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Have you found any Alamy photos May 2021?

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15/05/2021 Daily Telegraph Money (print)

Daffodils on display for Marie Curie Day of Reflection, North Berwick, Scotland. 2F56FXY Sally Anderson

Hammersmith Bridge, London. KWWM67 RJT Photography

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14-20/05/2021, New Statesman, p39, Michael Caine as Harry Palmer, P4F3FW, Album [Alamy credit only]
14-20/05/2021, New Statesman, p46, wolf, credited to Ashley Hugo/Alamy but I can't find it
14-20/05/2021, New Statesman, p54, still from 'Bhaji on the Beach", HCR08J, Everett Collection Inc [Alamy credit only]

ISSN:  1368-4655


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On 18/05/2021 at 17:52, Doc said:

Well said Camera Girl - and a big thank you, Bryan, also from me for all your hard work!! Enjoy your break!




I'd like to reiterate that, thanks so very much for all your 'spots' and regular updates. What would we have done without you? Hope you get good weather for your caravan trip. ATB, John

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On 19/05/2021 at 12:06, Tony ALS said:


Credit: David Kirkland/Alamy

Credit: RGB Ventures/Alamy X2

Design Pics Inc/Alamy

Credit: Angelo Andreas Zinna/Alamy


An unsurprising lack of additions to this thread after the bombshells in the "contract".

Weak management and greed.

I'll say no more.

Appreciate all the positive votes for the above post.

Seems this thread is returning to some sort of normality for now, albeit without the daily tremendous input from Bryan.

Big day tomorrow.

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19/05/2021 Daily Telegraph (print)

Customers sitting outside the Richoux cafe in South Audley Street, London. 2C92HN3 Grant Rooney Premium

Mannington Hall, near Aylsham, Norfolk. B510WE Fuller Photography

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16 hours ago, davidhu said:

15/05/2021 Daily Telegraph Money (print)

Daffodils on display for Marie Curie Day of Reflection, North Berwick, Scotland. 2F56FXY Sally Anderson

Thanks for the spot!

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Telegraph Digital 22nd May


The Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz, Fethiye, Turkey

Contributor: Nick Brundle / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2CP0GW3


Grand Union Canal Milton Keynes

Contributor: Clearview / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: EMHXK9


Underwater image of woman enjoying the pristine waters of Mitjorn, Formentera

Contributor: Nano Calvo / Alamy Stock Photo


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Guardian online....



Aberdeen Art Gallery reopened after refurbishment in 2019. Photograph: Iain Masterton/Alamy

Padley Gorge, Peak District national park. Photograph: Robin Weaver/Alamy

Wicken Fen – the National Trust’s oldest nature reserve. Photograph: Susie Kearley/Alamy

Newport State of Mind, the parody of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ hit, namechecks the city’s 1906 transporter bridge. Photograph: Alick Cotterill/Alamy

Tredegar country house. Photograph: Chris Godfrey/Alamy

.....new costume galleries feature at Tullie House museum. Photograph: Travelbild Excl/Alamy

the ruins of Kinnoull Hill Tower overlooking the River Tay. Photograph: Simon Price/Alamy

Leigh-on-Sea is a half-hour’s drive from Chelmsford. Photograph: Picturebank/Alamy


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22/05/2021, Guardian, p27, Stonehenge, PMK878, Vic Powles
22/05/2021, Guardian, p37, cyclists in Amsterdam, W3M7FG, Jochen Tack
22/05/2021, Guardian, p45, woman charging electric car, PCABXK, Clynt Garnham Environmental
22/05/2021, Guardian, p47, DPD delivery, 2BJKXC0 or 2BNT7B7, dpa picture alliance [identical]
22/05/2021, Guardian, p52, Wicken Fen, 2AGHGXN, Susie Kearley
22/05/2021, Guardian, p53, Padley Gorge, 2C391B0, Robin Weaver
22/05/2021, Guardian, p53, Tredegar country house in Newport, EEW0NW, Chris Godfrey
22/05/2021, Guardian [Magazine], pp24-25, smart motorway section of M1, G2WRTW, Mark Kelly [Alamy credit only]
22/05/2021, Guardian [Review section], p9, cyclists in Amsterdam, CXAP5T, stefano baldini
22/05/2021, Guardian [Review section], p12, Coco Chanel, 2C60BAB, mccool
22/05/2021, Guardian [Review section], p17, Kowloon shanty town in 1994, A48H6A, Roger Hutchings
22/05/2021, Guardian [Review section], p18, Waterloo Bridge at night, Simon Bourne, but too many similar to say exactly which
22/05/2021, Guardian [Guide], p58, Hackney Empire, A30WD9, Barry Lewis [Alamy credit only]


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El País 22.05.2021 (Print edition)


Science History Images 2BDXYR8 Ayn Rand


Crystite RF 2A3N3CN Wheel of chariot at the the Kornak Sun temple (black pagoda), 13th century, located in Odissa, India


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Telegraph Digital 23rd May


The Malvern Hills; Worcestershire; Cotswolds; England

Contributor: nobleIMAGES / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: C2BW70


With more fears for the UK economy and the postponement for the next budget during the Coronavirus pandemic, the headline of the Evening Standard newspaper in Piccadilly Circus asks Prime Minister Boris Johnson where is the plan for London?, 24th September, in London, England. New restrictions are being re-introduced by the government after a sudden climb in the Covid infection rate, a predicted 'second spike'.

Contributor: RichardBaker / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2CTX0RE

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You're welcome Sally.


22/05/2021 Daily Mail Weekend (print)

Glass jar filled with apricot jam, surrounded by whole and cut apricots. 2C2EPKC Atlas Studio

Teddy bear toy on white background. D026JE Helen Sessions

Yellow vacuum cleaner on white background. 2DEP3M6 Radoslav Radev

Pressure cooker on white background. FX8YCF Marcia Silva

Rosa x Cantabrigiensis, pale yellow rose portrait. D8PEET Clare Gainey

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The Guardian website


1 May


Mark Boulton - lapwing


3 May


NPL - a female atlantic salmon migrating upstream


7 May


JohnatAPW - A bee-fly on an alkanet flower.


8 May


blickwinkel - two willow tits perch on a shrub


10 May


Douglas Spencer-Nairn - a deer and sheep in a field


11 May


Christopher Chuter - nightingale on a branch


12 May


Sander Meertins - common grasshopper warbler


17 May


Mike Lane - a male ring ouzel



Simon Whaley Landscapes - the old racecourse above Oswestry


18 May


Sandra Standbridge - common tamarisk moss


21 May


Derek Watt - a pair of red kites

Freefall Images - closeup of a red kite


22 May


Stefano Baldini - people cycling in Amsterdam



Bethan Clyne - long tailed tit in its nest

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Waitrose Weekend magazine, 20th May 21

MY1GH9, Devi Sridhar Professor of Global Public Health speaking on stage at Hay Festival 2018 Hay-on-Wye Powys Wales UK

Jeff Morgan 04



A visitor to the Hay on Wye book festival in Powys, Wales, reading in front of a display of oversize books in the rain

Andrew Fox


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