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March 2023 Challenge -- Downward

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Congratulation on the win Hugh, well deserved.


Now looking at my photographs, I don't have many with a downward theme.

So here come three of them...


Looking downward into the swimming pool:




That funfair ride is going to go downward pretty fast:




And finally, what is soon going to go downward in this photograph, is the rain:



Good luck all.



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Looking down on seagrass and coastline, Albany, Western Australia. If you squint you may be able to see our little red inflatable boat on the shore. His name is Patch (...because he's more patch than original material these days).




Aerial shot of launch of oceanographic instrument (yellow) which can be seen diving down into the Perth Canyon, offshore from Western Australia. If you squint at this one you may be able to spot me sitting on the roof of the boat nervously piloting the quadcopter.



Lazy lemur with legs and tail hanging down giving a little wave from the rainforest canopy overhead, Nosy Boraha, Madagascar

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YES! I have finally figured out how to post images on the forum again. Something changed about a year ago, and today I sat down and worked out how to make it work. In case this helps anyone else who's struggling:

1. Search Alamy Image Manager for the image you're after.

2. Click on it to get the larger view.

3. Right-click and select "copy image URL"

4. Paste URL into forum dialog box.


I'm on a PC using Chrome as a browser.




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On 17/03/2023 at 10:46, Martin L said:

I found another couple that could fit the brief (also bump it up)


2. Juvenile Glossy Ibis with downward curved beak





Another BUMP.  What is in the bird's beak?




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54 minutes ago, Michael Ventura said:


Was wondering the same.  Looks likes legs of some unfortunate insect.


I wondered if it was twigs and were maybe stuck in it's beak.




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Red rock formations in Valley of Fire State Park upside down in a puddle, Nevada, USA . 




Looking down at the Ryssmasterna Lighthouse (Fyr) in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden from the top deck of a ship cruising by.




Looking down at the skyline of Reykjavik Iceland from the high tower of Hallgrimskirkja Church.




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