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2020 February Favourite Uploads


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Surfboard outdoor shower at Mauna Lani Resort by Auberge on the Big Island of Hawaii

‘I love you’ spelled out with white coral rocks on a beachside wedding platform at Mauna Lani Resort by Auberge on the Big Island of Hawaii


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On 04/02/2020 at 17:33, John Morrison said:

^^^ Great crested grebe,  bearded tit, red-crested pochard, littlle owl (used to have one as a pet. Vicious little bugger, it was). Am I right?

Right on all counts - I should have labelled I guess :D



House mouse - I think


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Couple of images from Laos, SE Asia taken 2nd half of January '20:



Famous Kuang Si Waterfall cascade near Luang Prabang.   Most images you will find around are taken from base of the falls where tourist hordes stop.  But on right side there is rough route that scrambles to little lagoon on top of the falls.  Halfway up rough path branches left and exits to this vantage point.  I almost cried from joy -- nobody around and such a beautiful place!  Spent good half an hour just enjoying myself and happy over and over with ultra-light Sirui tripod purchase -- fits easily in day pack, quick to set-up and strong enough to support SLR.   It was ~4pm so too bright, but by strapping polarizer, lowering ISO to 100 and aperture to F22 I was able to get 3.2 sec exposure time for that silky water.    Image was significantly post-processed in CS6:   Diagonal grad filter from upper left till about halfway of the frame (this part was too bright),  HDR toning for lower right with mask (this part was too dark),  emerald filter for foliage/moss,  warming filter for rock and ~15% brightness for water drop.  


Image will never sell on Alamy, but I really like it (Waterfalls are my kind of thing).  Here is full URL:  https://www.alamy.com/vertical-landscape-view-of-scenic-kuang-si-falls-a-beautiful-cascading-waterfall-in-a-lush-forest-setting-near-luang-prabang-laos-southeast-asia-image342716964.html





Upper part of reclining gold-covered stupa in Pha That Luang buddhist complex,   Vientiane (capital of Laos).  This is fantastic place for photographers!  Spent couple of hours, including some night photography.  Image above was taken handheld (1/160 sec exposure) and I really like the angle.  Spent some time in CS6 cleaning up awful set of wires in bottom left (between these 2 towers in background) -- amazingly enough, most photos I found online taken here never bother with that!  

Image is really sound technically but I am not certain how much it is Alamy material.   Here is full URL anyways:  https://www.alamy.com/head-of-reclining-gold-covered-buddha-statue-or-the-great-stupa-a-sacred-buddhist-monument-in-pha-that-luang-vientiane-laos-capital-image342843709.html

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I was fortunate to be able to photograph this California Condor chick a month after he fledged in Zion National Park. He is #1000 in the Condor Recovery Program and the first one to fledge in Zion. His parents are the only known breeding pair in the park.



California Condor chick in Zion National Park




California Condor chick



California Condor in Zion National Park, Utah



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Spent December '19 trekking in Nepal Himalaya mountains.  This image is of famous Thorung La Pass, highest point on Annapurna Circuit (5416m) -- one of world most iconic treks:



Had little altitude problems due to proper acclimatization & felt good to climb even higher (about 100m vertical) for this shot of the Pass.  Glaciated peak on the other side is Yakwakang (6482m).  In prime trekking season (Oct/Nov)  this is usually busy place -- even local selling snacks and tea at that stone structure below -- but this was mid December and temps are already too cold so the place was deserted & had it to myself for over half an hour.  


Definitely not Alamy material & it will never sell here, but a personal photo that screams "accomplishment" & thus is favorite upload!



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Ventured out as Storm Ciara's force subsided last Sunday. Unsurprisingly, Cardiff Bay was unusually quiet. Had to use continuous shooting mode as I was constantly being buffeted by the wind and couldn't be sure the camera was stable when the shutter opened. Suspect Storm Dennis is carrying too much rain to make a trip out this weekend a realistic prospect.



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