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  1. 23/10/2021, New Scientist, p14, ULEZ sign at Marble Arch, WMXRC9, Martin Bond 23/10/2021, New Scientist, p22, African penguin, HDXT2P, Kumar Sriskandan 23/10/2021, New Scientist, p45, scientist makes streptomycin, D0P21X, National Cancer Institute/RGB Ventures/SuperStock 23/10/2021, New Scientist, p54, typewriter keys spelling FACT, T12NJ9, Pillip ISSN: 02624079
  2. 23/10/2021, Guardian, p34, spectacled flying-fox orphans at Tolga Bat Hospital, 2CB0JC6, Dave Pinson 23/10/2021, Guardian, p49, Freegle website, 2F75AAG, Kalki [Alamy credit only] 23/10/2021, Guardian, p51, Tesla Model 3, credited to David Rawcliffe/Alamy but I can't find it 23/10/2021, Guardian [Journal section], p4, drug dealer & young woman, CBXPW1, Colin Bennett [Alamy credit only] 23/10/2021, Guardian [Magazine], p69, baboon looking for food in bin, TRDECM, M. van Dijl/AGAMI/blickwinkel 23/10/2021, Guardian [Magazine], p72, New Ross, FFN5EK, scenicireland.com/Christopher Hil
  3. Nov 2021, Gardeners' World, p47, Rosa 'Happy Days', PCWCWD, Alan, Kean ISSN: 09617477
  4. ^ Very welcome Clare, Steve 18/10/2021, Guardian, p33, Southeastern high speed train at St Pancras, EEEFW0, Transport for London [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 18/10/2021, Guardian [Journal section], p3, nursery school in Bristol, DC95KJ, Adrian Sherratt
  5. November 2021, Country Walking, p3, Rhinog Fach and Y Llethr seen from Moelfre, E4CMGR, Gavin Haskell November 2021, Country Walking, p12, sunrise at Buachaille Etive Mor, MHNHTE, travellinglight November 2021, Country Walking, p15, red squirrel, ENTET1, incamerastock [circular crop] November 2021, Country Walking, p15, tawny owl, FHK289, Edo Schmidt [circular crop] November 2021, Country Walking, p18, Stourhead, PYXPMK, Anne Clark November 2021, Country Walking, p19, Castle Hill at Mere, HDMTFG, Robert Maynard [circular crop] November 2021, Country Walking, p20, Moel Siabod in Sno
  6. 16/10/2021, Guardian, p43, Wizard of New Zealand, A5RM0B, Christian Handl/imageBROKER 16/10/2021, Guardian, p48, pensions protest, HW77E5, Mark Kerrison 16/10/2021, Guardian, p49, female teacher, B60H6X, Stockbroker/MBI 16/10/2021, Guardian [Journal section], p8, 'Asymmetric double archway' by Atta Kwami, 2G8P0P5, David Featherbe 16/10/2021, Guardian [Magazine], p7, Stokes BBQ sauce, TRF9N9, razorpix [Alamy credeit only]
  7. 14/10/2021, Guardian, p14, Wally the Walrus, 2GEANMX, AG News 14/10/2021, Guardian, p19, juvenle common swift, FAM4AM, Mateusz Ściborski 14/10/2021, Guardian, p19, common snipe, 2F2MGDX, Jiri Fejkl [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy] 14/10/2021, Guardian, p19, rook, CEDN97, Malcolm Schuyl [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 14/10/2021, Guardian, p35, Mark Phillips, M4W3C6, mark phillips 14/10/2021, Guardian [Journal section], p8, cable management, HPJF88, Sergio Azenha [Alamy credit only] 14/10/2021, Guardian G2, p5, Nick Clegg, 2AP174H, dpa picture alliance
  8. Cheers John and Kay Steve 12/10/2021, Guardian, p7, Croc shoes, BCKXNB, Jason Knott [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 12/10/2021, Guardian, p7, female friends in hot tub, T5EJDD, DGLimages [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy] 12/10/2021, Guardian, p7, girl with balloon, DWCKD4, Image Source [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy] 12/10/2021, Guardian, p21, Ethiopian priests with tabots, AMW6CK, Andy Chadwick [cropped] 12/10/2021, Guardian, p35, steel works, A0P453, Jeff Morgan 06 [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 12/10/2021, Guardian, p35, lawyers
  9. Cheers Gillian Steve November 2021, Homes & Gardens, p175, Old Stables antiques at Bayfield Hall near Holt, E4HAGW, Graham Prentice [cropped] November 2021, Homes & Gardens, p175, Holme beach, 2F6RCMC, SJ Images November 2021, Homes & Gardens, p175, Gurneys Fish shop in Burnham Market, GNHGD4, Robert Estall photo agency [cropped] ISSN: 0018-4233
  10. 09/10/2021, Guardian, p7, wind turbines, 2F1P1EP, dpa picture alliance [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 09/10/2021, Guardian, p15, new student arriving at Aberystwyth, E7JKHE, keith morris news 09/10/2021, Guardian, p18, Maison Dandoy biscuit shop in Brussels, BN48NW, Robert Fried 09/10/2021, Guardian, p43, Solomon Islands, D1G279, Michael Runkel/robertharding 09/10/2021, Guardian, p48, using contactless card, 2F4NMP9, Daisy-Daisy 09/10/2021, Guardian, p49, students going though UCAS clearing process, F0YGJE, Leila Cutler
  11. ^^ Cheers John Steve October 2021, The Garden, p10, plastic tree guards, 2AF3PR1, Trevor Chriss [cropped] October 2021, The Garden, p28, Carex oshimensis 'Evergold', 2AB5HXB, Joe October 2021, The Garden, p31, planting cabbage seedling, JEBHJD, Pavel Rodimov October 2021, The Garden, p37, circular crop of acorn nut weevil, credited to Alamy but I can't find it October 2021, The Garden, p37, hazel leaf-roller weevil, KF4K8N, John Burnham [circular crop] October 2021, The Garden, p37, figwort weevil, FJ5JXM, H. Bellmann/F. Hecker/blickwinkel [circular crop] October 2021, Th
  12. Oct/Nov 2021, Discover Britain, p4 & p29, River Eea at Cartmel, J885JJ, John Davidson Photos [cropped to portrait] Oct/Nov 2021, Discover Britain, p13, William Shakespeare, HRP286, Science History Images Oct/Nov 2021, Discover Britain, pp20-21, Elizabeth I, credited to World History Archive/Alamy but I can't find exact one Oct/Nov 2021, Discover Britain, p23, Disraeli, MPNKPC, The Print Collector Oct/Nov 2021, Discover Britain, p24, Winston Churchill, RT56J4, Stocktrek Images, Inc. Oct/Nov 2021, Discover Britain, pp26-27, mist & cloud over Newlands Valley, H34RAA, Stewart Smi
  13. 07/10/2021, Guardian, p3, Swampy & a bailiff, 2DGDM0X, Mark Kerrison 07/10/2021, Guardian, p21, large white butterfly, GN4FKW, Margaret Welby [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
  14. I did - I was a planning student in an earlier life so I'm always on the lookout for these sorts of places to photograph. Got to make use of all that studying somehow! Steve
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