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  1. Oh yes, I agree with you there. I went even further, the images I've posted are 400x267 pixel only. Not watermarked though and my question was, am I allowed to use the Alamy watermarked images from the site here on my blog or do I have to add my own watermark for them? I think those examples are seriously outdated remains from a much earlier version of the website. That would be perfect. It doesn't work for blogs though, only for a few of the big social media places.
  2. I stumbled across a scan from an old periodical on Alamy a few days ago. Is that something that is welcome here?
  3. I've started a blog to promote my stock photos. Would love to exchange links with others doing the same but that's not my main question right now: How do I post my pictures there? Obviously I want people to go to Alamy and buy rather than simply download them from my blog. For my firt post I scaled the examples down to a size smaller than the smallest one for sale here but that's not an ideal solution. Can I use the watermarked pictures from Alamy for this purpose? Or should I make copies with my own watermark for the blog?
  4. A quick thank you to everybody who offered their advice. All my pictures are taken from public streets and itnerestingly that means different laws apply since they are from two different countries.
  5. Thanks. That's really good advice! It's a lot of work though. Right now I have 879 photos uploaded and passed QC so I'm about halfway through my backlog. So far only 118 of them are for sale though, the rest of them are still missing their keywords. This is going to take a while... I see what you mean and I'm definitely going to borrow that trick. Here's another one I'm planning to use: multiple languages. I didn't check since I don't have any swan images myself but how many hits do you get for "cygne" or "Schwan" or "svane" or "zwaan" or "joutsen"? There probably wo
  6. Thanks! We used to be neighbors btw. I lived for six years in Lakselv. I didn't take many pictures during that time period though. This was pre-digital and I think I only used two or three rolls of film in Finnmark. The last one I conmpletely forgot about and it stayed in my camera for years before I finally got it developed.
  7. Tusen takk! Yes and that's going to take ages! After two days I've still only managed to upload slightly less than 500 pictures and now I have to find some sensible descriptions and keywords for them all! I suppose I have to do that in steps. I'll only add some very basic generic ones for now to get the pictures listed and, even more important, make them searchable in the image manager. Then I can fill out with more details later. I'm afraid people will see a lot of fjord and tourist attraction clichés from me - that's what I got right outside my fro
  8. Not sure if I'm allowed to link to my blog here but I haven't been on this forum long enough to be allwoed to post photos and since the image was taken with an Ixus so it can't be uploaded to Alamy. https://franknordbergphotos.blogspot.no/2017/09/just-another-day-in-bod.html
  9. Hopefully a quick question, do I need releases from the owners to publish photos of historical and public buidings too? I have four series of pictures of architecture from four different towns, three late 19th/early 290th century and one medieval. I was hoping I could publish those photos here but there is absolutely no way I can identify and contact the owners of each and every house on the pictures.
  10. I took my first pictures with my mother's Kodak Instamatic but I guess that doesn't count. My first camera was a Ricoh XR 500. I bought it and a cheap 400 mm to take pictures of birds but it turned out birds were rather unruly models so all my decent pics from that time are of other things and of people. My first film was Agfacolor and I still love the special color balance it gave (I may be the only person in the world who does that). Afterwards the Ricoh was fed a well balanced diet of Ektachrome and Kodachrome of various ISOs mixed with an occasional Technical Pan fo
  11. I was accepted as an Alamy contributor yesterday and thought I'd say hello right away. My name is Frank, I've lived near Bodø in Northern Norway for more than 20 years now and I've been shooting pictures for longer than I care to admit I've lived. It's always been jsut a hobby though, this is the first time I'm trying to offer any of my pictures for sale. I was really going to only offer a selection of my old photos here but now that I'm in, I've started to look for new pictures to shoot. Unfortunately, what I have right outside my door are weathered old wooden houses,
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