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  1. Thanks for the info Ed, most kind
  2. Gosh you lot have a weird sense of humour, I’ll get used it though. I know that about the swan just a slip of the finger and having senior moments. Will have a look when at work in the Library. Thank you all for your help and suggestions Janet
  3. Wow, Allan, thank you for your efforts. I think I’ll just say it’s a common frog. This much more complicated than I thought although I’ve been here a while still learning and probably won’t ever stop. Janet
  4. Thank you Allan, no offence taken, just trying to get it right. Was taken on the off chance in Barnes. Janet
  5. Thank you and I'll wait for a while to see if others agree or disagree
  6. Can anyone help ID this frog Thanks Janet
  7. Wow thank you funny what you see in Cornwall
  8. Please can someone help to ID this car Thank you Janet
  9. Ok then Dunnock it is thank you all
  10. Thanks Mark I’ll at that one too
  11. Thanks Allan, I'll check it out Janet
  12. Please someone help with the ID of this little bird TIA Janet
  13. Thank you both, I'll keep searching
  14. Thank you very much it gives me something to go on.
  15. Please can anyone help ID these little mushrooms TIA Janet
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