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Images sold in June (one per day per contributor)

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wow...I get to start this.



Country: World English Language
Usage: Direct mail and brochures
Media: Travel brochures
Industry sector: Travel & tourism
Print run: up to 250,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: Full area
Start: 1 June  2018
End: 1 June 2019
PDF and electronic version rights included :)



Brilliant...I put the wrong photo up initially!

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Usage: Retail book. Editorial print + digital use. Up to DPS.inside. One time use only. In context re-use permitted for life of title

RF editorial only $37.71 taken with handy Sony RX100


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Now this sale pleases me. I wrote to the veteran BBC broadcaster Richard Baker when in my final year of college and made this portrait of him before he retired.


So, this is Richard Baker by .. Richard Baker.

Media: Television (editorial)
Print run: Unlimited transmissions
Placement: Use within body of show
Start: 31 May 2018
End: 31 May 2028
Licence covers multiple flashes per image during the series; Distribution: UK and Eire



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Nice start to the month at a very good $$$ price


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Marketing package - Large business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). This license is for large companies with more than 10 people.
Start: 01 June 2018
End: 01 June 2023





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This sale says May 31, but it didn't show up till today.


The real reason I'm posting it is the subject is the renovated apartment across the hall from me at 146 Mulberry Street, and of course this flat and the entire building is still closed to all the tenants. There was no fire damage on this, the 4th floor.



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.Small Value

Country: Worldwide
Usage: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 years
Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
Start: 01 June 2018
End: 01 June 2023




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Santa Barbara, California USA – 30th January, 2015 Jennifer Aniston walks the red carpet at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Black pantsuit outfit by designer Tom Ford.


For use in a television show.

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Three days in Moscow six years ago continues to outsell everything else. It's nearly paid for my flight!




Magazine in Germany. Above yearly average fee (which isn't saying very much this year).



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