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  1. I haven't used the your_pseudonym Alamy -Alamy.com method before and it's instantly led me to some old sales. Delightful. Thanks for the tip.
  2. This is the fourth sale of the interior of Bar Luce in Milan, all four shots being taken from the same vantage point - my seat! Surely some kind of record (albeit a weird one...)!
  3. With a maximum focal length of 105mm, I needed a friendly robin and some cropping to get a picture. My own personal concert for several minutes. Enchanting.
  4. The weird and wonderful Castell Coch. Just down the hill from my home and taken from a garden centre car park. Crazy that it's taken so long to shoot what's on my own doorstep.
  5. The Water Tower by the Wales Millennium Centre, aka The Torchwood Tower after its use in the TV series.
  6. It's the Yacht Master's lookout station in Cardiff Bay. It's also a statement of some sort presumably. Either that or the workmen used the first pot of paint they found in the workshop that day.
  7. Summer's last hurrah in Porthcawl, South Wales.
  8. 60. The age doesn't bother me too much, but the lack of working knees does. How many shots do you take in a squatting or crouching position? Can't do it. I either stand or put one knee on the (wet/muddy/dirty/stony) ground. At the end of last year I migrated to a mirrorless camera with a flip-out screen which should give more options for viewpoint, but I'm so old-school I can never remember to use it. First camera was a Zenit B back in the mid-seventies. It was so manual you had to focus wide open then stop down to take the shot. On the plus side, my sense of humour is still juvenile.
  9. Interior of the Starbucks Reserve Milano Roastery. Corporate client for a presentation or newsletter. Low $. Happy memories of that trip. The coffee was goooooood....
  10. Castell Coch, just outside Cardiff. "What on earth is it?" you are asking. Good question.
  11. Old farmhouse re-erected at The National Museum of History, St Fagans.
  12. The Homeless World Cup 2019, brought to Cardiff by Michael Sheen (who managed to evade me more than once that afternoon).
  13. Guitar legend John Williams performed at the old chapel around the corner last week. PS Mirrorless camera with silent mode = 78 uploads; friend with traditional DSLR ('CLICK,CLICK,CLICK') zero pictures.
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