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  1. Been hanging tight since Tuesday. Used to get replies to emails within hours!
  2. Good morning l have discovered a copy of my image used on a website. I am still waiting for a response from contributor relations. Can anyone advise if I am able to chase the infringement through small claims without Alamy, or do I have to involve Alamy as the image was “stolen” from their site? The image is only available through Alamy, and this is the only social media I use. thanks in advance
  3. I would guess it stretches the fabric, for crease free covering. The fabric is clamped or held in pic 1. Which is then pressed down against a counterweight. This is purely a guess. It might prompt others to correct me.
  4. Last two images to make up my entry. Making a cup of tea http://c7.alamy.com/comp/G0N4XX/making-cup-of-tea-G0N4XX.jpg Take away Chicken http://c7.alamy.com/comp/HT055C/take-away-chicken-bones-HT055C.jpg Happy new year to all
  5. "It tastes absolutely delicious ( it had a flavour of cherry tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot buttered toast, all mixed up.) She then finds herself shrinking down to only ten inches high after drinking from the bottle." - Lewis Carroll. http://c7.alamy.com/comp/KR0Y91/small-glass-bottle-with-drink-me-label-KR0Y91.jpg
  6. What exactly is a fanboy, and why is it a bad thing? I like working with Alamy, submit Sunday, tag on Monday. Am I a fanboy?
  7. Disagree I think all the changes are very positive, and I will be embracing the changes.
  8. Thank you, and apologies to Allan.
  9. Apologies I have just given Allan Bell a red arrow in error. Is it possible to correct.
  10. Wim Good Morning You asked "How low can one go ;-)." I suspect this gentleman is about to find out.
  11. Robert Good evening Thank you for assisting. I have only been to Alkmaar once for less than a day. Images of Alkmaar only account for around 6% of my current collection. My wife used to work in Alkmaar. It's 20 minutes by car. I have no images of Alkmaar in my collection. (2 of tulip fields near Alkmaar though, just in case you would bother to look.) Alkmaar is a lovely city. wim I caught the train from Hoorn. This year was the first time I had to opportunity to visit away from the "coast" Normally have a few days in Hoorn, sometimes only over night. North Holland is a great place to visit. Also this year was the first time on Marken, have sailed past the lighthouse more than twenty times. I did have a look at your collection, I can see you have only images that "have something to say" Have a nice weekend
  12. Robert Good evening Thank you for assisting. I have only been to Alkmaar once for less than a day. Images of Alkmaar only account for around 6% of my current collection.
  13. But sales and CTR% affect Alamy rank which also affects views. It's not just keywords. Suggest getting an insight into ranking with BHZ. Yes but someone with low rank can defeat that with good images of obscure subjects. Like Alkmaar ;-) Btw Spark, your AA BHZ motorbike, is a BSA M21. There have been some searches in the past for M20 and M21's, with sidecar even. wim edit: your BHZ pipes are vents of the Velsertunnel Official name: Ventilatiegebouwen Velsertunnel. They're on the top 100 list of modern monuments, our National Register, of buildings from 1940-1958 in The Netherlands. Wim First of all congratulations on becoming a Yorkshireman.. (See Ed Rooney's post above) I have been trying without success to find out what those pipes were. That's a huge help. Thank you
  14. Good Morning If I have understood you correctly you are referring to poor cropping, the difference between. and where the top of the tower is cropped.
  15. Good Morning In some cases my keyboarding is too sparse. In fact they are incomplete, so that is something I can work on straight away.
  16. John Good morning Thanks for the advice. The advice to add more subjects really helps.
  17. It's even easier to correct verticals in recent versions of Lightroom - you just use guides that you drag onto the image and verticals are instantly straightened. I don't know how much correcting verticals will affect sales but the process is so easy in software (has been for years) that I am always amazed at how many people don't correct verticals as it vastly improves the aesthetics of an image in my opinion. It's not always possible to correct and it is often necessary to keep it in mind when shooting: leave a bit of space around a building when shooting with a tilted camera and/or do a vertical panoramic merge Gents Good Morning How would you correct this image.
  18. Mr Chapman Thank you for taking the time. However the example you used is not my image CBDWC2
  19. Alessandra I'm not unhappy with the market, and I'm certainly not unhappy with Alamy or it's Clients. The problem lies with how I've managed my portfolio. I am doing significantly worse than others.
  20. Geoff Goods Morning I'm shooting RAW (Pentax DNG) and processing in Elements. That look may come from the fact I do very little correction. Your advice regarding key words was very useful.
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