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

I would like to be informed at a leisurely lunch at one of the nicer restaurants in Dumbo near your Brooklyn office. :)


Me too  B)


Glad you'll be doing more with letting us know what buyers want. Always helpful. I voted for email but I like the idea of email and a thread on the forum. I'm on twitter but like many here rarely see Alamy's tweets unless I search for them specifically. Thanks! 


I'm assuming Edo is tongue in cheek, but will you ever do another get-together at the office? I went to one years ago and I got lots of good info. It was great to meet folks in person to get an idea of your process as well as how buyers thought. Things have changed so much since then - I think it was in late 2010 or early 2011 - it would be interesting to get a new perspective. 

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  • 11 months later...

I know this is a year old, but if anyone from Alamy is still monitoring it.


When you put out the picture needs list they should be accompanied by info on the number of requests that were made for that subject.


No need to have 100's of people chasing a subject that has only been requested one time for a $19 use.

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2 minutes ago, Avpics said:

This was a year ago. I'm guessing the choice has been made, regardless



And STILL we haven't heard anything.


As I don't twitter I assume Alamy have continued with that platform.





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3 minutes ago, Allan Bell said:



And STILL we haven't heard anything.


As I don't twitter I assume Alamy have continued with that platform.





Correct. I assume that even though you don't use it, it's visible down the right side of your dashboard Allan?

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I voted 'email', but actually 'in the forum' (maybe in a private area for contributors only) would be better if I was already away from home. (I don't have my main email on my phone)

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5 hours ago, Panthera tigris said:

I don't use twitter as well so never see them. If theres a continuation to use twitter can the post just be posted in a forum category here as well?

Is the Twiitter feed not visible on your dashboard (right hand side)

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Hi Everyone


We have been working on a way to send more relevant picture needs to our contributors (e.g. Travel photographers will mainly receive travel pic needs). The emails are back from today, but only for contributors that have collections with relevant content. We are putting lots of work into improving this and we will have more information to share with you soon. 


Meanwhile, you can also keep up to date on our blog if you don't use Twitter. 


A few contributors have mentioned that they wish we could give more information as deadlines, and how many customers that have requested the specific topic and so on. To explain how we work, all picture needs have been verified and are listed as content that are either completely missing in our collection or content that is out of date. When filling a gap in our collection, even if it's too late for the original customer request, this specific topic will now be available for the next customer who comes along (and don't forget, your images will be one of the very few) We often see the same requests come in year after year, and we have already seen some really good sales made from pictures uploaded as a response to our tweets!




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