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  1. Over the years, before retiring as a pro photographer, I have had a variety of Photographer’s Personal Liability and Photographer’s Personal Indemnity cover, with various insurers. I only had photographer-specific policies and they covered risks specific to professional photographers, and also specific to me personally. At one time I insured with a company with a discount through the body I belong to (British Institute of Professional Photography), and on other occasions through insurers that advertised in professional photographic magazines. Since retiring I have concentrated o
  2. Martin, this is very interesting, and something to think about. Many thanks for mentioning.
  3. Yes, Martin, I would like to, this forum is a great community and it would be a pity to loose touch. However, I do not anticipate looking for more stock outlets, as in my view the race to the bottom is gathering pace with a vast oversupply of most subjects. At some stage I may look at ways of getting my archive pics, that date back to to 1966 some of which have had good rights sales on Alamy, back online. Graham.
  4. Back in 1970, when I first starting submitting to picture libraries and the percentage to photographers was 60%, I felt valued by the Library I was with. Submitting to Libraries has only ever been a small part of my professional photographic activities, but rewards were excellent for many years. The libraries I stayed with worked for each others mutual benefit. This positive working relationship with libraries continued until 2015, when one I had been submitting to (run by a photographer and his wife) closed due to retirement. I have always sort positive working relations with cl
  5. I have read very page of this thread about the very disturbing new contract – I thought the contract change a couple of years ago was bad enough, but this change is deeply alarming, and it is clear many other contributors feel the same. I am now retired from a working life as a professional photographer and am now concentrating on personal projects (and thoroughly enjoying it, too). In recent years have only been putting pics onto Alamy occasionally and still have a very small portfolio that does pay very well in terms of rights sales for the size of my portfolio – significantly a
  6. CYCLE magazine April/May 2019 p12 Amsterdam Museumplein cyclists during evening rush hour at the entrance of the famous bicycle tunnel underneath the Rijksmuseum Wiskerke
  7. CYCLE February/March 2019 (magazine of Cycling UK) p8 Compost bin (cropped) D1TFYK Lisa Werner p56 Helsinki, Finland - December 6, 2016: View Of Evening City And Uspenski Cathedral From Pier. (cropped) KY38BF Ryhor Bruyeu p58 View of the Waterfront of Old Town Lubeck with the Trave Canal, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (cropped) FBB71P George Oze
  8. Radio Times 5-11 January 2019 p43 Mathematical derivation of E=mc^2 on a blackboard F0RMGG Stephen Barnes/Science p126 Brave Antigone MKN1N5 Pictures Now
  9. Radio Times 1-7 December 2018 p142-143 Kompong Luong floating village, Tonle Sap lake, Cambodia, Indochina, Southeast Asia, Asia Eitan Simanor/Robert Harding
  10. I would like to mention a few experiences of my wife’s great grandfather, who was a professional photographer in the late Victorian/ Edwardian era that all these years later still has relevance to Alamy’s predicament. There is nothing new under the sun. He trained as a photographer using the complex process of wet plates, and he had a portrait studio in Taunton, UK, when the dry plate was introduced in the early 1880s. The dry plate was a huge advance (a bit like digital challenging film in recent years), and suddenly several people set up as photographers in the same street as G
  11. BBC News 22 November 2018 Could these three changes save cyclists' lives? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46303370 car parked in mandatory cycle lane, in ham, surrey, england BYNM04 Mick Sinclair
  12. Radio Times 27 October - 2 November 2018 p149 Wagon Wheels biscuit - individual packet of original flavoured Wagon Wheels biscuits set on white background BGY0BR Carolyn Jenkins p150/151 Berlin, Germany skyline over the Spree River. DNFXGC Sean Pavone p150/151 Disposable gun disguised as a lipstick developed by Soviet Secret Service KGB on display at the German Spy Museum in Berlin Germany J9WJCN Iain Masterton p150/151 East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany E70PJ5 imageBROKER
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