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December Challenge

Colin Woods

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Sorry for the delay everyone. I got Mickfly's message this morning. At the moment the Leader of the Opposition is away in Montreal for two weeks on a training course, leaving yours truly as a hapless single parent family for a fortnight. I now really, fully understand and respect genuine single parents; I have been at it for a week and a bit and I am exhausted. And I don't have a job to go to as well. I had hoped that the kids would have an afternoon siesta that would give me the time to set up the challenge. Didn't happen. They are now in bed and I am now slumped bonelessly in front of the computer. I'll set the challenge and then see if I can get some bunting and red carpet for when Helene comes back at the weekend.


Anyway, enough family gossip, full of drama and human interest though it is. The theme for this month is Motion. Anything that shows or describes movement, it could be motion blur, pan shots, long time exposures. 


As always its a maximum of three images per participant. As this challenge is informal we have a bit of flex in the rules and I don't mind entries that are not on Alamy, so if you have a cracker that is on another site then that is OK with me. The entries will be open until midnight on the 31st Dec and after that I will choose the eight that I think fit the description and you will then have five days to vote.


Over to you all, and if I get a selection half as good as we had for the last challenge I will be delighted. 





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Cracking shots to start us off Philippe!


Please click for larger images.


Here's my first, smiling oldies on board vintage motorcyle




and now for something completely different, flowing water



and, staying with water, Dark Hollow Falls



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How about this for a start?  Tokyo taxi driver rushing to... join a queue.






Through the waterfall





Three boys waft incense smoke over themselves at the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo.





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Here are my three entries
Tram approaching the platform in front of the Main train station in Basel
Passengers getting on the train at the St Pancras train station in London


St Giles Fair in Oxford
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Good topic Colin! 

Here's my three:


Buddhist monks walking through a colonnade, Bagan, Myanmar





London Taxi and cyclist, Trafalgar Square, London:







Paris Metro train arriving at Montparnasse station:





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"The theme for this month is Motion. Anything that shows or describes movement, it could be motion blur, pan shots, long time exposures."

I hope I'm not being too subtle about the meaning with mine.

First one, the ice pattern on the hub wouldn't exist without motion, the second, is two forms of fuel for motion and the third is evidence of motion past.







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