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March Challenge: The Joy of Travel

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Thanks again for everyone that took part last month and off course all that voted for me!


the new one:


The Joy of Travel


This month's challenge has two distinct aspects: Joy and Travel. Both must be clearly there.

Because it's so easy to take it ironically with people obviously not enjoying travel at all, I would only allow it when it's done really really well.

Otherwise just stick to the positive bit. Concepts are welcome too!

3 images each as usual. All formats including video are allowed. Also images not on Alamy. Just as long as you can make them viewable on the forum in about the same general size of the others. This can be a bit of a err.. challenge.


Mind: this challenge will end on March 31 at  noon, 12:00 London time because then we're all on the same day/date. Not at midnight. Unless you happen to be in Sydney.
The winner will start the new topic.




edit: NEW CLOSING TIME: March 31, London Time 19:00.

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Yes it needs a bit of thinking as well. NSFW? Yes I can see why that's an important part of the joy of travel. I would include it. (If the pictures are good.)

It could be all sorts of things. Put some emotion it it!


So if there's a direction, that is it: emotion.



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Nice one Wim, a head-scratcher for sure. Here we go








The Leader of the Opposition celebrates her arrival at the summit of Kala Pattar in Nepal - joy at the end of the trek.














Awesome George Clooney lookalike - myself with the beautiful birds in the Dandenong Forest in Australia














The Leader of the Opposition (again) with our son and Mont Blanc. These were unstaged and by a long way the best portaits of Helene and Tristan that I took on that trip.




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Another nice topic. Here are myb three images.


Enjoying the sunset in a pool terrace formations at Pamukkale



Tourist in Madeira









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Hard one this, I don't normally do joyful  :(



Happy people travelling along a canal




I had to travel to deepest Yorkshire to take this one. Morris dancers.

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Nice subject. I will give it a go.




Happiest steam engine driver I have seen.







Where to now?







Walking! The best way to travel on a warm summers day.





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Joy of travelling to an event together 




Girls waving at returning travelers 



Happy Peggy and Joe sitting on their hotel bed in Cambodia 




Edit: exchanged 3rd picture


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Good subject Wim!


Here are mine:


Two tourists and their driver having a great time in a Coco taxi, Havana, Cuba





Chinese tourists jumping for a photo in front of Big Ben, London




My daughters having fun with the pigeons, St Marks Square, Venice 





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Thank you for bumping!




Hell is the Others, but not at breakfast; Paradise is a Library and Peak Bloom starts the day after tomorrow, which is quite early.









No I'm not keywording, it's far more serious:

I'm preparing a presentation on...


travel photography. ;-)



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