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Congratulations, first of many I hope!


Find the image as if you were searching as a customer and then right click on it. Select "Copy image address". 


Return to forum and use the Image icon to insert your shot. Paste and then edit the resulting text to give the required size, comp is full size (huge!), thumbs is a thumbnail as below, zooms is somewhere between the two.



alamy.com/thumbs/HN6TA8/the-old-town-hall-set-of-buildings etc




People brought up in the world of Windows will probably know quicker ways, dragging and dropping or something of the sort.

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What Bryan describes works a treat.

Another option, which works particularly well if you have two monitors or can get two browser windows on your screen at the same time is to simply drag your image from one browser window into the forum post edit box in another browser window.


And a third option if the image is on Alamy, is to just include the Alamy picture reference as text and readers who are truly interested will just look it up.

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Hi there,


Thanks for all the great feedback and congrats.


But I am still having probs with showing the image.


I have ie and right clicking on the image only gives me copy not copy image. I've also tried drag and drop.


I think I might give up and just say it's image number is HN78GR.


Uploading more as we speak as such


Thanks again



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