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  1. Your assuming that this issue affects everyone equally overall. Not necessarily the case. If someone shoots New York scenes exclusively, and never shoots in York, Maine or York, England or anywhere else where there's a York, they're not getting dinged,
  2. The question is, does it just rank lower in a search for New York, or does it get ranked lower in all searches because it has a low CTR because it appears in too many unrelated searches?
  3. One solution might be to be able to remove certain combinations from search on a per image basis. In this example, since "New York" is repeatedly coming up for them a "NOT New+York" in the keyword that would prevent those images from appearing and being counted against the CTR.
  4. A few people are not quite understanding. My example is: I have an image that has the phrases "York Harbor Beach" "New England" "Mothers Beach" and the images are coming up in searches for "New York""New York Harbor""New York Mothers" Etc.
  5. Can this be stopped? Example, I have some images that have "York Harbor Beach" "New England" and "Mothers Beach" (the local nickname for it). I get search results for New York New York Harbor New York Mothers England Beach England Etc. The only single words I have from those is "York" and "Beach" Most of the searches in my Alamy Measures are like this, with zero zooms and clicks of course.
  6. I was sad to see this the other day. Met him a couple of times over the years and he was a pretty nice guy. His long time printer, Sid Kaplan is a friend of mine.
  7. Anyone know what the status of video submissions is? Alamy still has some footage available for license, so their not out of it entirely. Making plans for a long stock trip in a year or so and I want to cover certain areas with stills, video, drone and timelapse and have all the material available through one agency. Pond5 would be my other option, but I'm not thrilled with their stills terms.
  8. Alamy is my only stock agency. That being said, I market some images for sale as prints or on products on the POD Fine Art America. I have restrictions set personal use and consumer goods. Does that negate the Alamy only exclusivity for those images?
  9. Actually, I called Alamy and spoke to someone at the news desk who said if I provided them with a list of magazines in advance of the event that they would try to contact any that are not already on their list.
  10. They're sailing magazines specifically, but I'm just trying to get a sense of how Live News works. Do newspapers or periodicals have to subscribe to it? Can you link to the feed or more specifically your images in the feed?
  11. I wasn't considering newspapers, more the 10 or 15 relevant magazines. Plus, I don't want to spend time negotiating, invoicing, chasing payment, etc. That's why Alamy gets paid.
  12. I'll be shooting a week long sporting event in March and was planning on uploading through Live News. Does anyone know how and to whom Alamy markets the images? Does it make sense to reach out to photo editors beforehand to give them a heads up?
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