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  1. Thanks everyone for the info most appreciated
  2. Thanks Alex, I'll check it out
  3. What sort Dahlia(or is it?) is this please? Thanks Janet
  4. Hi Guys, just for info I was on holiday in Bude Cornwall a week or so ago which is where the photos were taken, but in London I don't see hardy any of the birds at all.
  5. Brilliant, thank you John
  6. Can some help ID these birds please Thanks Janet
  7. So sorry to hear that, drive safe and see you back whenever your ready, sending love and hugs Janet
  8. Thanks David, I usually use http://www.mykeyworder.com that does a similar thing but I’ll give the link a go and I’ve seen quite a few “cheats” too
  9. Thanks Wim I’ll have a look through the links
  10. Cheers for the replies David, I will try to correct keywords and Paulette didn't think of that, a few around that time were key worded very quickly. Mental note go back over previous uploads. Wim, praise indeed thank you. I have never known how to use All of Alamy properly and obviously I need to think a bit more about the why's and wherefores. Is there an easy way to learn AOA. Thanks again Janet
  11. Hi there, if stuck I use www.mykeyworder.com you can pick and choose the keywords relevant to your picture.
  12. So - really I think Alamy should tighten up their criteria as to what qualifies as Live News, not tighten up who can contribute to it. Agree to that I also have a problem that I have no news sales so no PDF to upload. As others have said very sad way to work and who will miss out us or them or even both
  13. Please have a look at my port https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/janetpriddle Thanks in anticipation
  14. The rest of us were unceremoniously dumped. I'll agree with that, although I have only been recently been trying to understand the live news route, I also have no published photos to send and I assume that's tough tooty can't join the club. Really not nice and no warning either
  15. Hi Autumn Sky Thanks for the info, I’ll give them ago next time I get stuck Janet
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