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  1. Without specificity the picture needs feature is practically useless. Even if the image is described well, without an idea of what the usage is, it's useless as well. Who wants to invest any time or, worse, money if the client is looking for a $20 usage?
  2. I look at it, but have rarely seen anything of value. They seem to be a mix of very specific images that really should be shot as an assignment, very expensive to produce, very unlikely to find, or terribly non specific. There was a request for a new building under construction in Manhattan for instance. A dozen images were already uploaded, pretty much covering the views available, and there was no description of what the client was looking for. The same with a request, since taken down, for Inglewood California. There are 29,761 images of Inglewood uploaded.
  3. Hi Graham Thanks for replying. I pulled the trigger on one a few days ago. Bought the 15-45 and 18-150 for starters. The kit came with the accessory EVF as well. Going to put it through some paces this week. I did see the lack of Canon profiles, but I use neutral anyway and the Adobe neutral is actually slightly flatter than their version of Canon neutral. I'm also going to give DPP a try with it. I had to download it to check a focus issue with my 70-200 ƒ2.8 IS and 5DIII bodies and it's much faster than it used to be. Might end up using it instead of Adobe for first round editin
  4. Anyone using a Canon M6 Mark II for stock? I have a couple of 5d Mark III's at the moment, but I'll be replacing them with an R5 and an R6 once they're readily available. I want something smaller and more unobtrusive though with at least an APS-C sized sensor for some street shooting
  5. Try a UV filter on the lens as well. Certain flowers reflect a great deal of UV which the eye can't see but the camera can pick up. Infrared is also a potential culprit. Modern sensors are usually pretty good at blocking non visible wavelengths, but some do manage to sneak through. I did some photography for 1800flowers back in the 80's when they were a startup and we had to have local color correction done on certain flowers by a retoucher (pre digital) because film couldn't record their color correctly. Happens with certain paint pigments as well.
  6. Wiskerke Thanks I didn't even realize that there was a share button for twitter until you just mentioned it, BUT it can't be accessed until posted images are available in search. It would be easier if the social media share buttons were also in the image manager so we could post as soon as we fill out enough info for them to become salable.
  7. Well, no response from anyone else either. It's would be nice to have a simple way to post new content to twitter, especially newsworthy images.
  8. Try calling them +441235844600 They probably don't have anyone monitoring the forum at the moment. They probably never had more than one person doing it in the past and certainly not someone from accounting.
  9. The print on demand site that I have work on has a one click way to post an image to twitter with an embedded link back to the original webpage. Can something like that be implemented here with Alamy watermark and the Alamy image number?
  10. DCSmith

    Alamy Measures

    There are two ways to analyze the search. One is to look at what people are buying and copy those images. The other way is to look at what people are looking for and not finding and try to meet those needs. In that case, the bigger the pool of data the better.
  11. DCSmith

    Alamy Measures

    Alamy doesn't currently included results for people who have not licensed images. I'm asking them to provide results from people who have not yet purchased licenses.
  12. DCSmith

    Alamy Measures

    I don't understand how what you're writing relates to my question.
  13. DCSmith

    Alamy Measures

    That should be very easy. Alamy is able to collect and display the searches of paying customers. I assume that they are also collecting all search data. Just use the data from the paying customers to calculate CTR, but display all the collected search terms, views and zooms for contributor research purposes.
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