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  1. Something from the city... B Thanks, Mike
  2. The power of the bicycle or of the written word? By the way, he carried on for a mile or so beyond me still texting and didn't crash or fall off...
  3. Tokyo suspension bridge cables Temple and Tokyo Tower Tokyo crane
  4. Surely, as with other copyright material, editorial use is fine? Obviously you can't use a bank note in advertising or your company logo.
  5. A Tokyo festival Tokyo Diet (Parliament) building after a small typhoon. By the way, the sky was really like that, no enhancement. Tokyo Metro I may change some, depending on rules clarification.
  6. Congratulations - good win! Not that it matters too much for this one but Alamy only or any photograph?
  7. Crikey - not a place I would have chosen to be, especially after Halabja in 1988... I presume there's a story behind you being there? It was a self-financed operation though I did get film/processing from The Independent and in the end The Independent got me a flight home on BA as the ticket I had was for Turkish Airlines who decided to go on strike when I needed to get home. I did send four images back on the wire machine from Reuters in Istanbul - this took an incredible (looking at todays technology) 20 mins per B/W image - and obviously one had to process the film and make a print first. It was worth it though as I had several page one images in the UK and International press. Also, in those days the fee paid for an image was much higher than todays rates. I think I got about £100 for a published image in The Guardian then and my rent for a flat in London was £45 per week. So for one publication in UK National press meant that one could live for a week. As I was young, idealistic and pretty naive in those days I didn't really think of the potential dangers all that much - there's no way I would do such a trip today - not for any money. Brilliant story. In today's money what would that be? On a rental basis... say £2,000 per image? Perhaps I'm over egging it a bit. Must have been a really amazing trip. Tough way to make a living, even if powered by idealism!
  8. CC monthly (because that's what I do)! Really though, it depends on what you need and your workflow. Hard to answer for you. I do 99% of my post processing in LR, only using PS when I need to do something special - particularly any touching up or cloning out of anything more than a dust spot. PS is just so much quicker and easier than LR for that kind of thing and transparency just doesn't exist in LR. Maybe if you say a bit more about your workflow and what you are trying to do we can offer opinions but ultimately you're probably the best judge. Oh yes, the big question is: do you care about the cost of a CC subscription?
  9. Crikey - not a place I would have chosen to be, especially after Halabja in 1988... I presume there's a story behind you being there?
  10. Large format (8x10) camera with Alvan G. Clark, the first double Gauss lens. Belongs to a friend who was taking some street photographs in Ginza ( http://www.maudric.com/blog/2016/02/06/photographers-in-ginza-2/) and I got to have a go!
  11. A good thing then that I did not add something like back to the future ;-) wim Everyone will have known that anyway, 2020 is summer, not Winter Olympics (in Tokyo).
  12. Work in Adobe RGB and convert/downgrade to sRGB if you have to: https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=srgb+vs+adobe+rgb&espv=2&biw=1555&bih=773&tbm=isch&imgil=qf1PIPU3KNA6OM%253A%253BYTs1hNSruws6HM%253Bhttps%25253A%25252F%25252Ffstoppers.com%25252Fpictures%25252Fadobergb-vs-srgb-3167&source=iu&pf=m&fir=qf1PIPU3KNA6OM%253A%252CYTs1hNSruws6HM%252C_&usg=__9DhVZanXKI2E-N5VTyHRzEli7-o%3D&ved=0ahUKEwjIy-K8quDLAhVJG5QKHalWBq4QyjcINQ&ei=I4r3VoiuMMm20ASprZnwCg#imgrc=qf1PIPU3KNA6OM%3A
  13. I have to disagree with your printing analysis Mike, I use a well known Pro UK lab they print up to 60" x 40" and do this from their recommended 8 bit colour file, so their is no "protection". I agree to a point - all I'm saying is that if you want maximum quality you need better than 8 bit colour. My monochrome images are very different at 8 bit than they are at 16 (12 really) or, with HDR, full 32 bit. So, depending on what people are after, it may or may not make a difference.
  14. You really need to look at similar threads that have gone over this before - a quick search in this forum should do it. Also, look at the instructions that Alamy have put out - very good and detailed. You're arguing a case that shouldn't be argued. QC is what it is. You just need to read the requirements in detail and do what they ask. I only have a small number of images but have never had a fail, so it can't be that difficult! Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  15. Isn't it just a matter of grainy for film and noisy for digital? I know that we've discussed this before and you can get noisy photographs through if they appear to be intentionally, rather than just technically poor.
  16. All for the same client? May I ask what kind of subject(s). Typical fine art subjects? Just very curious Cheers, Philippe Maybe it's an interior designer for a client's private residence?
  17. If you don't find it on Google you can always take the first step of paying the daily congestion charge for London (UK registered cars only) at: https://congestioncharging.tfl.gov.uk/b/pb/provideVRM.facesYou do NOT need to log into an account. In this case doesn't give the model but it often does. Particularly useful for modern cars that "all look the same". Just another spanner/wrench in the toolbox. Mike
  18. http://redditlurker.com/pics/Post/t3_4baw6k 200,000 monks are buried at Okunoin Cemetery (Credit: John Lander/Alamy)
  19. Amazon cruise in Ecuador on the MV Anakonda is a beastly business http://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/travel/amazon-cruise-in-ecuador-on-the-mv-anakonda-is-a-beastly-business/news-story/c6608f658836e9371b8096f441a9adf0 Only credited to Alamy: Copyright: © Ammit / Alamy Stock Photo
  20. Hope these aren't repeats: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2016/03/british-meat-pie-contest Several, all credited to: By Jim Harrison/Alamy
  21. My take on this is that people are worried that buyers may exceed their licensed usage and do something else with the image. Of course that's true, I've seen umpteen threads asking for advice regarding double usage (one live one running at the moment) and other infringements. This is much the same as the problem the music and film distributors face; once it's out there, it's out there! To my mind there are a couple of "protections" in selling on Alamy: they only sell JPG files which only have an 8 bit colour depth, markedly different from the 12 bit colour depth I get from my camera. If you want the highest-quality print you cannot get it from the Alamy image. Alamy don't actually print it for them. If people want a personal print, going to a POD site or otherwise getting it printed is much easier and more reliable, the cost probably isn't greater than doing it yourself, if you're not experienced in printing. I actually think that it's a bit of an odd bird that wants to buy an Alamy image to print for themselves. On the other hand, if they're making their own wallpaper or something then... well, good luck to them! I do sell prints (infrequently but at good prices) but I tend to be a little selective as to which of those I also put on Alamy. If someone's printing it for private use I really can't see that you can do much unless they inadvertently invite you for Sunday lunch and you spot it on their wall. [rucksack off, sorry if I was rambling a bit]
  22. That's a superb list, great practical advice... I don't think I've read it before. I did laugh at a few: Is it legal to take pictures of girls feet with out them knowing?Probably, but expect to spend a lot of time in the company of police officers who take a different view.
  23. +1 You can watermark it or otherwise deface it before posting.
  24. I joined in August 2014 and had my first sale in October 2014... you can see that I am not exactly a major contributor (not many images and all monochrome) but sales tick in occasionally. I was actually pleasantly surprised to sell anything!
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