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Bad Weather Pics

Steve Hyde

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I was following a thread in the another topic in the forum over the weekend. It was about getting out in the recent good weather, here in the UK, to take some stock photos. Long story short, someone mentioned it had started to rain on his 'good weather' shoot putting an end to that days fun. That was followed by a comment by someone else, that bad weather was no excuse to put the camera away. 


I whole heartedly agree agree with that. I'm not to precious over my equipment and some of my favourite photos, in my small portfolio, have been taken in some awful weather conditions. Here's an example I took of a couple on a beach at. T4 event a few summers ago. It still makes me smile and was printed in The Sun newspaper. I wondered if anyone else felt the same, with some examples of course 😊







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Nothing to match Martin Parr, but


Toulouse Capitole






Toulouse again, a repeat seller, taken just before an airport worker told me photography was not permitted airside. Bien sûr, says I.



Toulouse yet again. Thanks, MP.



Isle of Man steam packet from Blundellsands. Sometimes I love autocontrast.



Lambeth, 1979. Anyone else remember being a gentleman and a Skolar?

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I love bad weather, its one of my favourite things. A couple of pics from me



Really black clouds behind a lovely church at Jokkmokk in Sweden. Yes, I got wet. I wasn't a stock shooter back then so I didn't take pictures of the deluge and everyone running from it (which was a waste of energy as everyone was soaked through in 5 seconds). 



Big summer storm passing Maria in Gaspesie, Quebec. 


Nice thread




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3 hours ago, imageplotter said:

TeeCee, that first picture is fab!! Hope that at least some of the people sheltering actually bought something from the "Sidmouth Gifts" shop! :D

Thanks! Of course, I was sheltering on the opposite side of the road too.

Main difference is I was in the archway of the Anchor pub, c/w sensible refeshment ....



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Unfortunately it's the same ones who get weather images used and get retweets most of the time. That's why I haven't bothered for a while as it's just a waste of time, and very frustrating when I was doing so well.


I guess it helps if you live next to the sea?

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