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October challenge - Harmony

Chris E

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Great Challenge Chris!  Always fun to see what people come up with.  It was tough to not go straight to music but good to think "outside the box"

Here are my three.


Zydeco band in Henderson, Louisiana 




Team Unity!




Everyone on the Dance Floor!



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We were away during the voting for the September competition, but a worthy winner did emerge!


Not sure that I have anything particularly harmonious in my collection, but this one shows an attempt to reduce the discord - a man tuning the drones on a set of Scottish pipes.




I'll sneak another in




Harmonious landscape, Northumberland coastline at Alnmouth

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When I think of harmony, I think of peace, beauty and balance. This was another harmonious moment for me (well not really - actually I was racing around trying to capture this so not really as peaceful as I would have liked).





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What the heck, here are my late entries.   D9Y567 and DAXJ51






Oops!  I'm not sure where to find or how to enter the image URL in order to embed the image in the post.

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