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  1. Thank you both, I'll keep searching
  2. Thank you very much it gives me something to go on.
  3. Please can anyone help ID these little mushrooms TIA Janet
  4. Brilliant, thanks John again. It will give me an idea what to look for Janet
  5. Please can someone ID this one, I know it's a dahlia but which variety, I have looked on Google and can't find the one I want Thanks Janet
  6. Wow, that's a lot of information to take in. I am very jealous of your garden, but needs must, I am in a flat in London, but hubby has an allotment, so I'm not too bad on veggies but flowers another matter. It's great to have you on the forum as you're a mine of information. Thank you very much Janet
  7. No Allan it's fine. John, how did you become such a flower expert? Janet
  8. Thank you John, I'll check out Hayley Jane.
  9. Please can someone help with Flower ID, I think it's a Dahlia but not sure which one Thanks Janet
  10. I hope so, like to see what's been looked at.
  11. Measures not working for me again, anyone else?
  12. Thank you again John DJ Myford thank you too, but I wasn't going to get that close, just in case!!!
  13. Can someone please help ID this beastie Thank you Janet
  14. Please can someone help with an ID for this flower. Thanks in anticipation Janet
  15. Thanks everyone for the info most appreciated
  16. Thanks Alex, I'll check it out
  17. What sort Dahlia(or is it?) is this please? Thanks Janet
  18. Hi Guys, just for info I was on holiday in Bude Cornwall a week or so ago which is where the photos were taken, but in London I don't see hardy any of the birds at all.
  19. Brilliant, thank you John
  20. Can some help ID these birds please Thanks Janet
  21. So sorry to hear that, drive safe and see you back whenever your ready, sending love and hugs Janet
  22. Thanks David, I usually use http://www.mykeyworder.com that does a similar thing but I’ll give the link a go and I’ve seen quite a few “cheats” too
  23. Thanks Wim I’ll have a look through the links
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