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  1. Cold in Downing Street

    It has been so cold in Downing Street, London, this week that the photographers have taken to running up and down the press pen to keep warm, and some of us are at an age where that is not a good idea!
  2. Bad Weather Pics

    I was following a thread in the another topic in the forum over the weekend. It was about getting out in the recent good weather, here in the UK, to take some stock photos. Long story short, someone mentioned it had started to rain on his 'good weather' shoot putting an end to that days fun. That was followed by a comment by someone else, that bad weather was no excuse to put the camera away. I whole heartedly agree agree with that. I'm not to precious over my equipment and some of my favourite photos, in my small portfolio, have been taken in some awful weather conditions. Here's an example I took of a couple on a beach at. T4 event a few summers ago. It still makes me smile and was printed in The Sun newspaper. I wondered if anyone else felt the same, with some examples of course 😊
  3. Hello Everyone, Many thanks again for voting for my image in the July Challenge, I'm chuffed! Well, it's time just about everywhere. So I thought I'd go for the glaringly obvious one: ON THE BEACH. I'm hoping this is a fairly 'democratic' subject as most of us will have been on a beach at some point or another, whether it's on a classic postcard of an exotic holiday in warm climates, a wild and stormy landscape shot, or a temporary sand pitch 'city beach' in an urban environment. So - go crazy! Anything goes from dreamy palm-fringed fantasies to gritty Martin Parr-esque documentary shots, with people or without, day or night, summer or winter. It doesn't even have to have sand in it - but the picture does need to clearly be at some kind of beach,or feature a beach in some form. I hope I'm not duplicating a previous challenge (tried to search through the last year or so, if it has indeed been done before then please forgive me!) The challenge will close at midnight on 31st AUGUST. Please post up to 3 of your Aamy images. I'm attaching a few ideas, although beach shots are not my strong point, so I'm really curious what people will come up with! Hope you'll have a lot of fun with this one!! Feel free to sip on a Pina Colada whilst selecting your shots. EXAMPLES: 1.Fake Beach Fun (London Beach Rugby tournament last weekend) . 2.There's a beach somewhere in there (Southend-on-Sea) 3.Fire Juggler and old West Pier (Brighton)