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  1. I see that I have touched upon a hot topic for many, I wish everyone good health! My country has enough good medical care, but in fact it's oppressing the queues, when you have to do something immediately, that's why you have to incur expenses. I'm afraid that as with my small pension, I did not really have to contact someone for support . Throughout life, never even in my thoughts, this did not arise, but now, when without work, without a source of income, it would not have to resort. As long as a month is before the second necessary operation, I will look for a way out of the situation
  2. Jill, I'm sorry, very difficult situation, my condolences! And with the sums of accounts it is generally a nightmare.
  3. >> Of course, but it seems safer to make my problems paid. ===== Please explain, if willing. Safer = better quality care? But if cancer is spreading & time is critical, isn't any reasonable care better than no care? What about searching for "clinical trials"? Some may NOT involve placebos. Contact university medical schools in your region. As to raising money, in addition to other advice given here, what about a blog in as many languages as possible
  4. He left the hospital, did the first half of the operation, unfortunately the finances were not allowed for the rest. I hope everything happens when it happens. Thank you all for your support!
  5. Brian, I wish you and everyone else here health! Hope does not leave me, that there will be a buyer who will need my photos.
  6. Ed, I think you are right, nothing is done quickly, but for me now there are no other options.
  7. Thank you for your support! I appreciate your responsiveness and attention. Since the fund is not familiar, I have not even heard that such exist, I do not even know, but I can try to register there.
  8. Thank you for your understanding, I have not read this man's blog, I will certainly appreciate his book. If you can email me at rybalov77@yandex.ru I have already given my Paypal for a long time to my relatives, realizing that everything is unreliable for me now.
  9. I know that the indifferent will be found in any country, although in my situation today I am from Russia. It's difficult to get over your principles, but it's forced. The state of health allows me to move with difficulty only around the apartment, I did not diagnose cancer myself, I am already being treated for more than a year, but now I need a compensation for which the pension funds are not enough katastorficheski, I even sold some real estate, but this was not enough. I appeal to colleagues how I can best advertise my work, in the hope that they will buy, for me every cent will be h
  10. Loading is very slow! At my high speed internet, 16 files are downloaded for longer than 15 minutes. Afflicted by this situation.
  11. Everything is as usual - I choose to load choose image type then the folder in which they are located ..
  12. I can not download the prepared files for three days already. Is this a general problem or just me?
  13. Thank you for the explanation! I by analogy with other sites thought that these light boxes are for me, and not for buyers, now I realized that they are not for sorting their work. For their work only their aliases are assigned, where I can sort by topic and another image.
  14. Recently, I was faced with the problem of attaching photos to created light boxes. It fixes one image from the batch, and the rest after the page reloads are not attached again. I do not know how beneficial it is to have broken images, but before that everything worked. Who faced this problem and can it be solved?
  15. Several works have been uploaded on 31.03, but there is still no verification. Is it just me or technical problems?
  16. I wrote in the beginning that I know about my problem with the keywords. Already edited these pictures. Thank you!
  17. I understand what you mean, but now unfortunately there is no possibility to expand the places and subjects of the pictures, since I hardly leave the house. God will give and I will have the opportunity to implement these ideas, but now there is no possibility, I am satisfied with what I have.
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