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  1. I think you have me confused with someone else, as I've not complained about low sales. Being a realist, I am fully aware my sales would be small due to the quanity of images and I not being as good as other photogs. Not to mention, I take few images of people. I agree Alamy is one of the few good ones, but their latest hit to contributor's was enough for me to leave them too. This is a major reason for deleting my images and am ok with losing all the hours I put into submitting images. Sometimes the price of learning is wasting time.
  2. 100% of nothing is still nothing - ... I reckon one would need to ask themselves; is receiving nothing better than giving away my work? My answer: Yes! I'm passionate about photography, perhaps will never be great at it, but I'll be capturing till I die. Like many, I'd love to make a living at something I love, but I refuse to put in the time, effort and money only to have others want my work for pennies to use for 5 yrs. Honestly, I'd rather no one have it, if that's the case. I don't begrudge anyone that is ok with giving away their work. Though I think perhaps along with
  3. I had been gone for awhile and when I returned, I noticed this and thought, 'What the heck has happened to Alamy?' $29 for 5 yr license? Have they gone micro after I left all micro's to be with Alamy? Have to agree.... Although the last thing I want is more work to build a site of stock images and keep up with licenses, I'm going to seriously consider bailing. Sure I want to sell images, but would prefer not to be r***d in the process and make a mere pittance on my work; Hell $14.50 won't give me a tank of gas to last 5 yrs.! Not that my measly amount of images will hurt Alamy when remove
  4. Now I'm really confused. lol If you have an SLT A55 how can you say it has a fixed mirror and is mirrorless? I have an A33 and have used the A58, A66, A77 which I was lead to believe were all mirrorless. That's what I get for taking one's word on that and not doing the research. My bad!
  5. I know as I did say I bought a Sony SLT mirrorless and I only dislike the lightweight to them.
  6. I'd never use my cheap windows laptop for any PP! Though when I get a Mac laptop and calibrate it, I'd probably use it when on the road/traveling. Kind of hard to walk away from my 27" iMac for PP, so majority of my work would be done on it.
  7. Snacking on green leafy vegetable Healthy or not healthy that is the question.... Did you hear about the teacher that ate every meal at McDs and lost 60lbs? Civil War hospital
  8. Three years ago, I walked into a store to buy my first DSLR. A Canon was the planned purchase, but the salesman asked if he could show me another camera. I said sure and he pulled out a mirrorless Sony, telling me all the advantages compared to a mirrored camera. Not knowing anything about DSLRs, I wound up buying the Sony SLT and not a day has passed that I've regretted that decision. Though I've gone through many a times being told I should've bought a Canon or Nikon. lol I did find it too lightweight, so was glad to find out the old Minolta film lenses fit on my camera to give it some weig
  9. Sunset over Vernazza Horse watching the sun set 2012 eclipse at sunset
  10. That is correct. While in Lr, click on File then Plug-in Manager. That will bring up a window and you'll find the Alamy plugin. There you will put in your Alamy username, password and license number.
  11. I don't have a NEX, but do have a Sony SLT A-33. I use mostly old Minolta AF film lenses and personally keep the IS turned off all the time. If this was happening with all images I'd say a back focusing issue in camera, but that's not the case. Then again take what I say with a grain of salt.
  12. Update: Unless I'm missing something, once "Ready" images are deleted, you cannot change pseudo or keywords.
  13. Thanks Bryan! So if I move the images to be deleted into another pseudo, they won't be seen in my main one correct?
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