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June Challenge "environmentally friendly"

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Thanks again for honouring my humble payphone image. Winning was a surprise given the stiff competition.


This month's challenge is "Environmentally Friendly."


Standard rules apply: maximum of three images per participant, challenge closes on June 30th.


May the greenest man/woman win. Good luck! Here are three of mine to get the big green ball rolling:



Green pedicab in Mexico City





Recycling a cigarette butt in Vancouver (the butts get turned into plastic pellets)





Car-Free Day in Vancouver



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My three environmentally friendly images...


Public restroom facility with composting toilets and solar panels in national park.



Solar charging station and bicycle rental stand.



Solar powered charging station and picnic table outside campus food court.




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Thanks John for an interesting topic! Here are my three  :)





Conservation sign, Cambridgeshire UK




Composting toilet, Arizona USA




Green gardening UK





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Sacramento, California USA - An estimated crowd of 4,000 protesters took buses from 16 different cities to the state capitol to demand Governor Jerry Brown ban hydraulic fracturing. In what’s being dubbed the largest anti-fracking rally in California’s history, the ‘Don’t Frack California’ protest was voicing their concerns about earthquakes, air & water pollution, and climate change urging Governor Jerry Brown to stop all fracking in California.




Santa Barbara, California USA – Protesters from 350.org carry a 90 foot mock pipeline down State Street in Santa Barbara, California to plead with President Obama to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline and keep his promises about climate action. 



Santa Barbara, California USA - An Oil Spill Protest is held at the Santa Barbara Courthouse in reaction to the recent oil spill disaster at Refugio State Beach.

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Not particularly inspiring I fear, but the best I have that fits the brief. I may change them if I'm allowed and I capture something better during the month:



A rechargeable battery (literally green!)



Garden snail on a log



Mass transportation


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Creating a friendly environment in the Brontë garden outside Sowerby Bridge railway station:



Protecting young saplings at Ogden Reservoir near Halifax:
Floral display in Seaton as part of promotion for cycling:
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Lovely topic John,

here are a few from me:



Song sparrow on sign about how birds are being protected against overhead powerlines.




A bat box, set up in a conservation area.




A great horned owl recovering from an injury at the Edmonton Wildlife Rehabilitation Society



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Very interesting topic!  Here are a couple from me:




Styrofoam recycling at the city depot.





Buying and selling second hand goods at a garage sale instead of throwing them out and sending them to the landfill.

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The Alamy blog about picture needs makes this a very appropriate subject. I have learned a new word. Upcycled. My spell-check thinks it is not a word but people seem to be using it and I have an image that I have had to add keywords to because I  thought it was just a charming and unusual way to use old boots but it turns out to be an example of upcycling. Here are my three ways we can be environmentally friendly.


Upcycle  :) your boots...




DYAAXK  Old boots used as flowerpots.



Build your home out of cow dung and mud...




CTX16J  Masai women applying a mixture of cattle dung and mud to the roof of a hut.



Use horse power for transportation..




EN2GFK  Central Park carriage horse.



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My three.




Fruiting mushrooms of the clustered or oak bonnet, Mycena inclinata, growing on a fallen oak branch in woodland that is managed to allow natural decay




Three horse drawn carts stored undercover at Morwellham Quay, Devon




Street performer dressed as a green woman / mother earth walking on stilts at the Royal Cornwall Show in 2008

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