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Steep drop in zooms this month?

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Hi all,


I know the subject of zooms has been raised before on the board, but am I the only one to experience a significant drop in zooms for this particular month? I noticed volumes started to go south in October, but since then the rate of decline appears to have accelerated. It seems to me an anomalous situation, so I'm posting to gauge whether anyone else has noticed a steep drop. I'd appreciate your views.

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59 minutes ago, John Richmond said:

No.  With two days figures to go I'm one away my best month ever for zooms (54).  11 in this morning helped.

that's a lot of zooms,  I have more images than you but only 22 zooms this month, how are your sales?  I know the sales this month are probably the results of zooms from about 3 months ago.  I had 40 zooms 3 moths ago.  My sales are pretty decent (number wise not $$)

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6 minutes ago, tarsierspectral said:

I have 14 this month.  How many zooms did you have in August?

37 in August, 40 in September.  I'm averaging 1 sale per 2.69 zooms this year


And I got my figures wrong - I'm three away from my best month (56 in October 2017).  Mea culpa.

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I had a big drop in zooms and sales in October continuing into November, but things seem to be picking up in the last week or two.  The re-rank may have something to do with it or tweaks to the search engine.  Sales prices way down though.

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Thanks for all the responses. It's very curious. As I say, zooms for me have dropped off by about 50% over the last two months - which appears to me quite dramatic and is something I 've never seen before. Moreover when I look at the 'all other' zooms registered for particular views  I'm seeing a lot of zeros! Until recently views for fairly popular subjects subjects such as, say,  Cambridge or Stratford-Upon Avon would have resulted in a high number of zooms, but now it seems they attract few if any. And just to be clear:  I'm speaking of zooms generally for such subjects. This has been a noticeable trend over the last two months. What can have changed? It's a mystery! So if you're zooms are holding up, or increasing, good for you - but it would appear that across the board they have, unaccountably, fallen off...

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Sorry Mike I don't want to depress you but with one day to go until end of November, I had the most zooms ever, more than double what I usually get. 

Sales as well, best month ever since I joined in 2003 in terms of volume.


Hope the situation improves for you, don't despair, the stock market is always a bit of a gamble, ups and downs.



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