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Bloke & Yank tags the Other Side prolly don't know...

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13 minutes ago, Mr Standfast said:



"Chips" is still used over here in the former British Empire, but "French fries" and "fries" are  more common.


car trunk / boot

flashlight / torch

glasses / spectacles or specs

wrench / spanner


P.S. My parents were British, so I grew up with a lot of these weird terms.



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When American guests said that they wanted to wash up before we went to the pub they seemed confused when we said we were going to leave it to the morning.


Fanny and fag need watching as does anybody named Randy. (' hi I'm randy' can seem a little forward)

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25 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:


A fanny is your butt and a fag is a cigarette in the UK. Randy means horny. Wash up? Don't know that one, Ian. 


Fanny in UK is not your butt! Female and at the front 😀


They wanted the bathroom to freshen up, we thought they meant wash the dirty dishes after the meal.



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shopfront - storefront

telly - TV

air con - AC. not to be confused with "con air", the united states government airline used to transport hundreds of thousands of prisoners and illegal/unauthorized/undocumented persons each year.

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Innings - inning (baseball/cricket).


Not strictly relevant to alternative words (though the first two might morph into official words one day 🤣) - other differences you will hear in everyday life:


UK: Would you like fries with that?

US: Dyawa fries wiya?


UK: How can I help?

US: Huccanulp?


UK: It's on the corner of Fourth Street and Third Street.

US: 4th and 3rd,



UK: We are major players in the world

US: We are the world



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5 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

baby buggy - Pram


I have seen old photos of me in my pram (and very cute I looked too!), but I think prams have had their day. The biggest manufacturer of prams in UK went out of business a few years ago. UK parents now seem to use various designs of foldable buggies; nobody wants a big pram taking up so much room in the hall...

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On 22/09/2023 at 19:23, Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg said:
I just discovered "articulated lorry"

Usually shortened to artic. One of the more commonly mispronounced words spoken as 'arctic', second only to 'could of'.

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1 hour ago, Avpics said:

Usually shortened to artic. One of the more commonly mispronounced words spoken as as 'arctic', second only to 'could of'.

Searching for artic  in AoA, I get Artic Monkey's. Two for the price of one.

Searching for artic on Alamy gets me the same monkeys; terns; wolves; foxes; artic & antartic; fishing; frozen cake and squirrels. But indeed the odd tram; lorry and the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center. 26,806 images in all.

Never knew the first c could be mute.

Oops is that another one: Mute <> Silent? Or is Silent just PC and has Mute been canceled?

Oh canceled <> cancelled is definitely one but just spelled differently not a totally different word. More along organize <> organise.




edit: if I had anything Arctic, I would definitely include the keyword artic. 😁

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